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[TC instrument "R4. January" purchase campaign !!!]

TC instrument Hirabayashi(Hirabayashi)When(Caribe) !!

Monthly TC instrument "Purchase campaign" !!!

Electric Goter floorteeth...

Fender Japan (Japan SERIES)

"Aerodyne / Aerodyne II" Preserve the purchase of

Purchase reinforcement period:February 1, 2022 (Tuesday)February 28, 2012 (Mon)Until!!

The purchase price you are worried is here !!!

· AST (AST-65, AST-72)
Purchase amount:38,000 yen !!

· AST-M (AST-65M, AST-75M)
Amount purchase price38,000 yen !!

Amount purchase price38,000 yen !!


AST-M / DS (AST-75M / DS, AST-80M / DS) ※ Dimarzio Collection
Amount purchase price56,000 yen!!

· AST-M / DH (AST-75M / DH, AST-80M / DH) ※ Dimarzio Collection
Purchase amount:56,000 yen!!

ATL (ATL-70, ATL-78)
Purchase amount:60,000 yen !!

Of course, "Aerodyne Special" is also expensive purchase !!!

· AST-100 DMC (AST-110DMC) ※ Dimarzio Collection
Purchase amount:77,000 yen !!



※ In addition to the model picked up this time, we will increase the assessment, etc. by the limited model and color to normal!!
In addition, trade-in is also very welcome! First of all, even from a simple call♪

※ Excellent store purchase is not eligible.



※ Please note that the assessment amount changes depending on the state of the actual instrument such as scratches.
☆When using the purchase ...☆
[If you have to hold it to the store, pay it on the spot (please give your identification certificate, please do a seal)】
[Shipping fee We will send you a delivery purchase and free packing set at the Company (※ purchase of more than 20,000 yen)]
[A large-sized instrument, a large number of instruments, a large amount of instrument business trip purchase (※ ご consultation)】



TcMusical instrument

Hirabayashi / Mabo(Kababe)