We are pleased to announce the results of the TC Instruments Modified Guitar Contest judging committee's independent selection. We were really worried about the judging process because of the huge number of entries and the high quality of the entries, which exceeded our expectations. We started this project with the idea of having fun and laughing. Some of the entries were too high in quality to win a prize, but all the staff members were seriously worried about all the entries and had a lot of fun with them.
Thank you very much to everyone who submitted entries.


Kohei's work

This is a bold work that has been made with a W-neck to improve performance. The impact of the vivid two-tone coloring is breathtaking. The fact that the left and right necks have exactly the same specifications is a kind of nonsense that can only be enjoyed with modified guitars.


Yuji Oka's work

This Strat has a lever-type volume stopper, and together with the notch in the knob, the volume can be operated at the desired position. It's not flashy, but it's a nice idea for players who value volume control.

R.K.'s work

This year's Design Award was a fierce competition among many entries with excellent designs. The unique layout of the four front PUs on the TL also matches the atmosphere.
Impact Award Winner's Work

Ichiro's work "Yodotomishi

This is a bold work in which a hole is drilled in the top of an acoustic guitar to create a resonator. The use of a pot lid for the resonator and a harmonica for the bridge is also unique.

Noriyuki's work

This work has docked a TEJ and a shell top. The carefully applied shell inlay shows the love for the artist. The high-class look, yet the fact that very little money was spent on it, is also very pleasing.

Work by Mr. Salaam Sobh

This is a sitar-style guitar with 18 strings. The neck was originally warped and unplayable, so it was cut off, and then revived as a square neck. This work is filled with the guts of a slide player who loves Indian music.

SHUTA's work

This is the "Happy Smile" award, which is a new name for a big smile. There were many really serious works this time, and it would be rude to call them "big laughs" or something like that. Among them, this work brought a happy smile to the viewer's face, boldly cutting an LP-type guitar to create a travel guitar that looks like fun to look at. This kind of free-spirited thinking is what makes modified guitars so much fun in the first place.

MINAMI's work

What a violin! The well-known blue flower finish is so fresh on a violin. It gives a fun atmosphere to the work.

yutakarocks's work

This is a work with an impact, using a shield as a motif. It matches perfectly with the costume.

GreenbackTexas's work "THE TEXAN

This work is said to be a tribute to Johnny Winter and is filled with the Texas spirit.

To all the entrants

We received many more submissions full of individuality, and it was with great sadness that we had to make our choice. We enjoyed so many of the entries that we did not expect it to be so hard for us to judge them. I would like to express my sincere and enthusiastic thanks to all of you who submitted entries. This year's contest was very fulfilling. If the contest is well received, we would like to plan a second contest in the future. We look forward to working with you all in the future.