More music. More artistic possibilities." More freedom of expression.
All LOTUS trumpets can be built in the Rapa 4-Valve style
This dramatically expands your range of expression and allows you to take your playing to a whole new level!


The only 4-valve horn that is as comfortable to hold as a 3-valve horn.
An option that offers all the advantages of the LOTUS trumpet in a wider range of performance!


Consisting of three pistons and one rotary, this is the complete 4-valve trumpet designed by Adam Rapa. Controlling the rotary valve triggers with the left thumb is very easy, and you will get used to it in no time. Simply play your favorite scale studies in that range with slow, metronomic precision and you will be amazed at how technically proficient you can become.

The fourth valve is the F attachment, which allows you to go down to pedal C# (real B), five and a half notes lower than the normal range. The tube of the fourth valve wraps snugly around the valve block
and the instrument is perfectly balanced. It is so natural and comfortable that there is no need to change the way you hold the instrument. This design is revolutionary for anyone who wants to expand their range, connect to the wealth of music written for other instruments, and open the door to new possibilities. Once you have experienced this type of 4-valve trumpet, you will never go back.