There are many kinds of effectors in the world, but this time we will focus on the "ROCKMAN".ROCKMANThere are few effect pedals that produce sounds as unique as "ROCKMAN". The old "ROCKMAN" is a very popular effect pedal.BOSTONand in recent years, "BOSTONB'zIn recent years, it is also famous for being used by Mr. Matsumoto of B'z. This "ROCKMANThis "ROCKMAN" effect pedal is the same as the aforementionedBOSTON(famous for its lax production and distribution system?). (It is also famous for its lax production and distribution system.)
 CDIt is not always easy to get the same sound as the guitarists you hear on CDs and tapes! But it's not easy to do so. But this effect pedal can produce the sound just as it is. It's a must-have product for those who love it. Well, whether you like it or not, I think it should be respected for its individuality.

There were several types of products on the market, but most of them were uniformly half-rack size and blue in color. I will describe the details later, but the first thing that surprised me was the lightness of the body. It was so light that I wondered if there was really anything inside, and I was even more surprised when I opened it up. There is really nothing in it! I was even more surprised when I opened it up. That sound is from ・・・・・ (hmmm, that's great!)MIT)。

I've gone a little sideways. You'll have to go to the store to hear what it sounds like.BOSTONandB'sand B's, it's worth trying at least once. They are all unique, but my favorite is the distortion sound. I can't help but fall into a trance when I hear that pleasant sound with the emphasis on the midrange (or is that just me?). I'm not sure if it's just me or if it's the sound of the guitar.
Well, I've written a lot of self-indulgent things, but I'm sure there are people out there who will cooperate with me (laughs). See you soon.

BOSTONStaff who love"K"

>> ROCKMAN effectors here.


Many patented circuits produce unique sounds.DISTORTION HARMONIXto set the distortion character.3band equalizer to set the tone! You can make final adjustments according to the site with the treble boost before out. You can also use the lead boost for an even higher gain sound.OK.The controls are minimal and easy to use, even for the digital-phobic. The minimal controls make it easy to use even for those who are not good with digital technology (it's all analog inside). It is also satisfactory for those who just want to try it for the time being.



The compressor allows you to adjust the input gain, and the smart gate (which gradually increases the output gain, so it won't snap out of sync when you're stretching out the sound) lets you say goodbye to noise. Disto and clean can be set to2There are two types of distortion and two types of clean, and the footswitch can be used to select one of them.2The footswitch can be used to switch between the two types. The "clean" and "disto" are both available in two types, and the "disto" and "clean" can be switched by footswitches. Especially for clean sounds.2sound like an electric acoustic, even though it is an electric guitar. The footswitch controls each channel's volume, bypass, and even the rhythm volume (which slightly reduces the output), so there's nothing to be afraid of with this preamp.




 By guitar players for guitar players.EQby guitar players for guitar players All12bands, the most important of which is the midrange.7It is quite convenient because the bands are concentrated in the most important mid-range of all the bands. It is a good way to manage the most important part of the band as you like.

It can be used for both guitar level and line level. It also has a built-in passive noise reduction circuit, so it can be put in front of a high-gain amp and used as a preamp.



The low end of a guitar has enough energy to drive distortion, but it weakens as it gets to the high end. This compensates for this and produces clean sustain. When combined with a high-gain distortion, it can produce a powerful sustain and accentuate the nuances of picking. If you turn up the treble boost to full, the "Sustain" will be more pronounced.SUSTAINORof "SUSTAINOR".CLEAN 2You can also simulate It is also compatible with Eleaco.



Chorus modulation and stereo image conversion unit condensed into one unit. It can be used with the "STEREO CHORUSLONG CHORUSThis is a unique effect that can be used for solo playing and other applications. The "LONG CHORUS" mode is a unique effect that works best for solo playing, etc.DON'T LOOK BACKcan be heard in the "DON'T LOOK BACK" mode. And the stereo effect.WIDE STEREOfromSUBLE MONOThe footswitch allows you to select from four types, from You can also use the footswitch to selectSWEEP STOP The footswitch can also be used to switch between SWEEP STOP andLONG CHORUSof theON/OFFThe "ON" and "OFF" of the



You will immediately recognize the analog echo that is the result of our special attention to detail. The left and right echo times are different, creating a spatial expanse and reproducing a majestic sound. There are three types of localization for normal and effect sounds, which can be selected according to preference. Mono and stereo inputs are also supported.

Actual.BOSTONThe famous instrument used in BOSTON.



A combination of the above chorus and echo. The sound is the same as the single unit, but the echo time is slightly shorter. Also, simultaneous use of chorus and echo is not possible with this single unit. Switching is possible with a footswitch.



Unlike the noise gates that were common at the time, the Smart Gate slowly eliminates noise when a note is being played and quickly eliminates noise when the note stops. Thus, the last note of a long tone can be played naturally without being suddenly erased. Line level and guitar level inputs are supported.



80DateMIDII knew it was coming out in its heyday.MIDIcontroller. 8 devices of the effect unit to system up multiple units.ON/OFFto program theMIDIfoot controllers, etc. for direct recall. Clean+Chorus to High Gain+Echo, etc. can be called up with a single pedal operation. This unit is effective in live performances.



If the name of this unit has you in stitches, you've already fallen into Rockman's tricks! The price of this preamp skyrocketed after Dr. Matsumoto used it. It is packed with all of the effects described above in a single package.Uunit with all the effects described above. It is an excellent player that has three key features: good sound, convenience, and compactness. The presets are100The settings can be checked at a glance, and the visibility is excellent. It can be used in the studio or on stage to its fullest.



The XPR is a stereo guitar amplifier with an additional 100W power amp and two 6.5" coaxial 2-way speakers. It has a line out and external speaker jacks to ensure powerful sound. When the top handle is pushed down, it splits from the center to the left and right, and the chorus and echoes add to the realism of the final weapon. This is a very pleasant experience.

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