We like music / instruments. We are also a team of maniacs.

We want to make things that we think are "good", "desired", and "useful".
We started this project with an idea, but we are seriously planning and manufacturing products that can be used properly.
We would be happy if we could add a little flavor to your musical life.

The name "HUNDRED" comes from our town "Hyakuninmachi". The products that appeared from our selfish planning,
We also mean that it would be OK if the products that appeared from our selfish project could make 100 people in the world happy. We hope that this circle of 100 people will continue to grow.

HSC Gig Case - A case conceived by a music store employee

An ideal gig case that combines price and specifications, created based on feedback from the shop floor.


For acoustic guitar


For Electric Guitar


For electric bass

DC-Custom - Custom Cable

Create the sound you want from the power supply. A completely new concept in DC cables.


DC-Custom "Pure

DC-Custom "Fuzz

HADJ Saddles - Possibilities of Adjustable Saddles

Adjustable saddles with "no choice
We have found that the sound of these saddles can vary greatly depending on the type of saddle
We have focused our attention on the possibility of finding a better wood saddle other than Hakaranda.

Effects pedals - supervised by TC's FX engineer


The ideal fuzz pedals, developed by SANO, a man who inspects more than 2,000 effect pedals a year.


SAN-A-FACE, a three-way collaboration between Hundred, TC Gakki, and Natsuki Sakamoto