2007年5月号 - TC楽器 - TCGAKKI
Premium Selections Magazine photographing Kodis
Player Player 5 (2007)
Nothing is Impossible

A fighter pilot who is in a fighter plane with a love jazz master.
` I can't fly without this! '

He is a serious maintenance worker for in-flight coordination.
` I'll do something! '

He's an aboveground attentor.
"He's serious, please!"

Beautiful.A friend who responds to the enthusiasm of a pilot and his/her ability to act.
It is the moment when the chest becomes cuffy.

> > Latest Receipt Information of the Vintage Jazz Master

In spite of the "Galarragara" and Tuesday's Tuesday, there was a closing instrument shop on the shutter.
Then, a few men, who had 15 minutes later, walked to Shin-Okubo Station, which was the same as the number of men.
They're on their way.

Haneda Airport!!


photoYes, we went to the airport to go to Okinawa for employee training.
I have arrived at the airport by way of Hamamatsu-cho while I think it is a fresh, new pattern of behavior that is different from the usual patterns of life, as discussed below.

We finished the process and headed for the gate.While I was excited about a long time ago, I was worried about my flight in Galagara's plane, and I was going to take off from Japan Airlines Flight 1931.

After flying smoothly, they arrive at Naha Airport about 30 minutes earlier than planned, and rented a car to the hotel.

It's about 7 o'clock in the night.I checked in and put my luggage, and when I gathered in the lobby, I went to the front door of the hotel.I told the driver to go to another place, but I was in a completely different place.The trouble is getting into trouble.He was able to arrive safely because he knew the other driver was well known, but he seems to have received the baptism of Okinawa in the early morning.

photoNow, we are in a local tavern, and we are going into the store with a stigmus.Of course, it is to study the "extreme will of customers".We have already started training, and we are nervous.

" For now, beer.♪」

There is a voice in the store that doesn't let you feel tired.

We were hungry, and the old man, who was often sent out like a jab, made a mild answer to the miscellaneous order.

I learned the art of Okinawa cuisine, and I learned the art of splendid glue, and I left the shop with a smile on the face of a balloon, which banged up like a balloon and smashed like a balloon.

Our hard training is over.

The skin of the eyelash is lax when the corrs of the belly is dangerically.It goes without saying that we went straight back to the hotel for tomorrow.

photoThe next morning, I checked out at 9 o'clock and went north by car.On the way, he stopped at a famous fast food restaurant in Okinawa, finished breakfast with hamburgers, onion rings and rotovia, and returned to the car.
And the morning is not good at us, and we'll have a warm sunlight and a pleasant vibration harmonie, and as of course, we'll have a sleep.

Of course, no one should sleep in the car as a single person.

I thought maybe I didn' t sleep, but I was in the studio two hours later.

As a matter of fact, it has been a long time since it was used for advertisement of Premium Selections.

photoThe scene is a stinky secret where real fighter planes and military vehicles are flooded.
The weather is excellent, and it's a daily sum of photography.

As the staffer's staff was supposed to appear in the film, he was dressed in a costume, which was prepared in the back of the film.

While the staff is changing, the photographers reconfirm the angle or concept, and complete the scene setting.

photoThen there were two people.

Two people in a labyrinnat-coloured uniform came in.
Ripairy was dressed like a sore of short hair, but the Matsui clan was not able to see how it looked.

Saffarpark's brother.

You're not!

photoThe military uniform provided by the incidentally was customized for the U.S. Army.Holy shit!

A man wearing a suspicious helmet appeared from behind when he was doing friendly.

"Oh, no!"

photoHe was wrapped in a pilot suit in the United States Air Force, and the old one was the guitarist who wore the helmet of the fighter aircraft, which was actually used.

"Oh, that's a real thing!"

photoIt was a good thing to wear a helmet, because I couldn't see my face.
a man of good physique in the United States

He was fortunate enough to be named after him.

Two men, including the right, left, and the mechanisers of the fighter jet, will be cut off while they are taking the pods and the other.

Of course, it is not an active craft, but it is definitely real and displayed.


photoThe film was filmed with fingers from local people, and the last film was taken.

Even in February, the temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius.I'm a little sweaty to be in the sun.



photoWELCOME TO Okinawa





photoWe thaned everyone who had helped us with the shooting, and we left the place.




An hour or so of a car, and the second destination of the cliff, I arrived at the remnance of the cruelous Cape.

photoThe picture does not convey the sensation of the stadium, but it is just a cliff.
Hey, dangerous!

He seems to have died every year, and the motto of 'Don't lick the sea!' is put on his chest.

But for us, who live long in the woods of the city council, these places are truly fresh and fresh.

Incidentally, the ambulance at sea was 118, and I didn' t know it.






photoThere is a lighthouse on the other side of the river.It seems to be going to be up, so we have to go, because we have come here.

A thin spiral staircase came up to the rooftop.When the small entrance is removed, a strong sea breeze passes from the breastplate to the back.


We all talk about the same thing, but we don't know what's really great.

I'm sure it's just that I feel really happy.This is the very scene.

There is no doubt that it would be good for the body because it is more difficult to focus on than in the city.





The little Matsui stood up and waved his hand when he saw the little voice heard in the room or the other.



"A little creep,"

That's a good idea.He was not good at high places, and in the end, he seemed to have enjoyed a walk in the termall.



photoWe got down the same spiral staircase down to the surface of the Earth, and we're in a nearby store, an Okinawan name?

She ungrunted me.That's a good one, isn't it?

Then, just hours after the plane departed, we drove the car to Naha.

On the way to a recycle shop, one of them came out with a large box when he was looking at the beard and other things.

"What did you buy?"

"Well, Wii ..."
Oh, that's the game.It seems like a Wii that happens to be so popular in Tokyo that it can't be bought and bought and bought it.Hmm, you have a lot of action to do.
Such a hupning is also a pleasure of travel.

We came back to Naha, and we were to see the famous international street.
I walked along with the travelers, looking for a souvener while looking for a souvener.

He then went to the airport to fill the empty gift-case that was used for filming the souvenhe bought here.
This is the end of the journey in Okinawa.

The trip was about 25 hours a day, and it was a busy trip, but it must have kept a lot of memory left.
It was also a photo shoot, but the fact that they came to Okinawa was actually nothing but the usual effort of the staff.

A few hours later, he arrived at Muji Hata near 11:00 p.m.One of the staff hurrides into the train, and the rest of us have a big bag of grown bags?I came back to the store by taxi.

"I'm tired,"
After the dissolution, why?
In the Kabuki town

I know there were people who disappeared.