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TC Instruments Acoustic Guitar Inoue!

This month is Guild Fair!

Guild has been considered one of the top three acoustic guitar makers along with Martin and Gibson.

Guild was founded in the 1950s by craftsmen from the New York Epiphone era, and despite changes in production bases, the brand has been accepted by many professional musicians such as Paul Simon of Simon & Garfunkel and Yosui Inoue in Japan, and is still loved by acoustic fans. It is a brand that is still loved by acoustic fans.

Some models have large heads, brand marks, and arch backs, and are full of originality in both design and sound.

It is a very cool brand with a unique presence that cannot be simply compared to Martin/Gibson, and has inherited the soul of the craftsmen of those days!
We can understand why some people say, "It has to be this design.

This time, we have a lineup of vintage and recent high-end models, which is unique to our store.

This is a rare opportunity to compare the sound trends of the different eras and factories, and to enjoy making your choice!

Please take this opportunity to pick up a Guild!


The list of products will be available from November.Click here

And this month we are actively purchasing Guild acoustic guitars! We look forward to hearing from you!Click herePlease contact us!

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