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Stetson has never forgotten its respect for the first solidbody electric bass, built in 1951.
Compared to the upright basses that preceded this compact shape, the fretted fingerboard allows for "accurate" playing of the notes.

Used by many bassists from Motown like James Jamerson to modern players like Pino Palladino, the Stetson has achieved the highest status in its history as a workhorse. The Stetson is a true vintage bass.

Each body is made from the finest woods found in each region, with the standard TMG model consisting of a traditional lightweight Ash body and hand-wound single-coil pickups. For higher bodies and more resonant tones, swampwood options are also available.


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The Art of Fitting


All TMG basses are built to the highest standards that guitars have ever had.
We've partnered with companies like Emerson Custom, Kluson, Callaham, and Mastery bridge to
We strive for playability and comfort. Everything is vintage and fabulous.