B-Band - TC楽器 - TCGAKKI

The Finnish-made B-Band pickups are used by many top musicians such as Larry Carlton and Steve Vai, thanks to their new material transducers and high-performance preamp system. The B-Band's selling point is its pickups, which are made of ultra-thin material that reduces the effect on the live sound. The clear, thick-core line sound produced by the delicate and careful work of this popular brand is very appealing.

Under Saddle Transducer

Under Saddle Transducer The Under Saddle Transducer is a revolutionary pickup that uses a proprietary B-Band element (patented by EMF) that is 0.4 mm thick, reducing the effect on the raw sound to the utmost limit. The clear and thick core sound is also its appeal.
Reference price 6,800 yen

Acoustic Soundboard Transducer

Acoustic Soundboard TransducerA contact type pickup attached to the inside of the body or the back of the saddle.
Reference price 6,800 yen

A2.2 XOM Preamp for Acoustic Guitar

A2.2 XOM Preamp for Acoustic GuitarThis system allows mix control of two pickups, UST and AST. The volume and pickup balance controllers can be attached to the edge of the sound hole inside the body without modification.
Reference price: 14,300 yen

A1.2 Endpin Preamp w/Volume Control

A1.2 Endpin Preamp w/Volume ControlPreamp with UST-compatible endpin output terminal and volume control.
Reference price 10,500 yen

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