TC楽器ではギターの改造を推進しています!!  〜改造のロマン〜 - TC楽器 - TCGAKKI
ModifiedRomance !!!

Suddenly, TC musical instruments are musical instruments,We are promoting the remodeling of the guitar !!

"It's a musical instrument shop, so take care of the original."

I know, there are various opinions.

However!We are promoting the remodeling of the guitar !!
※Second time

Why are you promoting guitar remodeling?

"The guitar will be even more special for me"Because you know the joy of.

Eh, what?

Regardless of any remodeling"I wish my musical instrument would happen"It starts with the feeling.

That feeling is"The person is very creative with the original feeling!

In other words, "remodeling is creative" = "remodeling your own instrument is created" = "Musical instruments by remodeling
Become your own! "

In TC Musical Instruments, all remodeling is "Creative Remodeling".
I think it is !!

"That's why I would like to introduce some recommended remodeling with TC instruments.

◆ Remodeled contents ◆

The contents! In other words, it's an electric guitar electric part.
Try replacing pickups and make it easy to use for you.
You can easily feel the change, and it feels good to remodel.

In TC instruments, "it will be a good sound if you change this to this part!"

The customer thinks together what the instrument uses and what he wants.
I will make a suggestion.
TC Musical Instruments for 30 years are experience with various used instruments and reliable technical skills.

"Things that are really necessary for those who use it"I will make it together.

◆ Remodeled appearance ◆

"After all, it is best that instruments are cool with similar eyes !!

I have a cool guitar for my guitar refinement !! I yearn for it !!
TC Musical Instruments ties with famous guitar studies in Tokyo, so you can refinish difficult guitars in the store!

From special plating painting to leric -processed painting that reproduces vintage!

I can really do anything!

◆ Replace parts ◆

Leave the replacement of parts to the TC instrument !!

There are used and vintage parts sold at stores, as well as ordering new parts!

In addition, in the world -wide TC instrumentIt is also possible to order parts that are only sold overseas !!

Of course, even if you need to process the instrument by celebrating the parts, we will accept it including processing!

Eliminate "I'm worried here !!" !!

"Is it okay if you only have some image of what kind of remodeling you want to do?"

"Of course it's okay !!"

It's okay with just a fluffy image! "I want to make this kind of sound" "somehow
I want you to be cool.

"Is it okay if you do it yourself halfway and you don't understand?"

"Of course it's okay !!"

"Why did you do this !!"
"I wanted to play with it!" I understand that feeling very much.
I will take over that feeling firmly and shape it properly!

"I want to remodel the junk items I bought at the net auction! Is that okay?"

"Of course it's okay !!"

The tattered junk will be mistaken and will be your own!
Isn't it the best!
Woodworking, painting, embedding, adjustment. Please leave it to a TC instrument that can do all the process!

"I want a guitar that has not been remodeled around, can I buy a modified guitar?"

"Of course it's okay !!"

TC musical instruments that have handled used for 30 years are not afraid of modified guitars!
We will buy it firmly and sell it to those who can use it next.
If you have a desire for remodeling in the second week, let's remodel it again!

Anyway, please feel free to contact us first !! Let's make a fun remodeling plan !!

Furthermore, in TC musical instruments, Refine Planning in the form of "This will be like this if a musical instrument store is seriously remodeled".
There is also !!


Selling guitars is not just a musical instrument store! We also offer a place to show a modified guitar.
Once every two years, "remodeled guitar contest" is also a very popular project !!