2007年8月号 - TC楽器 - TCGAKKI
Premium Selections Magazine photo shoot
Player Player July 2007
The Treasure Hunters

Trees blocking the way, swamps sucking your shoes underfoot. The green jungle continues endlessly....

I wonder if there really is a vintage instrument...

After several months of searching, I was about to be exhausted by despair and fatigue.

Oh, that's ! That's !!!!." A member of the team was leaning forward with binoculars.

Team member B points in that direction, "Oh, there it is!

The reaction was tired due to extreme fatigue, but sure enough, it was real! The phantom '69 All Rose!

>> Latest arrival of Telecaster type

photoSuddenly we found ourselves on a plane. We were on a plane to Okinawa...

It seems as if I have heard this written somewhere before, but, hmmm, we are indeed heading for Okinawa.

photoThis would be the last Premium Selections ad. The jungle was necessary for the images to be taken.

I searched all over Tokyo, but it was still mid-April when the photo was taken, and of course there were no plants or trees that looked like jungle plants. There were places where the plants were grown indoors, but there were many difficulties, such as brightness and permission to shoot.

There was no way to fake it, so I took the plunge.

We rented a Toyota Vitz as soon as we arrived, threw our luggage and guitar case into the narrow trunk, and headed for a hotel in Naha City.

Since I was here on business, there was no way I was going to be out drinking all night. (I was not going to be drinking all night long.)


We headed for a certain izakaya near Kokusai-dori. It was as warm as in the daytime, just right for a walk, and we toasted with awamori at the izakaya, which is rumored to be frequented by CAs.

photoThe alarm rang at 6:00 a.m. The light from outside was dazzling. The light from outside is dazzling...a perfect day for photography.

As soon as we entered the hotel restaurant for breakfast, we were greeted by a mountain of people, people, people! And they were all students...

Graduation tour students occupied 80% of the tables.

We took a seat at the end of the table and began to eat the buffet breakfast. We were told that they were junior high school students from Okayama. Not to be outdone by the energetic junior high school students, we filled our plates to the brim. The food, both Japanese and Western, was very tasty. We were satisfied.

photoAfter checking out, we were ready to go.


After about an hour of driving, we took a break at a service area.

photoIt was still early in the morning, so there were no stores open.
I saw what looked like a monument to the Okinawa summit nearby, so I took a quick peek.

The sunshine and the cool ocean breeze made me feel a little sleepy. However, I pulled myself together and set out.


photoAn hour later, I arrived at my destination.

I guess I had come all the way to Okinawa after all.
Oh, Yakkun, it's been a long time!♪」







photoWith their help, we entered a jungle-like bush. With their help, I tried to enter a jungle-like bush, but from a little distance, I heard a voice saying, "Oh, Yakkun!
They told me, "Be careful of the hubs.

What am I supposed to do to be careful?
However, we had come all the way here to shoot an advertisement. We couldn't care less whether it was a habu, a mongoose, or an Iriomote wildcat.

photoThey set up a stepladder at the site and went down one by one.

From above, I look through the camera's viewfinder and see two people running amok ...

It seems that they are being bitten all over their arms and faces by a swarm of mosquitoes.

As you know we are not defeated by such things. We finished shooting at this site while enduring the itchiness.


photoThis time, I took similar pictures in several different locations and in different situations.








photoThe second site I chose was in a pineapple park. After receiving permission to photograph through an acquaintance, I went inside.
Pineapple trees by themselves evoke the image of a tropical country. I thought I was in a jungle, but there was a man-made object in the back of the park.

Unfortunately, I had to give up the idea of shooting here. Thank you to the park manager for his cooperation.

photoWe drove a few minutes further into the mountains and found a rainforest botanical garden.

It was dark and overgrown with trees inside, and we entered a real jungle. We tried to take pictures from various angles.







photoAfter leaving the botanical garden, we looked for another location to try shooting.







photoSuddenly, I saw Kogure, the repair person, drinking a can of beer "by himself" as if he was enjoying it!

Even though it was work, we were in a tropical country. It's a special beer to drink under the dazzling sun, isn't it?

I'm sure I will inevitably get flak from my coworkers for revealing this.





photoTime passed by like this, and it was time to go back to Naha City.

We thanked those who had helped us and set off for Naha.






This marked the end of the "Premium Selections" advertisement in the Player newspaper, which began in September 2006. Looking back now, we have received a variety of reactions from many quarters, including from our customers, as a result of our flexible approach to creating the most appropriate advertisement at the time, even though it was somewhat different from what we had originally envisioned.

The use of "advertisements" is one of the most effective means of product sales promotion in the retail industry, and it has not changed much in the past. At that time, we decided to create a "live" advertisement with a playful (adventurous) spirit from a different perspective from other retailers when we created our Premium Selections advertisement.

Every month, we took on a "real" challenge. We hope that by posting a message that resonates with the reader along with a photo, you can understand, even if only a little, the direction we are heading in, and that you are interested in what we have to offer.

Some people have asked me to continue, but I will conclude with this.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved for their cooperation in the photo shoot.


All the staff of THE Used Musical Instrument Store


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