2007年7月号 - TC楽器 - TCGAKKI
PREMIUM SELECTIONS magazine shooting spill story
Player PLAYER July issue (2007)
Believe in Your Partner

Voluntary! Below is a rough sea, and it can be survived safely from this cliff cliff!

Oops, I appeared there is Marshal of the Buddy! I do not return my danger, and I will help you and help.

>> The latest information on vintage amps

PhotoThis month is the appearance of the amplifier. The guitar is not a vintage and no noise, but of course it also exists in the amplifier.

We started troubled with paper plane configuration and photos, and messages, as we appeared three representative three meters.
And that I decided from a number of plans

Rather than depiction of the power, I wanted to draw a "good friend" "Trusted partner" as a message.
And the concept is expanded ...

Photo"Someone is going to fall on a cliff ~♪」
Hmm, it would be good.

"It is an amplifier that is helping his companion on the cliff"
Humbu, it's not good.

The concept was completed.

Subsequently, the problem comes with a difficult thing.

Where do you have such a cliff ... Who falls?
Hey, I can't fall!

After consideration, Tomida Manager had a role in the cliff. But no shooting location is found.

I tried to find a park nearby, but I don't really need it.

However, I had a nice opinion from my favorite person and finally confirmed a place.

PhotoIn the city, the shooting unit moved in early April, in early April.

9:50 am, change with an amplifier, change the camera, etc., and leave Shin-Okubo.

Take a high-speed ride from Keiku Road and run on the road Niigata.

PhotoOn the way, breakfast stop in Miyoshi Parking area.

When I entered it, Nantes! Discover Missen's cutlet!

I bought a pack of three without hesitation.

PhotoAfter going to the front of the vending machine, it is not the "World's first!"

What is the world's first.

Go near and look closely.

"During drip for you♪」


PhotoWeather in a nice morning Missen's cut-in-one-handed hand-to-one-handed coffee.

I was very pleasant.

And return to the car and rush ahead.

When I got off the ride road through the riverbank slowly, I could see a big bridge.
PhotoFind a small station to the path, stop the car there and walk to the center of the bridge to see the state of the river.

There is a river width than I thought, this is.
A little long ago, I look for a little bit of baseball in the Hands of Arakawa's bank.

Well, the destination is soon. Spring.

It arrives at Nagasu Station for about 15 minutes.

I'm going to bring a heavy boogie amp as I'm super there, so I searched for a parking close to the river as much as possible.
Photo[500 yen a day]

cheap! In Tokyo, it will be taken with 700 yen for an hour.

There is no one parking and overlooking the area.

If you do my eyes, there is a yellow box with a pillar.


Well, here it seems to be left to the voluntary of the person parking. (There was also a notice at the back ...)

If you get into the box to take out five hundred yen ball, a parking ticket is placed below♪

I put this on the dashboard. So that's it.

PhotoTake out the luggage and walk with a boogie amp with boogie's intense rock formation.

We aim for the river side by side to the people who enjoy lunch and enjoy.



PhotoWhen it comes to a shooting site, it will change the clothes of Tomita Manager.

Thermal eyes from around

Tough body

Put out [Man] Tomita.

Equipment is the shirt & pants, where you brought from, the harness and carabiner for rock climbing, carabiner, protector, cycling gloves ... Finally installing the helmet and ready.

PhotoThe amplifier was brought to the cliff, and it was arranged not to fall while adjusting the orientation or angle.

Tomita Manager has a standby under a cliff.

There is a flat place under the foot, but if you slide the foot, you will not fall in the Arakawa.

From the person, the smile to the earlier disappeared.

PhotoA climber that takes a rope into the amplifier and tries to climb the rope. It is such a scene.

Amplifiers are friends, close friends, and buddy, and each other will be trusted and the best results.

The shutter is cut with such a message.



PhotoAfter a few minutes, I was ideas from Tomita Manager.

How about taking a shield instead of a rope.

As expected, amplier? Year. I know the feeling of the amp.

Apparently this boogie is tied

I like those who are inserted

It seems like it is.

PhotoAnd if you are taking it with a shield, you are afraid of a strong voice with a distance.


A ship of a specialty line came out♪

A boat that I was stunned, and what I misunderstood the hand holding a hand.

A short break ...

PhotoThen take a picture where there is no gallery.

The desperate pose of Tomida Store manager who has been motivated further with a little happening.

Take a lot of memory of digital camera and finish.

PhotoEquipment replacement was over, and the "Buddy" amplifier was collected with tired body, and it was returned to the parking lot waiting for the car with the bad riverbank of the scaffold.



PhotoWhile looking forward to the cherry blossoms of Nagasu, we will leave the place.



Return to the store and check the photos.

"Oh, not good"

"But a little powerful"


"I've said that ... I think so, but I thought that I was struggling so far ... what do you do?"

Tension runs all.

"It's an advertisement of Premium Selections ... After all I will regret it halfway."

Everyone was shining with Kirari.

"That's right, I will stop halfway."

We hold strong fist ...
I will struggle and entered.

Let's stop it in the way of showing the photos. I really don't know the sense of tension if it is not a cliff cliff!

PhotoBut the problem is the shooting place.

"Yes! Izu!"

It may be anything if I went to the employee trip last year.

We did not have time.

PhotoI have a busy shooting unit and Tomida manager, and the schedule, and I have only this Friday!

If you check the weather condition, it is a chance in the morning of Friday, and it will rain in the afternoon ....

The shooting unit is in the night before the day before, and the director of Tomita will arrive at the started Shinkansen.

PhotoThe shooting team who arrived locally on Thursday nightly headed by the sea.
But here is the sea ... dark.

Older flashlights were also unwanted to illuminate the foot.

I was able to check it early in the morning because there was no choice.

PhotoThat night I ate grilled meat at a certain place of Izu, but this is the delicious taste that was released.

Come to Izu and why not fish! And I would like to introduce our ordered ingredients that I did not ask.

Tan stab, mushroom, special salt carbi, specialty harami (bare version).

Mino sashimi!

I went to grilled meat shop at various places in Tokyo, but it is only here when I try to make a mini sashimi!

PhotoBesides, Calvi is thick and big and sweet, soft ... Oh, I'm hungry, let's stop it anymore.

Well, it is said that I enjoyed a fulfilling dinner.




Well, I was in the middle of the night that I came home.

Drinking beer bought at a convenience store on the way, and off for tomorrow.

An alarm sounds at 6 am, shower & change peanuts bread with coffee milk, and leave the place to find a shooting place.

Outside the weather, cool sea breeze slips through the crotch. No, it's like this, and I'm walking while feeling it. And I will forget my duties.

PhotoWalking on the coastline and discovering a wonderful location near the rest♪

I tried to make a car and look for other places, but the first place was the best.

It is a little dangerous but decided here.

PhotoIn doing so, the chief of Tomita is the time to arrive at the nearest station.

8:2 am, and a local train came in at Togito Station.
And in spacious people, he discovered Tomita manager.

I had a hard time since early morning.
It was time to get worse at 5:00 this morning.

PhotoAs soon as it joins with the shooting party, go to the scene.

President of Tomita Manager who mounted equipment with a handled hand.

He changes clothes, down the marshal head and cabinet, and slowly move the rocky place with the height difference.




PhotoLast reflection? It has a large amplifier with powerfulness.

Heavy ... Dekai · · · Such weak sounds are not exhausted, and our feelings are always all force pitching.

But the reality is not sweet. Nature is not good for this convenient.

PhotoFirst of all, sunshine issues. Unfortunately from the sky and the position of the sea of ​​the amplifier and the sea, it is unfortunately reverse light.

And scaffolding. The ridges of the rocks do not stabilize the amplifier.

And it was the wind that was the most problem.

This day is an amplifier installed in a unstable place from the south.
It was more unstable that all the speaker units inside the cabinet were removed by thinking about carrying.

PhotoIt is a big deal if the amplifier falls down.

Depending on that direction, the chief of Tomita is straight. While the worstary amplifier falls from the cliff, it will be anything, but the director of Tomita is falling ... His sparies are him.

When you selected a home cliff, the danger was also selected at the same time.

He removed secret weapons prepared at the same time as paying attention.

Military Life Best!

This pulls the straps around the right chest, and compressed air is injected into the best and functions as a floating ring.

Just like a life best installed in the plane.

The foritements were secrets, but the director of Tomida was worn out and mounted.

PhotoAnd in a strong wind, shooting started.

The shutter is turned off while checking the position of the amplifier, person, camera, and sunshine.



PhotoI took a confirmation, it's repeated.

When the memory of the digital camera became full, shooting is canceled because it became stronger.


PhotoMoving the amplifier to the safety zone and the breath of relief leaks when you confirm the safety of the President Tomida.

Is the atmosphere of shooting work that you do not know only in the photos of the magazine?

Thus, the shooting at the most dangerous place was completed in the premium selections shooting history.

PhotoGet rid of the car. Lunch in the service area of ​​the latter.

As it is a promise, shooting. Sakura shrimp soba, ginger grilled set meal, Tonkatsu rice bowl spent a calm time while chatting today's shooting content.

PhotoAnd at around 2 pm arrive at the shop of Shin-Okubo.


Thank you for your hard work.