Organic Sounds HADES 取扱開始!! - TC楽器 - TCGAKKI

We have produced many masterpieces."Organic SoundsOrganic Sounds", which has produced a number of masterpieces, has come up with another overdrive pedal!

Its name is "HADES"!!!

This pedal covers everything from clean to creamy crunch drive sounds to high-gain drive sounds!

In a word, it is a true "amp! In a word, it is the sound of an "amp!



Click here to watch the video.

The product will be on sale from 1:00 p.m. on 3/19 (Sun.) in stores and on our website, so don't miss it!

Click here for the sales page.

We will be receiving a small number of these products, so please be patient in case they are out of stock.



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