LOTUS マウスピース、AR RESONANCE マウスピース価格改定のお知らせ - TC楽器 - TCGAKKI

We will change the price of Lotus, Ar Resonance mouthpiece.

The price will be revised from the following date.

Price revision date: From June 18, 2022 (Saturday)

Old price sales are until 20:00 on Friday, June 17thWill be.

Thank you for your understanding.


New price (all tax included)

● Lotus mouthpiece

Brass new price 27,500 yen

Bronze, nickel new price 30,800 yen


● AR Resonance mouthpiece



Silver plating new price 19,910 yen

Gold plating new price 24,970 yen


Bronze, nickel

Silver plating new price 29,920 yen

Gold plating price 34,980 yen




Silver plating new price 19,470 yen

Gold plating new price 23,980 yen


Bronze, nickel

Silver plating  New price 25,520 yen

Gold plate  New price 29,920 yen

* About the price of other materials and specifications of Ar Resonance mouthpiecePrice list of trumpet storesPlease refer to.