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Fiesta Red was introduced around 1958 as a custom color for Fender.

Fender's custom color had been available as a special order from customers since 1954, but it was not officially listed in the catalog until 1956, and there were not many types of colors available.

In 1958, Fender introduced custom colors such as Lake Placid Blue Metalic and Olympic White in addition to Fiesta Red, expanding the range of custom colors that people generally imagine.


Going back to Fiesta Red, George Fullerton originally wanted a red guitar, so he had a paint shop create a color to his liking.

The color he created was Fiesta Red!

So Fiesta Red is George Fullerton's signature color? LOL!

Moreover, the guitar painted in Fiesta Red at that time is said to be a Jazzmaster.


1958In 1949Fiesta RedandJazzmasterare probably the first custom-colored Jazzmasters in the world.Jazzmastermay belong to George Fullerton.!!


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