K.E.S ESH-3(3 Piece Set) エフェクタースイッチハット 3色入荷!! - TC楽器 - TCGAKKI

From K.E.SESH-3 Effector Switch Hut SilverRedblueof3 coloursButIt has arrived !!


By attaching it to the effector's foot switch, it makes it easier to switch ON/OFF, reducing the mistakes of the effector.

Since the K.E.S ESH-3 is made of 10.4mm inner diameter, it is installed by using the washer for individuals that have a large tip and the foot switch itself with a large tip and the image of the image. I can do it, soVintage from the current productYou can attach it to various foot switches up to the point !!


3 Imon screwsIn order to tighten it with the attached hexagon wrench and fix it firmly, it will realize a stable step comfort with less shifts when you step on the switch!
In addition, since it is made of metal, it can be used for a long time with less deterioration!

It is on sale at the store for 990 yen including each color tax !!

If you bring an effector who is planning to wear K.E.S ESH-3 at the store, you can try it!
Please feel free to contact us!