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"1970S Made in Japan Epiphone FT Series Purchasing strengthened !!"


The 1970s Epifon manufactured not only electric guitars but also acoustic guitars in Japan.

There are a lot of charms unique to that time, such as zero fret and bolt -on.

If you have a very valuable instrument that you rarely see, please contact us just by assessment! !

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Epiphone FT-135
> Beautiful goods purchase 20,000 yen !!

Epiphone FT-145
> Beautiful goods purchase 20,000 yen !!

Epiphone FT-155
> Beautiful goods purchase 30,000 yen !!

Purchase enhancement period:April 2, 2022 (Sat) to April 30, 2022 (Saturday)Until !!

* Beautiful goods are a complete product that is close to a new product without a feeling of use, and is an individual with accessories.
It may fluctuate depending on the actual condition/model/age/specification.
* The purchase price fluctuates depending on the detailed model.
Other models that are not listed on the listExpensive purchase specialized for EPIPHONE acoustic guitars made in Japan in 1970s!!

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