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Made in Japan, who challenged the world, the trajectory made by Japan

In this column to provide domestic electro-based attraction, I would like to introduce a highly praised domestic base that runs through the times.
Samurai does not exist in the present age, but it is conveniently used to samurai words that represent Japanese temperament.
This word that makes a sense of aesthelessness is noisy, and this word gets in the enemy land with a single sword, and it's just justice hero's pronoun. Samuri Base, which is a product of the 1960s and subsequent battles from the 1960s of Japan who has been chased with the birthplace of the United States, and still continues to attract many fans without fading.

phptoThe history is not an exaggeration to handle wood, which is an important factor in musical instrument manufacturing.
In Japan, a world's leading forest country, wooden architecture is popular, for example, there are many architectural beauty as represented by Hakutoji, a world's oldest wooden building.
Elements such as wisdom and abundant wood, abundant wood, and climate of wooden architecture with long-year-old history are also breathing about 50 years of Japan Electric-based history that has achieved rapid development.

phptoIn terms of uniqueness in wood, for example, a lot of models that are domestically eligible (cens) are used in many models until around 80's. Sen also used the Ash material and wood grain used for the Fender model, as it was used as a substitute for each domestic brand model, regardless of the difference in price bands in the early 80's.

After that, Sen has a luxury furniture material due to the fact that it is easy to process, and when coloring and coloring. For this reason, it is said that the price is said to have risen, and it is almost no use in the instrument, but the sound is a straight sound that is not close to the Alder, and the heavy thing of the devil is a white Ash, the bran stick Light ones are a wide range of applications that are relatively close to Alder and Bathwood. A little softer compared to Ashi or Ash, toned, and many of them are quite close, and there are many things that contain some stickiness and sweetness, and this may be a role in the domestic based sound at that time.

In addition, as a background of domestic base sprinkling, the rate for economic situations and 1 dollar = 360 yen continued until 1971, and there is a background that has been remarkable, which has been remained in the first half of 1985, and there is also a background that has been It is also related to having a very difficult era. Rickenbaker4001S is the amount of approximately 500,000 yen in value of 500,000 yen at the time of 1975, and it would be appreciated that it was an attorney 's first premium salary 90,000 yen, and the first railway fare is about 30 yen.

From the fact that the prices for domestic high-grade models is 10 to 2.2 million yen, it can be considered how domestic manufacturers have made efforts by domestic manufacturers in comparison with the manufactured by America.

Meiji 維 維 新 代 代 に に に に に 説 説 説 説 説 説 説 説 姿 姿 姿 姿 姿 姿 姿 姿 姿 姿 姿 姿 姿 姿 姿 姿 姿Is it a beauty Samurai spirit of a man who passes to people? From the 1970s, the competition with Japanese brands "high quality musical instruments that can not be loses abroad" intensify, and we will rush in the age of the hot passion of Japanese.

Samurai system

phptoThe history of the musical instrument of Nippon, which is blessed with a rich forest resource, which has been hemillated, and is not short. Although it is an electronic musical instrument that began in the United States, it focused on it and many manufacturers continued to develop their own research and development.

Among the famous manufacturers who are still known, the oldest one will be Yamaha. Established in 1887 and has a history of over 100 years of establishment and already over 100 years. Since Gibson, a global top brand in the electric guitar, was started in 1894, since it was seven years later, it is a long history that is supported by a long history increase. And after Yamaha, Hoshino instrument started its founding in 1908. It was a year before Leo Fender, who can be said to be a parent of elex guitar.

If the lock music enters the 60's, there are many musical instrument brands in Japan, and each manufacturer from earlier will also be focused on electronic muscles. Early, Kanda Corporation, which was wholesale of musical instruments from the late 40's, established a GRECO brand in 1960. Start sales from 63 years. The Hoshino instruments manufactured mainly for acoustic guitars were also established in 1962, with a number of TAMA (later TAMA) and started manufacturing electric guitar. IBANEZ brand names focusing on overseas exports. One YAMAHA also starts fabrication of electric guitar since 1966. In 69 years, Saito instruments entered by the name of the Fernandes brand, and when it enters the 70s, Arai trade and Tokai musical instruments have been added to the Sengoku period of domestic musical instruments.


GRECO, a manufacturer currently represented by domestic, 1948, Manda Ceremony, mainly started as an intermediary for overseas guitar.
In Japan, it is manufactured from the earliest time, and the Great of the 1960 original brand is born. Samuraibrand that starts with the spirit of the overseas manufacturer and is a reasonable price, and to provide a full-fledged spirit, and in the 70's height from the height of the quality of the creation from the height of the quality and the world. It became a banner. It is a well-known fact that it was a royal actual existence with originality, while the superiority of the copy model's sound quality is also a royal actor that has a commitment to the originality.

Japan is the world's famous GRECO's legend that Japan is the world's famous GRECO legend, which is the famous GRECO legend, which is the world's famous GRECO legend.   Rikken Backer 4001S Copy Model, "Project Series" PMB 1000 is a single-tailed neck, so the Sustain of the strings is rich, and the outline of the sound is cleared with the bright and crisp sound unique to the maple material. I feel strongly. At that time, a class of 100,000 yen is a class of 100,000 yen, and if it is made or specimen, there is also a breaking impression, but if it is considered as one month or more of salary at the spot, it is also convinced.

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In 1969, Saito instruments were established in Bunkyo Ward and started mainly as instrument wholesale.
We have changed its company name in 1972 that has reached its business results to a full-scale guitar production manufacturer.

The development of Fernandez has also been a first start of the field of wholesale, and has a significant understanding of information at the shop and the needs of customers, and has given a big leap in accordance with the later Hardrock movement. Yes.

Typical Artist Model's Representative Yazawa Eperating Signature Model FYB-70 is now an enthusiastic popular model for fans.
Neck is a maple bolt-on type, a Jazzbass type pickup specification, and the sound is a bright and torny sound.

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Arai Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 1956 and announced its own brand ARIA in 1960.
I will mainly start acoustic guitars, but I will mainly announce the original base as ARIAPRO since 1975, the meaning of distinguishing from acoustic. Above all, the Super Bass series is still a highly popular representative.
Even now, there are many good necks of the condition, and a solid construction from the time of production can be seen.
Masterpiece of Matsumoto's masterpiece Matsumoku industry, which was involved in the production, has made the world's attention as a samurai of the craftsmans. The uniqueness that does not look at the sole and the unique woodworking technology that does not allow other follows, swinging the world, and the fluffy air is drifted from the appearance clear. At the time of the band boom in the 80's, most amateurs artists were burning their passions in their hands for the artist of ARIA, and there was also a side face of such a time.
You can also see that Duran Duran's John Taylor and Whitesnake's Neil Marley, Metallica Clifferton et al. I was using a large evaluation from overseas artists.

In particular, it was a slundneck structure, and at the time of the 60,000 yen class that is 150,000 yen in the case of overseas at the time of the class.
The sound is also astonishing to be able to enjoy the rising speed and tofu sound of the unique to through neck. You can find out the passion of craftsman at that time, how compromise from the upper model to the entry class.

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Established Japanese musical instrument production mainly for piano manufacturing in 1897. Expanding in a wide range of businesses, after the 1970s, piano, to top of computerization in the field of keyboards. The wisdom and experience of the oldest older old soldiers are only sights that are only young. In Electric Base, the popular BB series is the initial representative. I had a persuasive power that only the world standard sound.
In the previous PA circumstances where a large number of band boots, contests, contests, outdoor lives, etc. are made, BB2000, which reversed the Precision Type called Reverse P, to cover on the basis of the output.

It is famous for the teaching DVD, etc., but it is a multidota-based Kenji (prism) and Japan's 80's (VOWWOW) who supported the 80's of Japan with a tosoid base, and it is still an irritant artist Japan's artists who are currently active in the past, such as Tetsuo Sakurai (Cassiope A), such as There are many things to use in fusion, etc. Is. This model released as a luxury model is a bridge bridge, peg, etc., including the entire performance surface and appearance, and Japan can be said to be a Samurai Base boasted around the world.


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In 1962, Hoshino instruments will establish a lot of manufacturer as a manufacturer of own brands, such as guitars and amplifiers.

It was derived from the import of the Spanish guitar of "Ibanis Salvador" in the war before the war, and the brand name was IBanez, and started starting as an export specialized brand. Thorough market research is a successful domestic brand that has properly grabbed overseas tastes and acquired high evaluation in overseas markets. We will announce the original model of a new idea without being taken to the previous preconception.

After that, we will distribute to Japan as a reverse import brand, and will be now popular as a popular brand in Japan, overseas.

phptoModel announced in the Great Erasation, which is said to be IBANEZ in the world, MC-924.
In the original shape of the through neck structure, the wide-level pick-up of the range in Raw noise is created by rich bass and slew neck sustain.

History of MC-924 transition
The specifications differ depending on the time, and at the initial MC-924, the BODY material is Ash / Mahogany, and the control unit is a specification that can be made to fine sounds by 1 Vol / 1 Tone, 1boost / Cut, 3 EQ-B, and 3W Switch . After that, change of pickup after '82) (SUPER4 → SUPER5) changes the control specification to 1 VOL / 1 Tone 1Barancer 3EQ-B.
Furthermore, after the minor change of the material, in the late type of the '84 year, the pickup changes from Super5 to Super J60, and the control changes to 2 Vol / 2 tone.

The active pickup, which is one of the characteristic parts of the late MC-924, is a model of a low-image output that is said to be a split coil bar pole-type pickup, and without being buried in a sound part in the era of sysezazer While artificial sound, strong output shows a sense of presence.
It is a legendary Samurai Base, which is always a typical model of Ibanez with a bass-rich sound that symbolizes high body shapes of its originality.

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Where Samurai was born-fujigen

Fuji-String Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which has manufactured most of domestic manufacturers, is launched in 1960 Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture. Established factories improved the cattle kiya, and from here a number of legends were nurtured.
I will start from the production of classic guitars, but I will transition to the elex guitar next year, looking at the electricity boom in the United States. Under the Samurai Soul, who is the name of "Fuji" as a names of "Fuji" is a group of Samurai soul, with the Samurai Soul, which is a top manufacturer, the elex boom arrives by the 1965 Ventures break, and I will grow to a high company. And, we will send GRECO, IBANEZ, etc. to the world, and its high creativity and rich technology will attract the attention of the world.
Since then, as a result of accumulating the quality improvement of the "replication" that should be a popular product by exploring the Japanese craftman, the technical level of Fujin is eventually reached over the United States. Yes.

Fender japan

In 1982, Fujine Estract Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has partnered with two major manufacturers in the United States and to produce OEM as Fender JAPAN. Starting with imitation, Made in Japan recognized by the home. It will eventually get higher praise than all over the world.
Model development tailored to your needs will be the advantage of the domestic manufacturer, without finishing the follow-up of our home country model. I also have one, but there is an impression that neck is strong anyway.
We will realize that it is made suitable for Japan's climate without curling.
Sound itself is also polite made in comparison with America.

In the first place, the trajectory of the Samurie Base, which was accelerated with the momentum of chasing the world, and eventually. That was the world's top brand Fender's patent, and has established Fender Japan. It was the moment the Japanese musical instrument manufacturing technology arranged the shoulder in the world. It is not difficult for Japanese craftsman who was always supported by high aspirations, and it is not difficult to imagine the most motivation. It is a matter of fact that Sam Rice pyrit came to travel through the world, as well as the history of the main family fender USA. Even now, if you get the product at that time, you can feel the feeling of such a vertex, and that's a reason for the reasons that are popular in the market at the price higher than the price of the time.

Such Fender Japan's spirit is now inherited and continues to create products with a high spirits, and at the same time, he has attracted high rating from overseas.


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Fender japan

In recent years, the voice of re-evaluating domestic bass manufactured in 1970-1980s is increasing. Copy models such as high popular fenders, Rikken backer are also very high, and the quality of the instrument itself is very high, and the quality of the instrument itself is very high, and it is circulating as a fixed price or higher price. Popular luxury models have fewer productions, 30 to 40 years have fewer numbers in the manufacture before 30 to 40 years, and domestic and overseas musicians actually started using Japanese guitars from 70 to 80 characters It is a major factor that was picked up. The eyes guitar at that time were made because it was made of high quality musical instruments that can be said to be an external visibility in the copy model war, and it seems that the sound quality of the essence was also a non-American face loss. It is recommended that all of the old domestic models are not good quality, so it is recommended to purchase proper product prices and maintenance of maintenance.


In the second-hand instrument store, Samurai Vintage will be available abundantly available, so if you want to sell instruments, we will aim for further enhancement as you would like to buy, so we will wait more than our visit. Is.
Thank you very much for your relationship.