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From Japan and overseasGreat response from Japan and abroadofBLUE SERIES "GENERATOR Also a hot brand in theGOAT!

Not only products that allow you to enjoy the authentic rock sound, but also
which was made possible through a collaboration with professional baseball.Effects pedals for the six teams of the Central Leagueand other unique items!


This new series is full of surprises, thanks to the strong desire of the history-loving staff at TC Musical Instruments!

The name of the series isSAMURAI SERIES"!

The first collaboration for electric guitars!

Here is the lineup with outstanding impact!


This is the model you want to get this year, which marks the 500th anniversary of the birth of Shingen Takeda.

66,000 yen including tax

〜Aoi no Gomon〜.

I have a feeling that something will happen just by appearing with it.

66,000 yen including tax


Speaking of "Makoto" characters in asagi-iro color... If you like it, you will be filled with passion just by looking at it.

66,000 yen including tax

*Please contact us as soon as possible as the production is completely limited!

With the release of the SAMURAI SERIES, the guitaristShunsuke Nakamurawrote and performed a wonderful song for the release of SAMURAI SERIES!♪

You can also hear the curious guitar sound in the YouTube video!

Please take a look!

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