There are various effectors in the world, but this time I will take up."ROCKMAN"I think that there are few effectors that produce a unique sound as well.In the old place"BOSTON"In recent years,B'zIt is also famous that Mr. Matsumoto used it.This"ROCKMANAnd the effector says, "This is the first out of the box."BOSTONThis is an effector with a unique background developed and released by Tom Schultz University, who leads the company.(Is it famous that the production and distribution system was lax?))
 CDI want to create the sound of the guitarists who are listening through music and tapes!Even if you think that it is quite difficult if you are playing guitar you should think once.But this effector will come out as it is, really.It is an irresistible gem for those who like it.Well, I think that being unique aside from likes and dislikes should be respected pretty much.

It was released several kinds, but most of them were unified in the blue color of the half-rack size.The detailed contents (excerpts from catalogs etc.) will be written later, but what surprised me first was the lightness of the main body!。It is so light that I think that there is really contents, so I am worried about it by all means, and I am even more surprised when I open the inside.there's really nothing!I mean, even if it's exaggerated, does it come out with such a circuit?that sound...MIT)。

It was a bit of a side street.You can actually ask at the shop what it sounds like.BOSTONorB'sIt is worth a try if you are not interested in it.Everyone is unique, but one push is still that distortion sound.When I listen to that pleasant sound with an emphasis on the midrange, I end up feeling ecstatic (am I the only one?).
By the way, I have written only random things, but there are people who cooperate (laughs).It's a good idea to take a look at it.

BOSTONFavorite staff"K"

>> The ROCKMAN effector is here


A circuit with many patents gives out its own sound.DISTORTION HARMONIXSet the character of the distortion in3Use the band's equalizer to determine the tone!You can make final adjustments according to the site by treble boost before out.Lead boost for even more high-gain soundOK。The digital Onch (the contents are analog) can be easily used with the minimum necessary control.You can also be satisfied with those who say for the time being.



I can adjust the input gain with the compressor, and the smart gate (because it gradually comes to the output, I can not cut a bit in the middle when I am extending the sound) is noisy with noise.dist and clean, respectively.2there are different types of footswitches in it2You can switch the type.All-rounder from Ogre's high gain to blue sky clean sound.Especially clean2This is the best app I have ever used and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!From the volume of each channel to the bypass and even the rhythm volume (which drops the output a little) can be controlled by footswitch, this is the only scary preamp.




 Guitar Player by Guitar Player for Guitar playerEQ。All12in the most important midrange of the band7It is quite convenient because it concentrates the band.It is ○ that you can manage the Oishii place as you like.

Available for both guitar level and line level.It can also be used as a preamplifier by putting it in front of a high gain amplifier because a passive noise reduction circuit is built in.



The bass of the guitar has enough energy to drive the distortion, but it weakens as the treble becomes.It corrects it to produce a clean sustain.When combined with high-gain distortion, strong sustain and picking nuances are also prominent.If you make the treble booth full up."SUSTAINORofCLEAN 2You can also simulate the following:It also supports Eleaco.



Combine chorus modulation and stereo image conversion units into one.「LONG CHORUS"The mode is a unique effect that allows you to perform the best effects such as solo play.「DON'T LOOK BACKYou can listen in.and the stereo effect.WIDE STEREOFromSUBLE MONOYou can choose from up to 4 types.Also with foot switchSWEEP STOP The switch and the destinationLONG CHORUSofON/OFFYou can switch between the two.



You should know the particular analog echo as soon as you listen to it.Different echo times on the left and right create an expanse of space, allowing you to reproduce a magnificent sound.There are 3 types of localization of normal sound and effect sound, and you can select it according to your preference.Input also supports mono and stereo.

in factBOSTONIt is a famous instrument that is used in.



The chorus and echoes above are good.The sound is no different from the single unit, but the echo time is slightly shorter.In addition, simultaneous use of chorus and echo is not possible with this one.Switch is possible by foot switch.



Unlike the noise gate, which was common at the time, when the sound is out, it slowly disappears the noise quickly when the sound stops.So it takes naturally without erasing the last sound of the long tone.The input corresponds to line level and guitar level.



80AgeMIDIit came out in its heyday after allMIDIController.8 devices with effect units to system up multiple unitsON/OFFProgram theMIDIIt can be called directly by foot controller etc.Clean+High gain from Chorus+This is an essential unit that allows you to call echoes, etc. with a single pedal operation.It is effective in live performances etc.



if you come by this name, you're already addicted to mega man's surgery!The price of the preamp has skyrocketed since Matsumoto-sensei used it.All the effects described above are packed in 1UIt was like this when I made it into a unit.Excellent player with sound yoshi, convenient, compact and 3 time signatures.The preset is100The visibility that can be confirmed at a glance the setting contents isグ.You can fully demonstrate its performance both in the studio and on the stage.



The XPR adds a 100W power amplifier and a 6.5" core axial 2way speaker with 2 stereo guitar amplifiers.Line-out, external speaker terminals promise powerful sound.When you push the handle part of the upper part down, it is divided from the center to the left and right, and the chorus and echo are the ultimate weapon that further increases the realism.This is pretty good feeling.