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ECO RRR series are in stock!


ECO RRRis no longer available at the guitar factory in Japan.DiscardedThe guitar factory in Japan will no longer be able to produce theBody & Neckto a long-established workshopT.Sfactoryby the hands ofWoodwork processing, paintingand painted by the hand of the craftsman, and then assembled into a "usable" condition!

Although the instrument is to be discardedScheduled to be disposed of due to functional failure.but a little bit of wood.StainsThe wood was built using materials that were to be discarded because they had a few stains on them!
In other words, to be used as an instrumentThere is nothing wrong with it.The items were rejected because they were not If finished properly, they can be used as usual."usable"These are the things that can be used as usual if finished properly!


We have just receivedECO RRRseries!


ECO RRR ST-Type White Matching Head


Rosewood fretboard, 60's style matching head, white color!

Heavy Relic is cool ST-Type!




Maple fretboard, 2 tone sunburst, 50's style ST type!

This is a model that stands out for its coolness due to its royalty!



T.S factory introduction is here↓.