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Floyd Rose String How to
Floyds that are often asked in our shop.
I think that there are many people who are worried, so I would like to export to the strings of the strings.
Floyd Rose also varies with specifications and functions depending on the production time. Other than other Takeuchi expressions, IBANEZ Lo-Pro Edge, such as Floyal Rose License, etc.
This time, I would like to explain the current Floyd Rose Original as an example.

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What to prepare
Floyd Rose
Phillips screwdriver
2.5mm, 3mm 6-corner wrench
New string
1. Shoot the string
Floyd Rose
First remove the lock nut of the nuts through a 6-corner wrench with a nut part. And cut and cut the string enough.
If you cut the string, remove the body back spring and remove the bridge. Remove the thing with a tension bar at this time.
Since it is troublesome to remove the bridge one by one, there are also people who cut one string and take it. Personally, there is a work that can not be removed unless the strings are not removed, so I think it is better to cut all the strings once.
2. Cleaning
Floyd Rose
Once all the strings are finished, let's clean up the part that hits directly below the strips, frets, body, heads, etc. and the bridge body.

3. Secure the string
Floyd Rose
From here, production. Insert each new string into the bridge.
It is good to cut the ball end of the string, but it is good to cut the string wrapped part (part that is slightly thicker) about 2 mm.

Floyd Rose

Use a 6-corner wrench to insert and tighten the separated strings into the saddle. At this time, if you tighten too much, the saddle and the blocks inside will be broken, so be careful when you close it.

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4. Attaching the bridge
Floyd Rose
6 When you finish plugging all the strings into the bridge, install the bridge into the body.

Bodyback has a part of the spring hangers and the bridge sustain blocks. I think most of the floyles are supported by three bridges with three Spring, but I think that the Spring is good for individual preferences.

Floyd Rose

Heel of ha,

Floyd Rose

I think that it is good to line up in parallel three or more.
If you do not know which one is good, I think that it is better to put three sides in parallel and center.

5. Wrap the string
Floyd Rose
Although it does not mean that the strings of the strings do not, the wound is not possible, but be careful about winding, draws a spiral and wound towards the root of the peg.
Be careful not to wind the winding end than the beginning of winding.

6. Tuning
Floyd Rose
First of all, what is attached with the tension bar is installed when the chord is loose. Tighten the tension bar screw until the string is in close contact with the lock nut.
(※ About wood screw: Install and remove the screw of this tension bar, so it tends to be a thread head and screw hole. Please be careful.)
Now, when installing, check the direction so that the right and left are not reversed.
Rather than going to the left as it is in the case of installing the screw, it is possible to check the position where it falls down once to the left. Please screw from there.
Floyd Rose

Please note that screws jump out to the back of the neck if it tightened too much. Then, let's arrange at the middle of the middle to turn the fine tuner.

Floyd Rose

Floyd Rose is determined to floating due to the balance between the body back spring and the tension of the string, so the bridge's butt (body end side) part is rising as it tunes.
Naturally, it does not match with the first tuning. Repeat until tuning is stable.

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7. Floating
Floyd Rose
When tuning is stabilized, check if the plate on the bridge's saddle is horizontal.
If the butt is up, you will close the screws of the Bodyback Spring Hanger with the driver. In that case, I think it is better to loosen a slight string.
Conversely, if the butt has fallen, loosen the screw.
Again, tuning is stabilized and the bridge plate becomes horizontal.

8. String height adjustment
Floyd Rose
Adjust the string height by turning the two columns on the front side of the bridge.
It is best to go to a position that is not likely to be a strike height that suits you.
The basic string height is the lower length of the string from the vertex of 12 frets, 1.5 mm, six-strand side 1.5 to 2.0 mm.

9. Octave adjustment
Floyd Rose
Move the sound noise when the harmonics of 12 frets and 12 frets are suppressed.
It is easy to do if you use tuners.
If you combine the harmonics, if you were flattering when 12 frets are kept, loosen the string and loosen the screws on the front side of the saddle with a 2.5 mm 6-corner wrench and move the saddle to the neck side.
Conversely, if sharpened, move the saddle to the body end.
6 Adjust all octaves.
10. Rock nut
Floyd Rose
After all the processes, stabilize tuning again and tighten the lock nut with a 6-corner wrench with a 3 mm.
The tuning is slightly crazy when tightening the lock nut, so it corrects it by a fine tuner (screw like a disk). If you were flat, we will tighten the disc. Conversely, if sharpened.

Floyd Rose

It is completed when all string tuning is complete.

Since the manufacturer of the strings and the floating and octave are crazy if the gauge is changed, it is recommended to reimburse the entire process.
The tips of the nippers and strings are sharp, so be careful about injury.

The initial setting of the Floyd Rose is a lot of troublesome parts, but when the entire process is finished, it has a renewable mechanism that is surprisingly less stress.
If string exchanges are also made, it will be possible to do so much difficulty without difficulty. It is the secret to keep in touch with it. Please send a comfortable Floyd Rose Life.

Then "a good dream is closed"