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The modificationThe Romance of Modification!

Suddenly, TC Musical Instruments is a music store,We promote guitar modifications!

We're a music store, you should take care of the originals."

I understand, there are many opinions.

However!We promote modifying guitars!
*2nd time

Why do you promote guitar modification?

To "make the guitar even more special to me.""to make guitars even more special to me.

What do you mean?

Any modification,"I wish my instrument was like this."I wish my instrument could be like this.

That feeling is,'It's a person's original feeling, and very creative!

In other words, "modification is creative" = "modifying one's instrument is creative" = "modifying an instrument makes it more
It becomes your own"!

In TC instruments, all modifications are "creative modifications" (Creaitive Modifaction).
We believe that every modification is a "Creative Modifaction" (Creaitive Modification)!

So we would like to introduce some of our recommended modifications at TC Musical Instruments.

◆Modification of the contents

Contents! In other words, the electric trick part of the electric guitar.
You can change the pickups, or make the controls easier for you to use.
You can easily feel the change, and it feels like a modification, doesn't it?

At TC Instruments, we don't force our customers to change this part or that part to get a better sound! We don't push you to do so!

We will work together with you to determine what you, the user of the instrument, want and what kind of results you want.
We will make a proposal based on what the customer wants and what kind of result he/she wants.
TC Musical Instruments has been in business for 30 years, with experience in handling a variety of used instruments and solid technical capabilities,

We are committed to providing the best quality instruments that are truly necessary for the user.We will work together with you to create "what the user really needs".

Modification of appearance

After all, instruments are best when they look cool!

Refinishing guitars to make your own cool guitars!!!! I admire it!!!!
TC Musical Instruments has partnered with a famous guitar workshop in Tokyo and can refinish guitars that are difficult to do in the store!

From special plating paint to a vintage-inspired, relic paint job!

We can really do anything!

◆Replacement of parts

TC Instruments can also replace parts!

We can order new parts, as well as used and vintage parts for sale in our store!

In addition, at TC Musical Instruments Worldwidewe can also order parts that are only sold overseas!

Of course, if your instrument needs to be modified in order to replace parts, we can do that as well!

We can solve your concerns! We can solve the "here is the concern!

Is it OK if I only have a vague idea of what kind of modification I want?

Of course it's okay!

It's okay if you just have a vague idea of what you want. We can make it sound like this, or like this, or like this, or like this, or like this.
We will work together with you to find out what you really want.

Can I use something that I did on my own halfway through the project, but don't really know what it is?

A. Yes.
Of course it is!

Why did you do this! I won't get angry with you!
I just wanted to mess with it!" I understand that feeling.
We will take over your feelings and give them shape!

I want to make a big modification to a piece of junk I bought at an online auction! Is that okay?

Of course it is!

Your battered junk will look different and become your own!
Isn't it great!
Woodworking, painting, assembly, and adjustment. Leave it to TC Musical Instruments who can handle the whole process!

I want a guitar that hasn't been modified in any way, can I buy a modified guitar?

Of course you can!

After 30 years of dealing with used guitars, TC Musical Instruments is not scared by modified guitars!
We will buy your guitar and sell it to the next person who will use it.
If you have a desire for a second week of modification, let's modify it together again!

Whatever the case may be, please feel free to contact us first! Let's plan a fun modification project!

In addition, TC Musical Instruments is also working on the ReFINE project, which takes the form of "What would happen if a music shop seriously remodeled"!
We also have the ReFINE project, which is "what would happen if a music shop seriously remodeled"!


We are not just a music shop that sells guitars! We also provide a place where you can show your modified guitars to each other!
Our biennial "Modified Guitar Contest" is also a very popular event!


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