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From today, March 16 (Sat.) to March 24 (Sun.), we will exhibit various demonstration models of "da Carbo", a well-known carbon instrument.

The carbon instruments are famous for being used by Roy Hargrove in his later years.

Click here →.https://youtu.be/3lrUFzF0vJw?si=pxAmF8Bc6v4Y9WZW


By using a carbon bell, the response at the beginning of blowing is quicker, and a thicker and warmer sound can be obtained in the high register, which tends to be thin and hard.

It is also characterized by a well-balanced blowing feel with less uneven ringing than a standard metal bell.


Two trumpets, a flugelhorn, and three tenor trombones will be on display.

The Unica model has half of the bells made of carbon. This model has a large proportion of brass bells, which gives it a "normal" feel in a good sense.

If you want to get the full appeal of carbon bells, the Large model is the one for you. The entire bell is made of carbon, with a larger bell and a slightly heavier design.

The flugelhorn in particular has a high degree of perfection, with a warm, flugel-like sound that is easy to blow and does not break down when blown on. This is a model that we hope you will try without preconceived notions of different materials.

The trombone is likewise a very interesting model.

The carbon slide provides light slide action and articulation. We have received many comments that the slide work has become overwhelmingly easier.

We have talked about this at length, but it is difficult to convey these things in writing.

Seeing is believing. Please try it in our stores until March 24 (Sun.)!



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