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GOAT "BLUESERIES" SUSTAINOR Original T-Shirt Completion Commemorative Campaign!

The new GOAT BLUE SERIES Original T-shirts, which were sold out by popular demand, are now available!
This is an official GOAT original item that you can only get at TC Gakki!

We have good news for those who are considering purchasing SUSTAINOR from now on!
After your purchase, you can use the SUSTAINORIf you can post a video on YouTube using SUSTAINOR after purchase, we will offer this original T-shirt at half price (1,650 yen)!We have prepared a special set of this product for you!

The half-price T-shirt set includesClick here

↓↓↓(You can choose size from L/XL)



If you've already bought SUSTAINOR, don't worry!

If you have already purchasedJust post your video on YouTube and we'll give you a T-shirt as a free gift!We will give you a T-shirt!

Any video content that shows the use of GOAT "BLUESERIES" SUSTAINOR is acceptable, including test videos, sound videos, etc.

Entries will be accepted from today at 19:00 until 2024/5/10 (Fri.) GOAT day.

For more information, please contactclick herefor more information.



We look forward to hearing from you!


How to apply
After submitting your video, please write the following information from (1) to (6) below with the subject line "GOAT "BLUESERIES" SUSTAINOR T-Shirt Present Campaign",shop@ shop@ shop@ shop@ shop@ shop@ shop@ shop@ shoptcgakki.comPlease send an email to

(1) Your name or handle name (We will use this information when we introduce you)

(2) Your contact information (e-mail address, address and phone number where you would like us to send the gift)

(3) Link to the submitted video

④Where did you purchase GOAT SUSTAINOR (storefront, mail order, etc.)?

⑤Model of GOAT BLUE SERIES you have

⑥Which size T-shirt do you prefer (L/XL)※It is possible that we may not be able to provide the size you prefer.

⑦ Your opinions and requests to the BLUE SERIES PROJECT TEAMConditions

Any video content that shows the use of GOAT "BLUESERIES" SUSTAINOR is acceptable.
This must be the first video to be posted on Youtube.
*The campaign will end as soon as the original T-shirts are out of stock.


GOAT Development Project Team Sano

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