フォークソング・ジャンボリー - TC楽器 - TCGAKKI

A column to introduce a spot to a folk song that colors the times and an artist's guitar who has played songs!
Which artists guitar to be used in such scale and concept of the age and stage is wide-ranging.
Etc. "At that time is still probably this!" "Now I'm This is the main!", But I think that there are a variety of opinions, this time I'll also use it from among many of the guitar! ?
We wanted to let you know to select such a guitar.

Immortal folk songs and acoustic charm continue to shine you that now! Here is an introduction!

"Introduce the folk around the world."

The Folk Crusaders
Yopparai 1,967.12 came back

Just not the Japanese music scene of the '70s from the late 1960's an exaggeration to say that took the lead, The Folk Crusaders, led by that Ms. Kazuhiko Kato Tonoban.
If you have not heard folk songs carefully the Japanese, not familiar with Ms. Kazuhiko Kato, "Yopparai came back" song also know absolutely such people have here.
The Folk Crusaders is the debut song of the representative songs. In the first edition record that had been me "Yopparai came back," Did you know! ?


Select the guitar who Kazuhiko Kato is the central figure from members!
There is also a person in question of the model, but the close-up of this four!

· MARTIN D-45 (Kazuhiko Kato)
Top-end model that MARTIN, Inc. is proud! This model can be called the apex of the acoustic guitar.
Carefully selected wood is produced only when available, such commitment stance also D-45 is the reason why continues to be the highest peak!

· MARTIN D12-20 (Kazuhiko Kato)
Slot 12 fret joint silhouette Ted head, it has captivated a lot of musicians.
In plump sound of mahogany body is one of the coveted to fork fan!

· MARTIN D-28 (Kazuhiko Kato)
Here Speaking MARTIN Dreadnought of the best-selling! Powerful and volume feeling enough!
Code settle for play, is a versatile guitar arpeggio good!

· MARTIN OOO-28 (Kazuhiko Kato)
Rose Wood to the low frequency in with tension, good high-frequency is the best match of the response in clear the body size of the Triple O is spun out!
One ranking When you can play a phrase to hear in fingering!

"Folk song Genesis life of the great man."

Tomoya Takaishi
Students blues 1968.3

Mr. Tomoya Takaishi who had been working as if just led by the musicians of the same era as the standard-bearer of the Kansai fork.
Here say the representative song "students Blues"!
Go the lyrics in the land, will be absorbed in music activities should were also many young people turned to less prep school blues!
In recent years, also working as a marathon runner, yet we are also active, such as winning the tournament!
Health is the energy, it might polish it takes to be in music.
Is a universal lyrics also heard now can sympathize, but do not throw stones at young couples in the park.


Also Tomoya Takaishi and used a number of guitars, but impressive one is here!

Since its introduction in 1931 is D-28 that has been repeated minor of details, but the basic structure is not much changed.
There is also a proof of it is a long and trusted loved standard guitar are as high degree of perfection guitar!

"God of fork"

Nobuyasu Okabayashi
Sanya blues 1968.9

Her debut single "Sanya Blues" is still vivid music of impression.
In fact, "Honja or his Ojama you", "Sanya Blues" music that is in the debut but was recording scheduled for the B-side, Mr. Nobuyasu Okabayashi of you know as radical lyrics. "Honja or to his Ojama" has gotten a shelved!
Era, which coincidentally is the message to the music at the time. Mr. Nobuyasu Okabayashi does not mean a master of the guitar was making a song.
What "Sanya Blues" is so was composed only play code now! It is a surprise!



Impression of younger days is What still MARTIN.
In recent years, it has been a favorite of the familiar TERRY'S TERRY a custom-made.

Popular model, which forms the D-28 and matchless people! But is still a high support of the D-35 is a folk scene!
While there is also a volume sense, glittering a well-balanced tone is not still essential to playing talking sound!

· TERRY'S TERRY custom model NO.9
Guitar company that Barthelemy Mr. Nakamoto that Terry Nakamoto was founded "TERRY'S TERRY". It has produced a high-end guitar of tailor-made!
Use of Mr. Nobuyasu Okabayashi serial NO.9!

"Kichijoji fork guru"

Wataru Takada
Wataru Takada / five red balloons 1969.4

American Traditional folk, bluegrass, proudly so rode the lyrics of the Japanese in the country, Mr. Wataru Takada who sing the distinctively message song. "Sing at the point you want to sing," it is a very personality is transmitted motto.
We were allowed to coupling select the album "Wataru Takada / five of the red balloon" with five red balloons of his debut work!
Also the country where the land is so there is a story that there are musicians say that "affected to Wataru Takada".
It is proof of that is packed in it only the passion of Mr. music.



There is also the use of such LAKEWOOD, but I think in the still No. 1 Wataru Takada model of the image of Terry Nakamoto Mr. production.
Select an impressive three!


· YAMAHA Wataru Takada model
As the person in question of the model of its name! YAMAHA FG-2000 it becomes the base, but the 14 fret later fretless!
"I do not need fret because do not play such Toko!" It is so often said, Mr. Wataru Takada is hope this specification!

Top material is spruce, side and back material Rose Wood, D-28 will always think float Speaking of guitar of this combination!
Is a guitar that "the high-frequency towards the D-28 is ..." is also spoken as a reference value of the acoustic and more!

Material for the 45 carefully selected is not produced to be able to get! Guitar of such commitment is the D-45.
The above material is, of course, but in fact craftsmen to produce also are carefully selected! Even if the material is not production and craftsmen not!

"Group that appeared to fork the early days."

Five red balloons
The distant world 1969.5

Central figure in that Takashi Nishioka of the know Isato Nakagawa's comments at that time "in the unusual person, have a banjo wearing glasses of black borders on the beret, the boots, strange uncle to do the time Fureringu playing was rare" but that's right.
Sing the lyrics are historical background a little bit just a fairy tale of the "far in the world", tells the message that view of life in a linear and not the contents.
Talkative MC of the live is also famous, but the episode seems to Takashi Nishioka also because had been talking much also in the song not only between songs!


Takashi Nishioka've been using a lot of the musical instrument is not limited to guitar, standard this two has been used again!


· MARTIN D-35 (Takashi Nishioka)
In comparison with the D-35 and D-28, the material is intended same as back there is a change in the sound to where the difference of three-piece or two-piece?
Listen well such a story, but in fact there is most difference is the bracing of the top material!
D-35 is 6.35mm thickness, D-28 is we change is obtained at the difference of the vibration rate because it is using the 7.94mm thickness of the wood!

· GIBSON J-45 (Takashi Nishioka)
World-J-45, which became the guitar to represent the acoustic.
Its starting point is 1942, it was a round shoulder type J model, which is designed as a rival to rival MARTIN, Inc. D model!
From there over 70 years, sign D model and the J model two that stand to bear the music world is we are both present as still a good rival!

"For Life Records first president."

Hitoshi Komuro
I would not go to the moon 1971.4

Musical activities of his own continues to demonstrate than the original, colorful band activities and radio personality, drama music, film music, the talent in the creation of such as theater music.
The show at the his debut "I would not go to the moon" is, rebellious and energy!
Because it is ringleader that will be will have to put the value of the folk scene to the music scene in Japan if you do not may have been naturally also its strength.
Yousui Inoue, Takuro Yoshida, also is famous as for Life record the first president who launched and Shigeru Izumiya, the election process is elected Mr. Hitoshi Komuro unanimously results in the majority. In other words I it, Mr. Hitoshi Komuro himself I will not vote for yourself.


Solo, band, composer and Mr. Hitoshi Komuro really wide range of use guitar in the job description.
I tried to select this kind of three.


Also impressive one appearance in the specification of the slot 12 fret joint Ted head!
Sounds with more powerful in medium and low regions are popular with popular folk scenes at that time!

There is a "Fret Edge Binding" as a point that will be pointed in comparison with D-28!
As well as the appearance, the knack grip and the playability itself is also created. D-35 is a specification that is visible and hiding in popularity to professional.

· YAMAHA FG-1500
The times and Yamaha are also in the middle of the high growth period! Yamaha's first full handmade high-end acoustic guitar appeared in 1971!

"Call the sympathy of the Sirake generation by singing"

Learned 1971.6

The debut that is also known as a shocking incident, Mr. Takada was due to the unprecedented deployment that he pulled Mr. Yakugawa to Tsugawa Folkjambore, 1970.
The anecdote that most of the main stage singers went back and soothing to change to a leisure support.
The song that was sung there was "Lessons".
It is a song that is often said to be the song of the anti-war, but in fact the song of life. Therefore, it is universally loved, sung and continue listening.
Yoshida Takuro's song "Yoshikawa no Letter" was sang of Zubari.
Mr. Yukagawa is a performance name, and it seems to be a combination of Kayama Kayama, Hasegawa Kawa's River, and the good of the good pond.


If you say Mr. Yakugawa, still imagine Yamaha!
There is also a custom model, so select from what is commercialized!


The LL series was renewed for a 10-year milestone that was popular as a standard for the age in the 70's!
You may have been given to the design of the LL logo of the head!

It is a guitar that appeared as an evolutionary system of YAMAHA L-51 with four Tenno's nickname!
Although L-51 was a left-right asymmetric design guitar, it was S-51 that made the balance between volume and sound quality.

"A man who pushed the fork on the mainstream"

Takuro Yoshida
Human beings 1971.11

"I'm singing something coming out of myself. About my song, I don't know what people think. I don't know it." Mr.
"Human" was a song that represents the Japanese fork scene itself just.
Used as a live laste number, eternal chorus. I think there are many people who know such a scene.
Takuro Yoshida, who is known in Hard-sized, is strange for the fork scene, and there was a trend such as "mercy to ride a major route" and "Commercialism is Nonsense". His Lady His Lady Child Takuro Many Women Fans Many Women Fans, and I will collect many mainstream gaze. It seems that there were many misleading in the field campaign and television shooting on the site campaign and television shooting in the field. Top of Yoshida who goes the top of the scene.


"Kazuhiko Kato-Yoshi Yoshio, who brought me a bother" and the person is a 1967 GIBSON J-45.
Other J-200 etc. are also used, but this lineup is selected across each company!


Hiroto Yoshida is the 1967 J-45, which is owned by the Modern logo! The head angle is 14 degrees Natwidth 39 mm narrow neck specifications!
It is a model equipped with upper berry bridge with thick large pick guard and string height adjustment function!

Yoshida Takuro's ownership was made in 1971! Compared to the near contemporary products
J-45 introduced earlier and this D-35 is a guitar that comes to floating at the same time as I imagine Yoshida Yoshida!

One of the fans is one of the four domestic vintage models representing YAMAHA called Shiteno!
All single-plate specifications, back 3 pieces of Hacalana using ebony at the center!
Avalon's glitter scattered on head, body, fingerboard, bridge is great! !

· GUILD F-50
Maple Side & Back is an archback specification with the above 2 guitars that can get opposite sounds!
Size feeling a big jumbo with a big deal! It is also a GUILD F series flagship model!


RC Saccession
Early RC Sack Solution 1972.2

In general, RC Saksstions with stronger lock images are also Debut Our fork.
Certainly, although it is a fork, it was greatly supported by saying that it was a straight expression and the opinion of adolescence and the opinion of adolescence, and the unique vocals of Mr. Kiyoshiro, who are intense.
Early RC Sack Sacension, a debut album. The title is also interesting, but the attention is 8th and nine songs.
The eighth song "This world is gold" and the ninth song "I'm not born for money." It is a psycho!
Restarted from the 1991 indefinite activity rest, it was a virtually dissolution due to the death of Kiyoshiro Ogino in 2009.


Seiro Kiyoshiro's guitar from the RC Sach Solution, which unfocused on overwhelming live performance!


· Gibson Hummingbird (Kiyoshiro Ogino)
Gibson's first Square Shoulder guitar! Hummingbird drawn on the pick guard is impressive!
Of course, as well as a fascinating guitar with a lot of people who are fascinated with their appearance, including intense stages!

· GIBSON J-200 (Kiyoshiro Ogino)
The appearance goes back to 1937! The model number at that time is SJ-220! One bridge called "MOUSTACHE" is an impressive!
The nickname is a guitar that rings with a large volume with a heavy body.

· Martin D-41 (Kiyoshiro Ogino)
One of the decorations based on D-28!
Use the material of Martin's normal lineup rather than using a material selected as D-45.
It will be one that has been decorated with D-45 there!

· Hara (Kiyoshiro Ogino)
A shellfish that emits an overwhelming presence on the stage! Of course there is a shellfish solo time! Ah! It is not a guitar!


"Talent-rich destruction"

Izumiya Shigeru
Spring-Summer Fall / Winter 1972.4

Mr. Izumiya Shigeru, which sings like whether you are angry and angry.
"Temple!" "Bakiya Row!" MC jumping out such a rant is not changed from the beginning of the debut.
Message-resistant songs are also positive for charity activities, and their heart-warm episodes do not write things.
Izumiya Shigeru's Biggest Hit Song "Spring Summer Fall Winter" with the second single single. Many musicians cover. We tell that this song is loved. It is a solid, but today everything is inspired and inspired many times.
It seems that one of the acoustic sticks was expressed in one acoustic with one of the adolescents at home in their household life and lost all electric guitars and amplifiers! Produced by the big hit album "spring, summer, autumn / winter" is Kazuhiko Kato.


Izumiya Shigeru, who has many electric guitars, and Morris, who is selecting, "I'll stop live if this is lost!"


· Morris TC-601
One of the same structure as natural wood, one that used high texture graphite for body material!
Izumiya Shigeru's fierce performance guitar with pitari!

Izumiya Shigeru is a near modern new J-45.
Actually, I used to hit the body with the first song and hitting the body with the first song immediately after buying, and it seems to have broken the Nanttop.
After that, repair is repaired, and still it seems to be used and used to be a scratch!

· Gibson Hummingbird
Jaketo Tatsumi It is one of the features that work with an attack that works well!
The secret of this unique and unique sound is from the combination of shortscales and adjustable bridges!

· Rainsong DR1000
All graphite guitar! Graphite sells a natural sound that covers the impression of metal sounds!
Neck, of course graphite! It is not afflicted with that high strength! As the name, it is strongly acted in the outdoor stage strongly for bad weather!

"Driving fork and New Music in the 70s"

Inoue Yango
In a dream 1973.3

It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a music representing Japanese pop songs representing Mr. Inoue Yohoyo, is not an exaggeration to say.
It was a good idea that it was fun to rest and I was searching for a rest, and what was it to be found in the bag?
In the fork scene at the time of the 70's, it was a trend that the spectators were able to make the spectacular things in MC, and it was a tide who just sayed that Fork Singer did not fall.
Mr. Yohoyo, famous for the stage that hardly does MC on the stage. Inoue Yohoyo, who cut the strings on the stage to put a circle there, and I took out a new string and take out a new string.
Although the scene that can not be said, this behavior that looks like my pace, which is a first see, is a sincere Episode with sincere Inoue Yosen.
By the way, Mr. Yohoyo Inoue is the real name, but the real reading is not "Yoshiki" but "Akiri".


Mr. Yohoyo Inoue, who develops an impressive stage every era, select this from his usage guitar!


In the 70's Yoseno used on the stage is one of the upper berry bridges to a thick pick guard of the mold specification.
It is usually normal, but the saddle is not an adjustable but a fixed type! It may not be replaced in consideration of sound preference and stage acoustic characteristics! ?

Famous guitar J-160E famous for use of John Lennon and George Harrison.
Inoue Yosen also uses one of the 60s, but is not the original specifications and is paced to the pick guard with Gibson logo!

· Gibson LG-0
The guitar who is set up in the album "Ice World" here! It is a guitar that I borrowed from this guitar Kiyoshiro!
Differences with the original specification are tail pieces. It is an appearance of 12 strings of the B series of Gibson.

Domestic Fork Guitar FG-150 Produced by YAMAHA!
A lot of old songs are produced from these one of the guitars that Mr. Inoue Yohoyo bought for the first time!

"The individuality of the light glowing together"

South Korean
Kanda River 1973.9

Listen to "Kanda River" and remember your own student life. I often hear that kind of story.
The lyrics 'Yokochu House House', but Shinjuku Ward Nishi-Waseda said the public bath called "Safe Safety" was on the back of the bus.
This is a model! ? It is speculated, but now it has been discontinued. I'm sorry!
By the way, I think that there are many people who are considered to be south and composer, but the lyrics are lyrics, Mr. Kijo, a song, and the composition is south.
The Kanda River, which recorded the total number of sales sheets 1.6 million sheets, and the release year, of course, the offer from the red and white song battle has come.
However, here is one. It is said that "Cle Pass" of the famous one phrase in the lyrics, and this is a trademark registration, or not to change from NHK to "Crayon". But the southern part of the southern part that rejected this. She has become a unusual itself that she declines the red and white song battle participation.


South Korea of ​​the Central Person, the Signature model of the person in the year 2014 is also released from YAMAHA in the year of the 45th anniversary of the birth of the 45th anniversary, but it is a variety of vault from the guitar used in past live Select!


· GUILD D-50
Gibson, Martin's 2 big big heads and are not inferior in the fork scene musician!
The outline clear tone with an attack is also a color unique to the company!
Among them, the popular model is here as the highest model! South South Satsumi use is one of 1973!

· Ovation Super Adamas
The unique look is attracting to Ovation Super Adamas! Kaman originally manufactured helicopter feathers!
Technologies that do not transmit vibration to the cockpit are divided into technology to pick up the vibration of the body as much as possible. interesting!
South Korumi use is one of 1978!

· Martin OOO-28
OOO-28 with too famous use of Eric Clapton!
OOO size unique performance and response sound is also a big success in the fork scene where there are not only finger pickers but also lyrical poems!
South South Tsutsumi use is one of 1949!

· Martin D-76
A model released to commemorate the 200th anniversary of American establishments!
Using the same grade wood as D-45, it is a model with a D-35 style 3 piece back!
Head Inlay, Star-shaped position mark characteristic, a certain meaning Martin no one!

"The red one point of the forksong world"

Nagori Snow 1975.11

A petite woman has a big Martin and gently singing, creating many female Fork singer followers.
The origin of her dolphin's nickname is that she said that her friend, who saw a figure with a guitar case during school girls, is said to say "like dolphins". She has only a female art university, and the person is also active as a picture book writer, and is also a member of a Women's Museum of Art.
As you know, "Nagori Snow" is a cover of Kaguya princess.
Actually, Dolphin-san's single board recorded knee is amazing!
Acoustic guitar is Yoshikawa Takahachi, Electric Gitter, Suzuki, the base was the second interest income and drums, and the drums gathered.
I will participate in the Red and White Song Battle in 1992. What I sang "Nagori Snow" and the opponent was Mr. South South!


It is here if it is a guitar used by Mr. Ilka! Trade mark exactly! It is owned by three!


Common name No. 1 was manufactured by 1972, and you need a good guitar to do musicians with solo and you purchased a husband!
Common Lectural No. 2 is one of the 1967 Hat Canda Specifications! Kocila is one that prepared to repair No. 1!
And the third name No. 3 was one of the same 1967 years of 1967, said that I received one of the Komakuro, etc.

"The symbol of scream"

Kurako 1978.10

At the time of my debut, the times have already passed the fork boom, and Mr. Takeshi Nagashima, a slightly long hair.
Mr. Takuro Yoshida Akitokao, and I have a deacoon of a debut and step-up, and I have a stage with Takuro Yoshida.
Mr. Takeshi Nagashima has a past that was sold by the title song called "Rainy Arashiyama", and has a past, and once you have a unique musicians. The song that has been released after the next time is this "Kuruka Song".
The original is a band playing, but in the live, the acoustic guitar and the harmonica are only famous for the performance.
He expresses the strength of playing the guitar as "beating" to "beat" the strength of the guitar and develops the "acoustic guitar, but no one, but strike". It is less close-up from the musicality, but in fact it is an outstanding sleevelingger, such as a guitar player as a guitar player, a studio musician face lose!
The form of Harmonica holder for Bruce Harp currently made is the one devised!


He is also affected by a domestic and overseas musicians in Japan and overseas use, but there are quite a lot of use guitars, but the signature model's launched TAKAMINE impression is not strong.


Jumbo sized body of Ereako! Ereaco with NPT preamp representing the 90's of TAKAMINE!
The initial model is the preamp LED red! Of course Takeshi Takeshi's use is red!

Six-track peg design is shiny for simple black coloring!
Ereaco equipped with a preamp equipped with one vacuum tube! A preamp that has been a big sound with an air sense!
The person who wanted to replace the takamine preamp of your hand to this is rushed, and after the release, the preamp will be out of stock first!

A unique look of the thick triangle neck! A symbolic one of American acoustic guitars that spin withered bluesy sound!
Takeshi Nagashima was using one of the late 1930s!

· TERRY's Terry Custom Model No. 1
Terry's Terry's Terry "Terry's Terry" established by Terry Nakamoto.
Mr. Terry Nakamoto is Mr. Takeshi Nagashima with a debut. One of the use is surprising cereal No. 1!

"Live Performance More than 4000 times"

Seki declaration 1979.7

Despite holding 100 concerts each year, the ticket is still a premium class!
Mr. Masashi Masashi, who attracts many generations of fans with light talk and human-friendly expression, and that godish singing voice.
He has been working with activities as a novelist, TV and CM songs. The music from the north country is so famous.
"Seiiri Declaration" announced at the beginning of the presentation and a complaint came. I'm sad. There is no love message for the wife more than this music!
I'm calling "Hiragana" to put glasses and putting glasses without glasses in private life.
It seems to point to the "Sada Masashi Sada" from the real name "Sada Masashi"!


It is also considered whether the use image of YAMAHA custom model and Terry's Terry is strong, but MARTIN is often used since the grape earlier era!


· Martin D-45 Tree of Life
Custom guitar that was manufactured only 50 books in 1993!
The use of the super high class material called Bear Crow Sitka Spruce and Hakanda and the decoration of "Tree of Life" by Avalon, which is taken to the head, fingerboard, pick guard, and bridge! In addition, the peg-shaped carve is also amazing!

· Martin OOO-21
The world's first auditorium appeared in 1902 and 110 years. It is still a guitar that the world's top players love!
Mr. Masashi is mainly used in recording!

L series that was established as a high-class guitar of YAMAHA in the late 1970s!
A guitar that can be said to be a completed shape of the L series announced in 1980 is here L-55 Custom! Of course, Terry Nakamoto's signed!

· YAMAHA LL-120MS CUSTOM Sasamasashi model
A guitar of the 2002 announcement that bears the name of the LL series developed from the L series born as the upper model of the FG series!
This will be the first artist model of Yamaha!

"Large Typhoon from Kyushu! Hot throat shouts!"

Chage & Asuka
Great River 1980.9

The hit song "Great River" with the first top 10 in the 3rd single single-piece single.
While the song of the love, I was the strange and unique world view and Impact I heard that I heard that I heard a huge rust.
The album "Hot Air" of the song recorded was the first place of the first appearance of Oricon, and in 1981, there were 60 "hot air tours" with 60 bottles nationwide.
Chage & Asuka who was running at the top of the pop-song world at the 90's 2 big hit song "Say Yes" and "Yah Yah Yah".
The debut triggering is an acoustic duo at the popular song contest sponsored by Yamaha.
The lyrical melody and singing ability to spin the dorses were called fork enka.
By the way, I changed the name from "Chage & Aska" from "Chage & Aska" in 1990, but when this was "Asuka" in the event of an overseas activity, "Asuka" pronounce as "Asuka" It has been changed to pronounce correctly because it has been done. It was rare because I was active in the world!


From the 1990s, the stage has electricity and varies with microphone only.
Will the impressive guitar from the beginning is not the YAMAHA L series each?


· YAMAHA L-52 CUSTOM (Asuka)
Using a maple on the side and back material, the size is 17 inches and the extraordinary!
The guitar that became a prototype that will produce a new series of Cantrilljumbo will be here!

· Martin D-35 (Asuka)
Many musicians are the same as Asuka's insignor D-35 of the fork scene, of course!
It is also here to use live in MTV amplifier lagdd!

L-53 Custom who was manufactured from 1975 to 1980!
We have won clear and soundful sound using Hacanda with body side and back!
A large Avalon Inlay that was inspired by the head is one impressive!

· GIBSON J-50 (chage)
J-50 appeared as a Natural color of Gibson J-45!
Chage use is one of the 1960s of Round Shoulder!

Folk song, which is popular for folk songs born in the United States.
In addition to achieving its own development in Japan, not only singing guitars and singing in solo, sometimes played in band format.
Not only the colored message song of anti-society, but also many famous songs that play pale love and expressing stories are also large.

Students in Jone Bayers' style may have aimed for the College Folk and Hippy, Bob Dylan.
How is the shape of a folk song that can be said to be a Japanese music original landscape now.
What kind of guitar did what musician was singing with what kind of feeling?

How about playing the famous songs once with the guitar that has come around by that time?
You should surely have new discoveries!