K.E.S ESH-3(3 Piece Set) エフェクタースイッチハット 3色入荷!! - TC楽器 - TCGAKKI

From K.E.SESH-3 Effects Switch Hat SilverRedblueofThree colorsareare in stock now!


By attaching it to the foot switch of the effector, it becomes easy to switch ON/OFF and reduces the mistake of stepping on the effector.

K.E.S ESH-3 is made with an inner diameter of 10.4mm, so it can be attached to not only recent switches, but also to those with large tips or short foot switches like the one in the picture by using the attached washer,From current to vintageSo, it can be attached to various foot switches from current to vintage ones!


Three screw pointsThe foot switch is securely fastened by tightening the three imomoval screws with the included hexagonal wrench, so it will not shift when you step on the switch and will provide a stable and comfortable feeling when stepping on the switch!
Also, since it is made of metal, it will not deteriorate and can be used for a long time!

Each color is available at the store for 990 yen including tax!

If you are thinking of installing K.E.S ESH-3 on your effector, please bring it to the store and you can try it out!
Please feel free to contact us!


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