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What is an instrument store? Of course, where you sell instruments. But even in a fish shop, there are "that store is good!" The same is true for musical instruments. Depending on the store, there are some weaknesses, and the assortments will change.
And the musical instrument shop is not "buying and ending". There are subsequent maintenance, and it is usually a long relationship with consultation when you are worried about sound, or you have to trade in when you buy it. Choosing a store is important because it can affect the music life afterwards. Therefore, it is subtle to choose only by price when buying. It is a top -notch instrument to choose a "usable musical instrument shop" with a long eyes.

This is there. It is convenient for various comparisons. In addition, stores that handle a lot of inventory are that the clerks are looking at the instruments, so they often recommend something that suits you. Also, the gathering of instruments is a highly reliable proof of manufacturers and customers."Good instruments gather in good stores." This is the rule of thumb.

surely. But what is the way to distinguish the clerk's knowledge? Do you ask a difficult question? But sometimes you know the answer. In addition, each person has their own specialties, so it is useless, no matter how much you have the area other than the area you want to know. It would be annoying if such a thing was given for a long time. Therefore! Let's observe a store where you handle many types of instruments that you are interested in. In the case of a musical instrument store, the tendency of the person in charge is often reflected in the inventory, so there is often a high knowledge of that genre when such a assortment. However, the clerk who explains various things even though I do not ask, often wants to brag about my knowledge, so I think about it. A silent person may actually be more friendly."Read the clerk's knowledge with an assortment." This is the second rule.

There is no sound when the instrument you bought is important! If you think about it, after -sales is not a store that will do it properly. Kimi, who thought, "It's okay because there is a manufacturer's warranty!" A sudden trouble just before the live. If you rush to the musical instrument store in a hurry ... "It will take 1-2 weeks because it will be a manufacturer." The warranty is promised to fix it for free, but it doesn't say "fix it immediately". However, instruments may suddenly lose sound, and if you think about the desire to practice, you can't leave it for so long. So, when you go to a musical instrument store, check if there is a specialized repair corner or a repair room. If you're a musical instrument store with repair facilities, you'll find that if you bring it, you've fix it while smoking cigarettes."After -sales service is read in equipment." This is the third rule.It is even more safe if you have a unique warranty card.

If you buy an instrument, you will need various small items such as shields and straps. Strings, picks and batteries are consumables. So naturally you will go to the musical instrument store many times, but if possible, the first store that bought the instrument would be better. It is attractive that you can ask how to adjust the instrument you bought and consult variously, and it is easy to get useful information. So, considering that you go repeatedly, you should know first about the price of consumables that you will buy regularly."Read the true cheapness in small items." This is the fourth rule.Also, what is surprisingly important is the "bargain set with ○○ points". Certainly it feels good, but isn't it included? I don't like the instruction DVD that I don't like. You should determine if it is really necessary.

How to choose a musical instrument store still. I asked 100 Bandman."Cheaper is better"surely."The closest to the station"This may be the same."I'm not scared"Are you more scared of you? But something polite is safe. A place that is not persistent."Where there is a delicious restaurant nearby"Hey, is that so? But surely there are many places that seem to be delicious in the neighborhood will have more fun."The cousin is cute at the clerk"After all, this is the most important point (laughs). That's why there are various things"Choose a good musical instrument store as you like." This is the last rule.

It is used when the budget is tough or the eyes go. After all it is nice to be cheap, and I have a lot of pleasure to find an unexpected bargain. On the other hand, there are some stories about buying second -hand and failing, so I guess there are some uneasy aspects. So, here we will thoroughly compare the charm of new and second -hand.

You may think that the new one is a new one, but I waited a minute. Recent sensible used shop musical instruments are quite good. Used stores have no backup of manufacturers, so almost everything must be adjusted at their own store. For this reason, there are many places that hire specialized technical staff. On the other hand, in the case of a new article, the ones that have been shipped from the manufacturer are often displayed, and if there is a problem, they are often returned to the manufacturer and adjusted. In the past, I saw a lot of used instruments, but recently, the quality of used stores has improved, and the number of second -hands in good condition has increased. Well, the auction may be different. So I guess the condition is already 5 minutes. The rest is up to the store! That's where.

Needless to say, it's safe, but as I wrote earlier, the warranty card is not versatile. So let's pay attention to the after -sales service you need. For example, in the case of repairs of the electric guitar circuit system, the speed is more important because it is often possible to respond well with second -hand shops. If it is a manufacturer's warranty, it will be a manufacturer's deposit, so it may not be possible to get a hand in retail stores, so it is a big point whether you can see it on the spot. On the other hand, when it comes to updating software such as DTM devices, it is managed by ID and password, so it is often NG if it is used, so this area with a new warranty is more advantageous.

"It's broken" "It will be broken soon"

You're certainly anxious. It is also true that there is something that is actually broken. However, conversely, it is also true that new products will never break soon. In other words, it is not a matter of breaking that is new or used. In addition, in the case of used, some have a track record of being used without breaking until then, so if you have a connoisseur in that area, you can read a certain degree of an unknown new one. Well, it's quite difficult to determine that much, so it's important to choose a store that seems to be reliable. After all, it's a problem whether you buy it at a reliable store, rather than a new or used one.

"If you fall in love with a rare color at first sight and buy it used, you can envy everyone."

This is a used and very many. Even those who have been handling used used for many years come out, "Is there such a color!?" The point is that you don't sell it elsewhere. Moreover, it is interesting because it is surprisingly cheap if this is used.

"It's good to be able to use pizza without worrying about eating pizza!"

The leading role of the party is pizza, beer and instrument! Regardless of whether or not, if you care about dirt and scratches, you can't really enjoy it. It is a fun way to get used to increase your memories to a musical instrument with scratches that you can use without worrying. When I turned the beer over to Les Paul on the day I bought it, I thought from the bottom of my heart, "It was good and good ...".

It is a used store that you may think that it is difficult to enter at first, but once you enter, you will find a treasure inside! I forgot that it was fun and time passed ... That effector I wanted in the past, and that guitar that my friends had in junior high school. I did a time trip unintentionally. There is only one used used drama, so each has a drama. After all, the used instrument is cool! Recently, it's just a new one with scratches. But if it gets scratchedThe real thing is used. Natural scratches are cool.

If you enjoy watching it all the time, let's talk to the store's people. The used store is also an unfriendly and hard to talk to the clerk, but there are many people who like it in the end. In addition, because I am identifying this used every day, I sometimes do not have a hard time. The clerk is also a year. If you can hear the story that you really want, you will feel like it alone.

Recently, it has become really convenient, or there is only one used one, so the encounter is timing, but it was a great era because such timing could be checked on the web. In particular, you need to check the website of "THE Used Musical Instruments" in front of Shin -Okubo Station on the JR Yamanote Line.
More than thousands of stocks are uploaded at the same time as they are available every day, so just looking here has a considerable number of encounters. In addition, you can see not only detailed images from the front to the back, but also real movies! I feel like I'm already looking at the actual thing. It's perfect for you who are busy and can't go to find a musical instrument. Another great thing is the column here. This is really dangerous! A huge amount of information, such as guitars and effectors, is generously packed and super enthusiasts! Just reading this will make a difference in rivals! At the same time, a beginner -friendly series is easy to understand and is an ant.You know you already know is cool!

You can see, "I met a cool guitar when I was looking for a used one, but what would go ahead." If you are in a band, it costs really money for the studio fee and the cost of traveling. The bandman is Elai because he works hard at last, just living in a musical instrument. The used instrument shop is such a bandman's ally. Everyone who likes musical instruments is the same. So, if you have a musical instrument you want, but when you say money, feel free to consult. You will be kindly advised on how to trade in the instruments you have now and buy cheaply. There are specialized staff members who disclose thousands of used items from amplifiers, PAs, wind instruments, and violin every year, so it is okay to do anything.

Even if it's old and "I wonder if it will be such a money," it looks like a professional eyes. After all everyone likes instruments. If you have any instruments or equipment that you are not using, let's consult. And this shop will help you even if you do not plan to buy an instrument. If it is not a trade -in, it is possible to buy it in cash. I'm happy to pay immediately on the spot. When you live in a sudden live, you can rely on it when you say, "Is the quota okay?" Moreover, this Shin -Okubo is the home of Asian cuisine. There are a lot of cheap and ultra -horse shops, so it is ant to add power.

Now, check your equipment.

You're still sleeping, isn't your treasure still sleeping?

If you are an amplifier or something that you can't take right away, you'll let you know the purchase price by e -mail if you send it with a photo.