Gibson Chet Atkins モデル高額買取[アコフロア] - TC楽器 - TCGAKKI
Chet Atkins model, now discontinued...
However, as a very popular model, the demand is increasing even now!

Please bring them in to our store! We will purchase them at a high price. !!!!

Example of purchase

Chet Atkins SST
Beautiful items purchased:.170,000Yen

Chet Atkins CE
Beautiful item purchase:.200,000Yen

*We also do home delivery and on-site purchases as well as regular purchases!
*It may vary depending on the actual condition/model/age/specification.
*Please note that the 10% increase for good store purchases is not applicable.

If you trade in, you can get 10% more!
Click here for free and easy assessment.

TC Musical Instruments 2F Acoustic Floor

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