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In Europe and the United States, "Classic Rock" in popular categories. What kind of music will everyone imagine? I think there are many people who think about symphonic rock music that arranged the orchestra of the orchestra of the orchestra of the orchestral of the orchestra. Alternatively, someone who likes overseas locks may be recognized as "old odor rock" about "classical = classic".

What is the actual place? ? ... If you go to the net in the net, "Classic Rock" generally seems to be one of the names in the music genre that was born since the last stage of the 1960s, and he was active in the 1960s It seems to be widely authenticated as a category of music forms arranged in a contemporary wind of Beatles, Rolling Stones, Kinkus. Not only the height of awareness but also popular elements, etc. However, in the United States, there are many specialized broadcaster and net radio, and "Classic Rock" has no clear definition in "Classic Rock", and it is the fact that it is various ways. The words of the US radio station DJ who listened to Boston 's "More Than A Feeling (the Universe)" begins, but it seems not to be deterministic, and the song on the radio on the radio is Beatles It seems that there are many locks announced after "Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band" ('67).

When you put it together, "Classic Rock" has been established in Europe and the United States as a category used in the sense of "popular" rather than "classic", and decline from the early 1960s to the early days of rock. What is the "lock standard" in

By the way, "Classic Rock". What happened to what happened to the decline of the end of the rock? Let's get rid of the history of rock, and introduce great varieties that lived the age of the turtle.


◎ Birth of rock and roll [1950s]

First of all, the foundation of the "Classic Rock" birth is the 1950s. Ervis Presley and Chuck Belly et al., Museic style, rock and roll that started to evolve rhythm & blues that was black music. The presley called God of Rock and Roll has heard about his name without knowing the music you played.

Elvis Presley-Hound Dog

The boom is also abandoned to cut through a rock and roll that has gained overwhelming citizenship, evolved by various songwriters from the late 1950s and has become commercially in a bad sense. And it appeared in the 1960s, it is the Beatles.


ブ リ テ ッ シ ョ ン British Inverge [First half of the 1960s]

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Beatles by Apple Star, Beatles, December 1962 Record debut. Initials get enthusiastic popularity as an idol band that sings Love Song.

The Beatles-Love Me DO

Mick Jagger and Keith Richarders Rolling Stones, The Hu, Kinkus also works around this time.

A band Bad Bard who has begun playing with a postpard of Loichmond in London in the early 1960's, London's Lower Beard. Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page 3 Major Guitarist is a band that produces a band.

The Yardbirds-For Your Love

The Yardbirds-Shapes of Things

Originally Rock and Roll is born in the United States, but it is a fire in the United Kingdom, and the british taste rock and roll rushes to the era of sweeping the world.

サイ Squidelic Rock-Steppers of Classic Rock [1966-]

A music style called "Psychedelic Rock (Flower Movement)" comes out around the United States West Coast around 166. In this era, the awareness of drag is sweet, and the music based on the experience of hallucinations and hallucinations is popular.

The late Beatles since the "Revolver" of the '66' release also incorporated a psychedelic style.

A cream that decorates debut in 1966 is a hard rock band that contains a psychedelic element. Eric Clapton who has left the yard buders is composed of a bass and vocal jack blues, a drummer ginger baker, often counted as one of the super groups.

Cream-White Room

Eric Clapton Takeha

Transparency ★★

It is not a wonderful episode but an interesting episode. When I was 249 years old, he became a drug and alcohol pickled and lived like a crap for about three years. He had a young lover called Alice, but he was shocked by Jimichen and All-Man et al. Somehow Alice takes the power of the father's Harle (the noble to be a former hotel to Ambassador) and suggesting a charity live, and it receives it, Clapton's best friend The Hu Pete of Clapton's Best Friends Townsent gathered a fellow musician (Steve Winwood, Ron Wood et al.) And adding the revival concert of the mid-shiter. However, the Clapton does not come to the venue where full-reach spectators gather on the day. 5 minutes ago, Pete Townsent was out of the venue and put out a voice and prayed twice. Then, Clapton will arrive one minute before the opening! The reason for the delay was so much since I had been drinking only for three years, so it was fat, and it was said that my favorite white suit was not worn (-_-;) This concert will be a history that remains in history It is known as "rainbow concert".

Jimi Hendrix-Purple Haze

Also, one of the representative of "Psychedelic" is Jimi Hendrix. For example, Jimichen. This person is also "Psychedelic" and is one of the genres of "hard rock". His innovative guitar sound that was distorted is that the audience at that time also flew the guitarists of the same business. The Huhu's guitarist's Point Townsento visited Eric Clapton after seeing a live of Jimichen.

Jimi Hendrix Takeha

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There are many episodes that will be the legendary Jimich, but there are a lot of many episodes, but there are some interesting things with musicians at that time. He was doing session with Eric Clapton. When I saw it from Jimi, Clapton's side guitar technology seems to have not been good, Jimi says "You should play a base from the guitar", and Clapton is angry and returned. It seems that there was an episode that it is (゚ ゚; Toma, but for Jeff Beck, "Your Bruce is not comfortable, so it is better to play electronics and crossover music," that It is also said that it has developed in the play style after Jeff. Furthermore, when Jones was isolated in Stones, with the most familiar Rolling Stones Brian Jones It was called Mick Jaguar et al. So, he interrupts between the two when Jaguar and Marianne Faceful (Actress and Jaguar's Lover) appeared on your stage, "After this and after this, I will be associated with me." The next Jaguar was not aware of the provocative words of Jami, so it was not likely to be jealous on the spot. -_-;)

Jimi Hendrix Takeha
Jimi Hendrix
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In addition, Greetefl Dead, Jefferson Air Plein, and Sid Barrett were enrolled, and the first stage of Pink Floyd was a representative athletes of Psychedelic Rock, but it was gym It is a door for Morrison.

The Doors-Light My Fire

The drive stage of the door is challenging and rebellious, and such episodes are left to tell that. 'Surprise, CBS's person in charge of super famous TV program "Ed Salivan Show" in the '67, "Girl We Couldn't Get Much Higher", "Girl We Couldn't Get Much Higher" As a recall of the drag, I asked for "Girl We Couldn't Much Better" to sing to sing. However, Morrisn sang the original lyrics as they were, and was broadcasted as it was in live broadcast programs. Ed Salivan was furious and refused to shake hands with them, and doors said that they did not invite them to the program. When it is packed with an angry Salivan "I think there is no appearance twice!", Morrisn has a certain episode that "Ed Salivan Show graduated ..." and Returned with a salary.

August 1969 Mobilized "Woodstock Festival" who mobilized 400,000 young people in the suburbs of New York, Flower Movement is a great power that wraps the whole society, but the control of the drag is strengthened, and in 1970 When I entered, I caught a psychedelic and the boom leaves.

◎ クラ Classic rock dawn [the late '60's late]

In the United States, a so-called singer-songwriter artist, such as Simon & Garfunkel, Elton John, CSN & Y, and in parallel with the South of the US, the South of the US-Denver et al. Southern Rock, such as Skinways, also the rise. Music scenes are diversified.

The Alman Brothers Band-in Memory of Elizabeth Reed

One piece and the United Kingdom. The musical orientation of Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page's three major guitarists, who left Yard Birds, was already determined by the appearance of Jimi Hendrix? While based on the American traditional blues, it was a novel guitar sound and outstanding performance technology that no one was heard until then, and Jimichen showing off the overwhelming improvization capabilities. Certainly, "No one can play the guitar like Jimi", "I thought about the waste work" as Jeff is a foundation of the genre of "hard rock" later is.

Clapton has the cream mentioned above, Jeff Beck is a Jeff Beck Group, Jeff Beck Group, and Jimmy Page form Red Zeppelin. It is the birth of an aggressive sound style "hard rock" distorted with a large volume.

Jeff Beck Group-Shapes of Things

Jeff Beck Buru

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In the yard bather age, I will abandon and leave the live, and then the next Jeff Beck Group and Drummer's Eelsley Dumbbar withdrawal. Immediately after Ron Wood other members are also withdrawal. The second term leader band is also in the form of cheating in other players. In addition, it is dissolved immediately with the cheating partner's Tim Bogart & Carmine Apis. · · · It is a strong and wagamama image strong Jeff Beck, but there is an episode that can afk such a surprising side. According to the magazine "Rockin On" article at the '80's, the reporter finds something written (carved) to Jeff's guitar. "Tina Turner ... ?? Tina Turner sign ??" When a reporter asks, Jeff "After all I wonder if it was a sign of that Tina Turner !! I was not able to write something that seems to be able to write a sign, "I'm sorry Irrasive Guitarist" is a surprisingly "Ochanomi guitarist" (^ ^;)


Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul John, Four Red Zeppelin by 4 people in John Bonum debut in "Red Zeppelin" in 1968. The second album "Red Zepperin II" released in October 1969, "Beatles" Kit Beatles "Avic Road" and the third week consecutive weekly, and the third album released in October 1970 " Both Red Zepperin III were also 1st place. The popular vote of the "Melody Maker" paper in 1970 beat Beatles and became the best group first place. After that, all albums until it dissolved recorded Mega Sales, and the number of audience mobilization in the concert tour was also the top. The only sound that has created the vocalism of Page's songwriting and originality, Jongyi and Bonzo's rhythm section that was creating a sense of unique grooves. It is a worldwide band representing the lock world together, and the later "heavy metal" is a monster band that has a great influence.

Jimmy Page Takeo

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In particular, the bloody violent vain is a drummer John Bonum and Singer's Robert plant, but it seems that the Gimmy Page's odd maritime of Jimmy Page was also quite a bit. It tangles in the black magic by the influence of the mystic parenter Crowley, which is supposed to be severe at that time. He had a rumor that he had made a candle with a darker room and a dressing room. When the person concerned at the time of visit was seen, the candle was swayed in a dark room, and it was a suspicious atmosphere that has a smell of incense (·;;;) Soul to the devil to get popular The rumor that we sold (゚;)

In Japan, Deep Purple, which has been compared to Red Zeppelin, also is an integral part of the "Classic Rock", and it is an important band that has greatly affected "Heavy Metal". . Deep purple formed in '68 by John Road, Richie Blackmore and Ian Pay et al. Initially, the keyboard of John Road is mainly called Classical and Jazie Art Locks Changes in Hard Rock at "In Rock" ('70), who had the guitarist's Richie Blackmore began to have the right. Vocarists have welcomed Roger Glane and Bassy, ​​and after that, "Fire Ball" ('171), "Machine Head" (' 172) and a masterpiece in the hard rock scene.

Richie Black Mor Takeo

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After the Deep Purple Drops, the Rainbow, which is driven as a leader, the flow of members is intense, and sometimes "neck", and it is an event that makes it a cruelty of Richie Blackmore and stands out. His Buke is more known. During the "California Jam" appearances at the time of the start of purple, the De-Ban's EL & P-owned TV camera is destroyed without permission, the amplifier is irreliated with gasoline and escaping the arrest immediately after the final stage Run away (; o;), in October 77 of the Rainbow period, kicking the jaws from the anger of the venue that was cold during the Vienna performances and arrested in the crime of assault, (-;), in the Paris performance in November of the same year, it has caused a case of hanging out the promoter you do not like naked and hanging up on the stage during the show (..) In that case, the richie of that time is I said. "Pink Floyd fell pigs, so it will not be strange even if the human is floating in the air." .

Black Sabus, who has made a debut to "13th Friday" in February 1970, is now one of the legendary british lock bands. At that time, despite the wonderful image, in Japan, in Japan, although it remained in the class B and maniac, it is the world from bands from bands such as Metallica and Nirvana, which appear in the late '90 ' Become a popularity. The only presence of the only presence of an overwhelming personality of the hysteric vocals of Ozzy Osbourne, based on jazz and blues. In recent years, it is a veteran that continues to work in close proximity for 40 years, such as repeating a member change, and is reunioned in original members.

Ozzy Osborne Takeha

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Ozzy Osborne representing Heavy Metal World. It is the most famous for a few strange lines, but it is an invitation incident of the pigeon. After leaving Black Sabus, starting activities as a solo '81, at the time of a meeting at Los Record Company, was originally a pigeon and surprised to surprise the surroundings, It is said that it is healed and grabbed the pigeon and brought the head and spit of the head (゚;) The trunk at the tour destiner is also great, and it is urged with the member of Motory Crew and excreted in the room and excreted in the room (!) The excrement is coated with the wall of the room (> _ <) Furthermore, it is stuck with Aramo, which is the sacred ruin of San Antonio, Texas and is pushed up in situ. .

Tony Iomi
Tony Iomi
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Rory Gallagher-Tattoo'd Lady

New artists who inherit the side surfaces of Jimichen and cream blues also appear. Release the taste called "Retriage of cream" and lone a debut in '66. There is also a thing from Ireland, blended with a british taste damp sound image in american blues, and sometimes Ireland music specific melody, blues and hard rock sound, with the unique melody of Ireland, is a world-wide popularity with considerable originality Hello. The appearance of placing the painting of painting on the check Dungaru shirt, the figure that plays the stratocaster is just like an eternal guitar. After passing away at a young age of 47, it still exceeds the border and continues to affect many guitarists transcenden.

Rolly Garrager Takeo

Transparency ★

The story that "I was able to cover Roles because I was allowed to interview" in the interview at the beginning of the day, the more "good person" Lori Garrager (^ ^) Shibuya of the writer interviewed for radio broadcast Mr. Yoi also says "I paid until the Saku Motor" at the time of interviewing at the hotel. Besides, Mrs. Mutsumi, who was a Rolly fan club chairman, also had no choice when they were brought together. Such a person who is good at him, but there is only an episode that can be seen for the first time in a strange person ... It is about the invitation from Rolling Stones as a rear pot of Mick Taylor (¯ ¯)

Kiss-Rock & Roll All Night

Aerosmith-Toys in the ATTIC

This "hard rock" flow is in the '70's, and the United Kingdom also jumps to the United States and expands as a larger movie. Kiss, who is popular with Kabuki actors, a cute make and a flashy stage performance, and a fadure of the opera element, a queen who leds a friend, a reward for Beatles, a cheap trick, rolling, Aerosmith ... led by Steven Tyler to inherit the Stones also here in Japan begins touted rock band as an idle existence.

Gene Simmons (Kiss) Buke

Transparency ★★★★

Kiss Jean Simmons is famous for the largest Lock. He is rather rose to "no busy or fat even with a boss or a woman" in the original band mate's ace flary. Jean is a 60-year-old grandma and a groemee girl and the girl's girls, and the her mother came to the mother, and from there, it is impressed by "Parent and Childhood 3p" from there, Mutsuke is a great day (-_-;) and after the first experience at 14 years old, the number of experiences so far is about 5 thousand! ! (ロ) · Furthermore, she is surprised that she has taken all the women's ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○. . Her '77 years of her visit at the time of Groiby Now it seems that there was a large actress.

Ace freede
Ace freede
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Van Halen-JUMP

Van Hayaren by Eddie & Alex Brothers played a debut of '78 years. Eddie Van Halen 's play skillfully manipulates the "light hand" of guitar rendering is an innovative thing to say that it was too much to say that new guitar heroes appear. "Jump" in the 6th album "1984" released in '83 '' s 6th album "Jump" is a Nor. 1 for 5 weeks, and their presence became unwavering. David Lee Ross, the first vocalist who has left in '85, returns to '07. It is one of the monster bands that continue to be active as active. In June 2013, we refrain from Japan tour including Tokyo Dome.

Eddie Van Hayaren Takeo

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An image of an image that throws ultra absence while always Nico Nico. That's why he also flowed negative information in '04. He was American Yahoo, and there was a picture that there was more access to the day. There is a picture when Eddi participated in the Grammy Award party, and it's a big deal with a bad-looking face, like a homeless grandfather, like a homeless grandfather, like a homeless grandfather The appearance of (ロ ゚) '04 's duration, the guitarist of the Ozzy Osbourne talks. "Eddie has been done?" It is a story of the funeral of Daimbag Darrell (Panthera). "Eddie is completely good? Eddie is not God, there is only Jesus or no, or not knowing that I do not know the translation ... Eddie seems like a resident of another world." The largest guitarist of rock is the most ugly guitarist, says "Eddie is going to be" (-_-;) I think that there is an impact on the tongue cancer fighting disease, 58 years old I want to make a further legend to the active eddie, but I want to make a further legend (^ ^)

In the UK, another bigger movie is created. "Progressive Lock". A more than the guitar is a sound that is fukied with a keyboard (synthesizer), incorporating a lot of classic and jazz elements and calls a very technical performing lock, and King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Sometimes the performance of Jessro Tal, Jesus, Emerson Lake & Palmer is a long album that one album is a majority, and "3 minutes Pops" for on-air on the radio at that time as a "art work" An enthusiastic fan was acquired.

Boston- More Than A feeling

"Progressive Lock" also affects the United States and produces a band that combines melodis and technicals, such as Journey and Kansas. In the '80 ', the flow is called a commercialistic "industrial rock" that is a commercialist of commerciality, and a band such as a forist, sticks, TOTO, Boston, and REO speed wagon is crowded with hit charts.

Journey-Separate WAYS (Worlds Apart)

A "gram rock" that appeared in the '70' 'in the' 70 '' in a decadence (decorative) appearance with a neutral make-up and costume is also one of the big movements in the British Rock Scene. It seems that the appearance of the population urban rock sound is good at contributing to the appearance and the gap was also attractive. The founder David Bowie was a popular vote of the British music magazine, and the "Male singer" sector and "female singer" sector. Has Mark Boran led to T-Rex, Roxy Music, Sweet, leading to the birth of New York Dolls and Hanoi Rocks. The style of playing this makeup and playing locks has a major impact on the current lock scene.

T-REX-20th Century Boy

When the '70' 'level is late, the music scene is further diversified and will follow the huge growth as a business. In the United States "AOR (Audio Oriental Rock)" Sophisticicked Rock Music Boz Scging, Christopher Cross, Chicago, Lock and Seoul Combined Dubby Brothers, Piano Beno The artist of Eagles and Linda Ronstadt et al., Who cooked with a Singer-songwriter, Billy Joel, fork and country, and Linda Ronstadt. The huge sales of Eagles 'Hotel California' were far beyond common sense from the previous age.

クラ クラ Classic rock decline [in the late 70s]

A big change is visited in the music scene when it is inserted in the late '70 '.

In the United States, in black music, the rhythm that was played at 8 beats as it was 16 beats, and this flow due to the Sli & Family Stone, etc. Created a new trend of The explosive hit of the movie "Saty Night Fever" starring John Travolta, which is the center of the artist such as Beasers, headed to disco music.

Meanwhile, in the UK, with a sense of locking with a sense of citizenship with the feeling of getting citizens at around the '70 '', the anti-aggression, defect, antisociality again Appealing a punk lock appeared. When sex pistles appeared in '77, their aggression and improvisation gather the huge support of young people at that time, and jump into the mainstream of the musical scene.


At the end of the 70's, we have seen the evolution of large technology in the electronics field centered on digital technology, and "Techno Pop" is born in the rock scene. A fashionable Aesthetic Lock called "New Romantics", which is a negative of Punk Rock, appeared in the '80 ', and Culture Club and Duran Duran, Spander Ballet et al.

Iron Maiden-1981 Killers Tour in Germany

The boom that boosted in the United Kingdom in the chaos of such puncturlock and Techno pop is "NWOBHM (New Wave Ov British Heavy Metal)". The momentum of the UK young Heavy Metal band centered on Iron Maiden has a big mune and mid-level band, with black Sabus, Judas Priest, Rainbow, White Snake, Michael Shenker Group, and become a big movie rice field. It also jumped to the United States, Bon Jovi, Motory Crew, Rats etc. appeared, and the Movement of "LA Metal" is also created in the early '80's.

Judas Priest-Screaming for Vengeance

Stevie Ray Vaughan-Pride and Joy

If it appears from Sweden in '83, the blues revival boom will boost as if the fast-player player is flooded by the influence of the guitarist's ingvi-killistine. An artist close-up in that way is Steve Ray Vawn. Ray Vauga, who carried out the Silver "SRV" logo of the Silver "SRV" of the Trade Mark, appeared as the comet in the early '80's. A regular person has a nail that is difficult to play with a super-pole strings (.013 .060) A number of aggressives and emotional phrases spun ... others boasting an overwhelming originality "Ray Vaughan" · Sounds are still inherited by many guitarists.

Steve Rei Vaughan Takeo

Transparency ★

"I'm always playing the guitar. Anyway, I always lower the guitar from my neck, so it feels like it's at home. The strings are playing and fingers are painful, but if a thick and loud sound can be put out (laughs) Buddy Guy is the thinest string in the guitarist who knows me, his guitar When I put it on, I said, "Don't you have a string on this guitar?"

終 終 End of Classic Rock 【Midly period in the '80 '】

From mid-1980, with the spread of household video decks, etc., musicians begin to focus on video promotion. Especially American paid television "MTV (Music Television)" will be a great business with great influence. Michael Jackson who paid great success by this "MTV". "Thriller", "Beat It", "Billie Jean" announces works that change the concept of music and videos so far, and as a result, "Thriller" is the best monster in the history of sales of 24 million copies Become an album, Michael Jackson is a darling of the times. Alternatively, the Prince et al., "Purple Rain" of "Like A Virgin" is a superstar through "MTV" and records a huge record sales. And, this time lock is no longer a "lock standard", and I would like to be the end of "Classic Rock".

"Classic Rock" · · · The times are old but not faded eternal lock standard. In this way, I tried to follow the history with my feet, but did you have any impressions?
Veteran rock fans would have thought that "Nostalgic".
The younger generation is "A! This song, I've been listening to CM." Is it a feeling?
Such Veteran and Beginner will also try to play the famous song of Classic Rock with an instrument similar to the artist at that time, and play this opportunity.
If you play phrases and solo, you may experience the virtual sessionistic sense with great varieties (^ ^) v