TC楽器ではギターの改造を推進しています!!  〜改造のロマン〜 - TC楽器 - TCGAKKI
RemodelingRomanto !!!

Suddenly, but the TC instrument is an instrument store,We are promoting remodeling of guitar!!

"Because it is an instrument store, please take care of your original."

I know, there are various opinions.

However!We are promoting remodeling of guitar!!
※Second time

Why are you promoting remodeling of guitar?

"The guitar will be even more special to you"I know the joy of

Well, what is that?

Any remodeling,"Good if my instrument is like this"It starts with the feeling of

The feeling is"The person's own feelings and very creative!

In other words, "remodeling is creative" = "Creating to remodel your instrument" = "The instrument is even more
Become your own!

In TC instruments, all remodeling is "Creative Modification" (Creative Modification)
I think that it is!!

"I would like to introduce some modifications recommended for TC instruments.

◆ Remodel the contents ◆

In addition, it is an electric part of the electric guitar.
Try replacing the pickup or make it easy to use for yourself.
You can feel the change easily, and it feels good to remodel.

In TC instruments, "It will be a good sound if you change here to this part!"

Customers think of what they want to use that person who uses that instrument
I will propose.
The 30-year TC instrument has an experience with various used instruments and certain technologies that handle various used instruments,

"What is really necessary for those who use"I will create together.

◆ Remodeling the appearance ◆

"After all musical instruments are cool eyes cool!!

You can lose your own cool guitar with guitar's reflinice !!
In TC instruments, it is possible to refinish guitars difficult in the store in partnership with the famous guitar studio in Tokyo!

From special plating painting, up to the painting with relic processing that reproduces vintage!

I can really do anything!

◆ Replace parts ◆

Replacement of parts is also broken into TC instruments!!

There is also second-hand, vintage parts, which is sold at the store, as well as the order of new parts!

In addition, in World-Wide TC Musical InstrumentsIt is also possible to order parts that are not sold abroad!!

Of course, even if you need to process the parts to exchange parts, you will also be available including processing!

"Sorry here is anxiety !!"!

"Do you want to do any modification or no image?"

"Of course it's okay !!"

It is okay with only the image that is fluffy! "I want to make such a wind sound" "Somehow
I want you to cool, "I will think of what customers really want to see from such customers!

"Don't you go yourself on the way, you can't know well?"

"Of course it's okay !!"

"Why did you do something like this !!"!
"I wanted to do it!" I understand that feeling.
Take over your feelings firmly and make it properly!

"I want to remodel the junk product I bought at the net auction!

"Of course it's okay !!"

Boroboro's junk is likely to be different, and it will be your own object!
Isn't it the best!
Woodworking, painting, built-in, adjusted. Please leave it to the TC instrument that can do the entire process!

"Do you want to buy a guitar that has never been remodeled and don't remodel, get a remodeled guitar?"

"Of course it's okay !!"

The TC instrument that has handled a monthly for 30 years is not beaten with the remodeled guitar!
We will buy it firmly and sell for those who can use it next time.
If the two-week remodel remodel comes out, let's remodel again!

Anyway, please feel free to contact us at first !! Let's have a fun remodeling plan !!

Furthermore, in the TC instrument, a refine project informed "If the instrument store is seriously remodeled"
There is also !!


Only selling guitars are not an instrument store! We also offer a place to show the remodeled guitar
A "remodeling guitar contest" once a year is also very popular!!