B-Band - TC楽器 - TCGAKKI

A new material transducer and high-performance preamp system, Finland B-BAND pickup, which is used by many leading musicians such as Rally Carlton and Steve Vai. Whatever, B-band's sales point is in the pick-up with ultra-thin material that reduces the impact on the raw. A clear and core thick line sound produced by a delicate and polite work is a popular brand of attractive.


UNDDLE Transducer Adopt proprietary B-BAND device (EMF patent), its thickness is 0.4 mm. A revolutionary pickup that reduces the influence on the raw to the ultimate due to the amazing thinness. Cleared and core thick sound is also attractive.
Reference price 6,800 yen

■ Acoustic Soundboard Transducer

Acoustic Soundboard TransducerContact type pickup that sticks to the body inside or back side of the saddle part. Like UST, lightweight and ultra-thin design, so it is also a point that there is little impact on raw sound. More than a thicker sound in combination with UST.
Reference price 6,800 yen


A2.2 XOM PREAMP for ACOUSTIC GUITARA system that mixes and controls two Pickups of UST and AST. Volumes and pick-up balance controllers can be attached without processing at the sound hole edge inside the body.
Reference price 14,300 yen

■ A1.2 ENDPIN PREAMP W / Volume Control

A1.2 ENDPIN PREAMP W / Volume ControlIntegrated preamplifier of endpin output terminal and volume control corresponding to UST.
Reference price 10,500 yen