K.E.S ESH-3(3 Piece Set) エフェクタースイッチハット 3色入荷!!

K.e.sESH-3 Effector Switch Hat SilverRedblueof3 coloursButI arrived!!


Switch hat that makes it easier to switch on / off by attaching to the effector's foot switch, and it becomes easy to switch on / off

Since KES ESH-3 is made of 10.4 mm in the inner diameter, the switch is not enough, of course, using the supplied washer with an individual having a large individual or an individual, such as an individual, and an individual with a short-down isola. Because it can be done,Vintage from the current itemIt can be installed on various foot switches up to various foot switches!!


Three ImmonezIn order to secure and fix it with the attached hexagonal wrench, you will be able to realize a stable step around when you stepped on the switch!
In addition, since it is metal made of metal, it is possible to use less deterioration and use longer!

It is being sold at the store with 990 yen including each color tax !!

You can try it if you have the effectors who are thinking of wearing K.e.s ESH-3 at the storefront!
Please feel free to contact us!