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TC Musical Instruments I'm Caribe, the bass player!

This is sudden, but...,

TC instruments are "TMG GuitarsTMG Guitars is an authorized distributor of " TMG Guitars "!

What is TMG Guitars?

Based in Bend, Oregon, TMG Guitars is a guitar manufacturer that pursues a high level of perfection from wood to hardware with uncompromising artists, paying homage to the perfection of vintage guitars of the past and the sound that resonates in the heart.
The important thing is to offer the tone and comfort of the guitars of the 50s and 60s at an affordable price, without losing the essence of those guitars. We are passionate about re-creating vintage sounds tuned for the modern age.
Our guitars are made with a highly technical aged finish, which looks vintage, but is made with modern technology.
The guitars are loved by musicians from all over the world who are fascinated by the great sound of the guitars.

For TC instruments, you can find a high-end American brand, TMG Guitars.

You can try out "all models"!


TMG Guitar "Haven" (Sherwood Green / Rosewood)

The body is made of carefully selected ash wood and mounted with Lindy Frehlin pickups.
The neck grip is both round and thick, a "thicker" grip not often used on jazz basses!
☆This model is made ofELLEGARDEN This is the actual instrument that Yuichi Takada of ELLEGARDEN actually used in a live performance!

TMG Guitar "STETSON" (2Tone Sunburst / Maple)

Even when the tone is turned down, the core of the sound remains, and the thickness typical of a plebe bass is natural for this type of bass, but the graininess and crisp, bright, punchy attack with a tightly compressed mid are impressive, and despite its appearance, it has both a powerful and modern sound.♪ Recommended for pick-playing players!

◎TMG Guitar "STETSON" (Black / Maple)

Alder body/maple neck, a classic '50s-style wood material, and Lindy Frelin pickups mounted on the body. The pegs are Hip Shot and the bridge is Badass II, giving it a vintage-like look and a crisp, bright, and clear character.♪
☆This unit isELLEGARDEN This is the actual instrument that Yuichi Takada of ELLEGARDEN actually used in a live performance!

TMG Guitar "STETSON 5st" (Candy Apple Red / Maple)

Vintage style 5-string model that is not often seen in the plebe type!
This model has one pickup, but its solid sound can be recommended for both vintage and modern players.♪
The finish is more transparent than the Candy Apple Red, and depending on how you look at it, it looks shiny and sparkling.♪

Of course, custom orders are also available!

TC Instruments 2F Bass FloorWe are now handling it on the 2nd floor of TC Musical Instruments to rave reviews!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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