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Hello, I'm a member of the "TC Instruments Recommended Acoustic Guitar" Demonstration Live!

My name is Inoue, and I am in charge of acoustic guitars at TC Musical Instruments!

Great news from the acoustic floor!♪

We are pleased to announce that we have11/27(Sun.)on November 27th (Sun.) by an acoustic instrumental unitaconecoan acoustic instrumental unit, will perform a live demonstration!

The title is,

aconeco "TC Instruments Recommended Acoustic Guitar" Demonstration Live

We will present our recommended acoustic guitars with live performance by two members of aconeco on the acoustic floor of TC Gakki, 2nd floor!

In-store live performance,No reservation/ticket requiredof course!Free of chargeand free of charge!

You can choose the guitar you want while trying it out on the spot after hearing it played, and you can get a professional's opinion and feedback on the acoustic guitar!Super, super, super!This is a very special event!

Toward the day of the eventTC Musical Instruments Acoustic Guitar Twitter AccountWe will be sending out more and more information on our Twitter account!
Please look forward to it!

aconeco "TC Instruments Recommended Acoustic Guitar" Demonstration Live

Outline of the event
Date: Sunday, November 27, 13:00-16:00
Three performances of about 20 minutes each are scheduled. The performance will be held depending on the number of visitors.

TwitterWe will inform you of the live performance time and other information on Twitter!

Place: TC Gakki 2nd Floor Acoustic Floor
Admission: Free

Reservations are not required and anyone is welcome to attend.
*Please refrain from coming if you have a fever or any other symptoms.

Please refrain from standing in line in front of the store as the street in front of the store is very crowded.
Please refrain from standing in line.

When the number of people in line is limited, priority will be given to those who wish to purchase.

Numbered tickets may be distributed and visitors will be guided to the 2nd and 3rd sections.



Acoustic instrumental unit consisting of Tenmei on acoustic guitar and Shogo Kiriyama on accordion/accordina.
The unit name "aconeco" means "to value music that is gentle and friendly with an acoustic sound and playful and whimsical like a cat.

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