You can laugh, you can sigh, you can make the blues cry. A radiant, large and unique sound.


Perfect for jazz and contemporary soloists like Lotus artists Marcus Printup and ryan Nielsen





Medium weight
Bronze, machined

This bell has a narrow taper for excellent control. The brass bell body provides a traditional tone, while the phosphor bronze bell flare produces a rich tone at any volume.
The bell flare is slightly larger in diameter than that of a standard trumpet, giving the sound more core and breadth.

[Reed pipe

Medium weight
Brass, machined
Tube thickness 0.9mm

Lead pipes are manufactured in-house to maintain the proper taper and tube thickness accuracy.
This makes it easy to aim for the desired sound and enhances its accuracy, resulting in a richer sound.

Tuning Slide

Three options are available.
Yellow Brass
Phosphor bronze
Nickel Silver

The material of the tuning slide greatly affects the tone and feel of the instrument.
You can choose two from the above.

Valve cap】】

Several options are available.
Top cap

Bottom Cap
Heavy cap (for 3rd valve)

Each model comes with a light weight top cap, a medium weight bottom cap, and one additional heavy bottom cap.

This is a very unique and sweet trumpet sound. It is as stable as any LOTUS trumpet, yet has a flexibility and tonal variation that is quite different from the rest of the product line.
Our friends who play jazz improvisation often tell us that they were able to consolidate everything by having one of these instruments in their hands.
It has it all: a dark, creamy tone on ballads, the joy of a full slot for shout choruses, and a bright, crisp, punchy sound for horn section work. All of this is due to the magical combination of nickel silver leadpipe and pure silver bell.

This model is not recommended for reed players (not because of the range, but because of the tone and comfort of blowing). Orchestral players who participate in contemporary music ensembles or as soloists may like the Silver Flare. For players who need to blend with more orthodox sounding trumpets in a section, this model is not recommended.

When we presented this model at the 2019 International Trumpet Guild, we were very excited to hear Marcus Printhup play it. We are honored that such a player has chosen our instrument to represent his "voice". The warm, fat core and icy, shimmering sound of this instrument is a perfect match for him.