Since its launch, the GOAT GENERATOR has received a great response from all quarters, both domestic and international. Thank you very much!
From now on, we would like to share with you some of the secret stories behind the development of the GENERATOR.

We are currently working on the STEREO CHORUS/STEREO ECHO and are waiting for the prototype to be ready for release. We will update you with new information as soon as it becomes available.

GOAT GENERATOR Development Story #1

The Rockman Distortion Generator was so weird that the engineer who analyzed the circuit said, "I never want to work on such a weird circuit again. "This is perverse!" "This is genius!" This is genius! We look back at the notes of the development of the Rockman Distortion Generator, and tell you about the surprising points such as "Here's the amazing part!

First of allThis is genius!
The guitar is equipped with a function called "Auto Clean" (center of photo), which produces a clean sound with the guitar's Vol control.
At a time when distortion was only about how much you could distort the sound, this concept is radical and from the perspective of Tom Scholz, who is a player himself.
According to the engineer, "It's only recently that people have started to demand amp-like distortion with excellent response, so I think it's pretty amazing. He also said, "I think it's great.

The original DISTORTION GENERATOR's auto clean is switchable.

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Please look forward to the next information.

Please note that this information is current at this stage, and specifications are subject to change.

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