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Even if you say music in a word, there are various styles there. Royal Road Band Sound, Neutronous Rock with a Denim & Lock, a Denim & Leather with a unique atmosphere and a strange color, and it's still a R & B, Hip Hop, and its roots. There is a crying blues, and other jazz and Bosanova, and there is no Kiri.
But, after thinking about music, and the essence of the instrument, there is the most primitive part that will reach all of them. It is a translation that is a translation of raw !! · I would like to help you choose to be a guitar.

"I want to play acupigu!", I'm often choosing an acupigue from the beginning, but it is said that it is often heard that it is well mentioned above, but I did not understand the acupuncture well, but I do not know well. Voice. As the Bandman, Eric Clapton, Airlos Miss, Kiss, Paul Weller, Kiss, Paul Weller, Nirvana, etc. showed contrasting acoustic acoustic sounds, and I want to start acoustic guitation for such stages There are many people thinking.

Besides, talking about the emotions to be carefully visited by the street, and it is a powerful talk. Sometimes it is a finger picking that can be deleted, sometimes a broad play that changes boldly. There are many attractive styles for Classic Guitar, Classic guitar, and acoustic guitar who play lyrical melodies with soft tones. Then, "I'm embarrassed and ask for the first time, I'm embarrassed and I would like to hear it now and I'll be able to hear it now!" Let's travel to.

When buying a guitar, I think that there is a "budget" "good sound" "looks" and "brand" that will be the standard to choose. But among them, it will still be a budget. "Hey, Chimi, I have a highest guy," "Wa-A, Papa-Happy Jo-" "Ohoho! I will buy a studio for the practice of Bocchan!" Holding a family that can be done.

Many people can go out to the instrument that starts from now on? Even if you are actually talking with our customers, "I do not know if you want to continue if you want to continue, so I'm going to keep it cheap," and "I have to continue with the first high buy !!" To those who are full of confidence that you are convinced to understand, the way of thinking when choosing a guitar for the first time is ten.

However, if you ask me to say that it is dare to say that it will be said that it is a self-independent and prejudice, it is still low prices. Is it not good to have a good product? You can concentrate on playing without worrying about the price, and it's the most fun events in continuing the instrument, so that it is easy to rank up Was it!? And ... and I was raising my voice. Well, my jellyfish is one of the words as a reference.

Also, if you actually look at the store, if there is something that you liked in the budget well, the budget was not related, and the moment you saw it, the moment I brought it, "Atay, Bibi came to the moment Oh, there is also a case. If you try to play a lot at a time, the ears are paralyzed and "anyone can hear the same sound ..." I think it is good to choose a guitar.

And "new" or "used"? This is a choice that comes with no loss when buying an instrument, as well as when picking up the first time, but when buying the second eye or when buying a high item. Both are attractive, but no new items are "good condition". Because it is an unused item, it is beautiful and she is beautiful and picapika. It's not anyone yet, so if you play, the more you play, the more you will dye you.

On the other hand, it is the attraction of second-hand goods, but this is "the evolution of sound". Musical instruments are changing the sound by being a hyper or built-in. It is dry for 20 years, 30 years, drying, or is created and the rising of the sound is improved, and the sound of the only one-one-one-made single-dog is good. Especially because acoustic instruments such as acoustic instruments are noticeable, the difference in sound is noticeable, and the difference between the individual differences, and the joy when they meet the guitar playing their own sounds is exceptional.

Also, I think that there are many people who have an image of "not scratching and irresistible?" For second-hand goods, but the answer is as. Actually, there are also non-used states, but in general, there are many cases where there is a light strip or pick-up wound with a pick, and sometimes it is a repair of cracks. However, it can be said that the feeling of use and the year of the year are also the great attraction of second-hand goods.

In fact, there are many vintage fans who say that they are not interested in the guitar without scratches. A second-hand product has a single drama due to an environment that has been played up to a single one, and there is no musical instrument that plays the same tone. The moment I encounter the guitar with your favorite sound and looks in the huge number, it's probably the tour of destiny.
Then believe that budget and intuition, and believe in fate encounters ...

There are two major types

· · I came, an instrument store. When I entered the store and hit a huge number of acousts, "If you have such a lot, it will be a lot of money, it's not a minute from the minute ...". Without a mistake, I will explain from the type of acoustic food. There are a large amount of acoustic guitars. "Folk Guitar" and "Classic Guitar". Folk guitar using steel strings corresponds to a wide range of styles to "finger picking" that does not use picks from "play".

Generally speaking, it refers to the fork guitar. Classic guitars used for pieces and literally classical music and Bosanova use nylon strings, and basically play a melody with a finger without using a pick. Classic is a soft and sweet tone with a soft and sweet tone for the fork that wants to scratch without thinking about the jarin and spreads. By the way, classic guitar is also called "Gut (GUT) and guitar". It is called so that a gut string made from a sheep intestine (gut) etc. was used.

Folk gutters and classic guitars look the same right, but you can see the body size and bridge parts that attach the string, and the peg part to the strings, and the difference in the width and thickness of the neck. Even if this difference is different, you can avoid the failure to play "Jumping Jack Flash" with Classic Guitar like Manga's protagonist.

Then let's say the check point to choose the actual acupet. Where should I check the number of acousts? Even in the store, it is often heard that "what is the first time, but what do you choose and choose?" At that time I answer this. "The guitar that is easy to play more than the sound is good Oma". (← actually it is a honorific notex)

Yes, I think that it is not "ease of play" to choose the first acupigue, and I think it's not "ease of play" !! In the ease of playing acupuncture, the "string height" is first. String height is between "string" and "pressing strips". Generally, the string height is less likely to put a force when the string is lowered, so it will be easier to play. Compared to Electric, acoustic knees are originally high, so if you have played electricity until now, it is checked for this side. There is also a way to choose the sound and design with the next sound, but if the acupigu who chosen the acupigu is hard to play with that, "A ~ If you practice yesterday yesterday, the finger is Chi ~ Pain ~, Today is a little bit." If you have another point again! After all the passes today! " A guitar that is easy to play is also recommended to continue happily!!

And the next check is a close relationship with the string height, and the important parts "neck" which also affect the ability to play. I think it will be understood if you actually hold the neck at the store, but there are various forms such as thick, thin objects and semicircles (U-neck) and triangle objects (V-neck). When playing, hold this neck and hold the string, so I would like to choose a shape that matches my own hand, but I have a favorite person. Generally, it is said that the thin neck is easy to hold, so it is not good to try out of the slightly.

The following check points are "body size". It is an acogue that looks the same as you at first glance, but there are also various types. Body size sounds, easy-to-face, and of course a big difference appears. There are three main sizes, and the first is "dread-nout" type. Generally speaking, this size is famous. It is a slightly wide, and a shallow body with a shallow body with strokes and finger picking, such as an almighty size that can handle any style. The second is "OOO (Triple O)" type.

A small body is characterized by a female or small size. Eric Clapton also uses this type. The third is "jumbo" type. As you also know from the name, it is not a completely free back drop ... but a big body. You can enjoy deeper sounds with a large size, depth. Please choose each characteristic or look of Looks. In general, OOO type is said to be finger picking and jumbo type, but the stroke is facing the stroke, but the performance style is also served. "I want to play Polon Polong with Jumbo," or "I want to play Polon Polon with Jumbo." Please. I think that is one of the best things to play for music to find their own style.

By the way, the classic guitar is not a type and is basically the same shape. However, Classic guitar is many of the handmade of guitar production called Lucia, and productioners, sizes and shapes are slightly different, and of course, the noise will appear.

It is a typical body style of acupuncture. The eyes of the eyes, deep sound with depth.

Easy to hold and performance is outstanding. It is a whole rounded body.

Material difference

Then, I will see you a little bit and I will explain you about the tract and wood, wood and parts. The biggest attraction of acupigu and the feature is raw bone. I say many times, but basically acoustic food sounds in the guitar body without using an amplifier, so it is a very good sound structure. When lighting up, it is a little doker because it resonates with corn. Also, there is a considerable volume to play in the room, so please be careful if you live in the harsh apartment of the landlord.
And it is "material" to determine the acupuncture sound. The acoustic food is roughly divided into four parts, and the top (surface plate), side (horizontal plate), back (back plate), neck. The sound changes by the combination of top, side and back material.

Top material:
Generally, spruce (pine) is often used to top. In detail, there is a type such as "Sitka Spruce" and "Inglman Spruce" "German Spruce" "" "Spruce Spruce" and "Inglman Spruce". By the way, there is also a specialist who can judge the type of spruce by looking at the wood grain, but it is difficult to see the same wood grain and judge it as a ○ ○ spruce, and it is difficult to see the pine-kun or Choro Matsuka? . The characteristics of the spruce are somewhat rigid and clear tone. It is said that the sound will be better to play.

Other materials used well are seders (cedar). Compared to Spruce, it is softer, warm tone and warm tone is often used in classical guitars. Same as Spruce, there are "red seders" and "White Ceder" and more.

Side & Background:
Side and back are basically the same material. Typical is "Rosewood" and "Mahogany". Vertical stripes are characterized by rosewood, which is characterized by a beautiful rose, the balance is well-balanced from the bass to high tones, and the poper is the most popular as the sidewall and back of the acoustic door. Simply put, I think the combination of spruce and rosewood is the most acogue sound. Mahogany is a feature of goodness of the middle spacing and tasting teeth. Personally, the tone of mahogany is desired. In addition, it can be said that it can be said to be the king of the material used for the guitar. Typically classified as Rosewood and called "Rosewood", "Indian Rosewood", "Brazilian Rosewood" is called Hakanda. Currently, there is a limit to import and export, and because of a very rare material, it is only used for expensive guitars. Hacaranda specification guitar is a longing from young people to graves, and it can be said that Madonna in the guitar world, Masawa Nagasawa in a man's man. (Only only!) By the way you use the word Hacaranda, I feel like a little way. Please tell me. In addition, there are various types of "maples" that are high and hard and bright tone characterized by high and bright tones, and there are various types such as "core" which is often used in ukulele, but sound by material The difference between the preferred matter is not good and bad. I think it is good to actually play and compare.

Parts and names

The tip of the neck. There are many maker logos in this part, but depending on the model, it has a beautiful decoration or sculpture, and the looks greatly affects.

A part that wraps around the string. Gold, chrome (silver), plastic buttons, etc.
It is part of

There are types such as bones, carbon, plastic, etc. The grooves to prevent the lateral slip of the strings are engraved and the groove depth also affects the string height, so it can be said to be a pair of saddles.

The pitch changes depending on the places that can be pressed with metal rods driven into the fingerboard. When you press the string, you will hear a beautiful sound when you hold down the neighborhood.

Sound Hall:
A hole that releases the resonance sound born in the body by string vibration. The most distinctive part in the exterior of the acupuncture.

Pick Guard:
Protect the top board from the pick-up scratch. There are also things that have flowers and bird decorations and their unique shapes, and it can be said that one of the fashionable points of the acupuncture. By the way, the pick guard is often adhered to the top board, so removal and replacement are not easy.

The part is the part, but I want to make important views in a number of parts"saddle". When buying first, it is recommended that the low string height is recommended and mentioned above, but in fact, it is possible to change the string height by adjusting this saddle. Yes, this is a trick that I tried to say that I think earlier.
"Well, even if you choose a sound or looks, there will be no problem if you adjust it later?" However, even if it is adjusted in a single word, it is not easy, and it is necessary to be a craftsmanship that the saddle is flat in Milli. If you make a mistake, it will be due to sound deterioration and biri, please be sure to consult your clerk and a repair shop.

Tell the vibration of the string from the saddle to the body. An important part of fixing the strings. For the fork guitar, insert the string into the bridge hole and fix it with the bridge pin. Classic is common to wind and fix the chords into the bridge. In addition, if you leave the strings without tension, the tension may swell around the bridge, or the bridge may be peeled off, so it is recommended to loosen the semitone to 1 pitch and the string after playing. increase. (Yo, which also prevents neck warpage)


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