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What is the base?

Probably, it is an unknown musical instrument for those who start instruments for the first time. I needed a bass first because I decided to do it, such as being asked by a person or a friend who wanted to be a favorite artist or a friend.
According to the attention of the band members, is it a popular guitar, saxophone, and drums with a strong presence based on vocals? Still, the band has a bass. It may not be noticeable, but there is always.
For band members, vocals are forward if you compare them in soccer, guitar is aggressive midfielder, drums are goalkeepers, and bass is the top. It is a command tower that makes a game by giving instructions while watching everyone's movements. In a familiar example, it can be said to be the role of a mother in the home. The base is a mood maker that creates a flow within the members and excites everyone.

So what is the low pitch like?

I would like you to imagine something that gives low pitch, such as bells and drums, but first of all, it is big to put out a low frequency range. And there are many heavy things. Like the electric bass, you may have seen a video hanging from your shoulder. It weighs about 4-5kg, and the shoulders are stiff. And the movement is also tired. Still, why do you start the bass for a lifetime once you start? That's because the bass that is hard to change, the rich and beautiful bass chord makes you forget everything.

Now, with the emergence of the base hero, the part that plays a day, and the sober image has become thinner. Still, the first entrance is to be interested in popular guitars. There are many stories that all of the friends who gathered to start a band were John Lennon. If you ask a veteran bassist about the starting point of the bass, there are many reasons why you lost in Janken! Even if you start by in charge of the bass, it is great to step into the bass world that will start. I want you to be absorbed in your life.

By the way, if you are interested in the bass and listen to the CD of your favorite artist, you will always hear the bass and drums.

You may be suspicious that this lover is OK for you who start rhythm with your neck during meals, or move your body on a railroad crossing or a car turn signal. Things that listen to many CDs and learn the glue in the body are absolute treasures than what I learned in the rhythm theory written in the instruction book.
Necessary words such as rhythm, groove, swing, driving, etc. will inevitably remember when reading a specialized magazine, so it is enough. The way of expression is different for each person. Please pursue it.

From now on, you will be the person who can hear, so you will be responsible for the sound to be sent out, but the bass is an important instrument that hits the hearer's heart directly. In recent years, as you can see from the fact that women are active, it is one of the easy -to -start instruments that are open to everyone without many physical handicaps such as physique. However, it is important to find a musical instrument that suits you because the instrument itself is heavy or big.

By the way, it will not start unless you get the essential musical instrument when you have ached the bass.
I would like to introduce the composition and shape of the instrument, so please associate.

Numer of more than 300 products exhibited in the store.

Now let's start the bass! The first thing you need to think about when you think is what you choose first. When I went to a music store, there were so many kinds that I was surprised, why are there anybody? First of all, let's remember the representative shape of the electric bass and expand the image of what model you want. Going to an instrument store will be more fun.


Precision, which means "accurate," is a typical model that is generally created by many different manufacturers as the ancestor of the electric bass.

There is one pickup in the center of the body (one set in two), featuring a thick sound.

Adjust with the control knob of the volume and tone.

For short, it is called "preve".


The jazz bass is released for the purpose of expanding the range of the prejeong base, and is a global standard model with many loyal users as a model that can be used for almighty from jazz to rock.

The single coil pickup is mounted on the front side and the rear side, adjusting the balance between both pickups, and the balance will make the tone nuances finer.

This is known as "jazzbe".


The active base incorporates a unit that has a battery in the base itself and enhances the sound with its power.

The sound picked up in the pickup can be controlled by the active circuit for each range such as low, medium, and high.

Musicman Stingray is a typical model equipped with an active circuit.

The base of the circuit that does not use the battery is called a passive base for the active base.

The passive type has the advantage of outputting the original sound of the string more pure than the active type, but in the sound variation, the taste is divided because it is actively transferred.


A representative model with the original existence of the deformed base.

It is one of the eternal standard bases where novel looks do not break.

It produces an excellent long sustain with a through neck structure using mahogany material and walnut.

Mahogany body and powerful hambucking pickups in the mid -low range are used by many musicians as synonymous with rock sound.

Anyway, the total length is long, but it looks cool if you can master it.

A semi -course base that has a hollow (hollow) part and gives a richer sound.

You can easily use the amplifier while enjoying the sound of wood, and you can enjoy an acoustic -like sound.



The looks like the policy that strongly feel the policy, and the sound are unique.

The sound of the pickup is a fat, features a bright, hard hard, and a sound that the core of the sound is not blurred.

It is a longing bass brand Rickenbacker base that does not attract much.

It is commonly called "Ricken".



It is a model that is very easy to handle in the performance because it is a short scale with a Holo body (hollow).

The sound is completely different from other electric bass, and it is a more acoustic sound.

A violin base famous for using the Beatles.



The neck/Neck is three types: bolt -on, set neck, and through neck.

Bolt -on

Fix the body and neck with bolts. It is easy to exchange and repair, and the production cost is cheap.

While the sound is broken, the sound growth (sustaine) is short due to joining.

Set neck

A method that fixes the neck by a wooden group and adhesive.

In terms of sound, the set neck located between the bolt -on and the through neck has a high -positioning part that joins in the performance surface, but it can be covered by playing for a long time.

Through neck

The neck extends to the edge of the body, and the body is joined like a wing on the side.

Compared to the other two production methods, the neck is extended to the edge of the body, so the vibration is clearly transmitted, and it is easy to convey fine nuances such as vibrato, but it takes advanced techniques for production. There are many high -priced ones.

Regarding how to choose, it doesn't mean which is better, so I think it's okay if you choose your favorite model. I didn't notice that it was a through neck until I bought it and was pointed out by people! There are people.

It is the length from the bridge to the nut.
The regular size long scale is the basis, 34 inches in length, short 30 inches, medium 32 inches, and super long 36 inches.

In our shop, we compare with the length of the nuts to the 12th fret. For long scale, about 430mm is a guide. (1 inch = 2.54 cm) The longer the scale, the longer the fret interval and the overall musical instrument shape, but the size of the physique, the size of the hand, and the length of the finger are not very concerned, so please feel safe. of.


The neck is shorter than the standard long scale and the body is small, so it is a good model.


It is a shorter base than a medium scale represented by Mustang Base.
Because it is considerably smaller than the standard long scale, it can be recommended as an introductory basis, but it is a popular model for those who are skilled in spite of the small sound noodles, despite being small and easy to play.

Comparison of regular scale and short scale

(Left) Short -scale Mustang Base / (Right) Regular scale jazz bass

There is no fret that separates the pitch, making it possible to perform with nuances close to wood -based. As a result, the pitch can be changed steplessly, but it can be said that it is a base that is difficult to take the pitch in contrast to the "accuracy" of the prejeong -based "accuracy".

Some models have a guide line in a place with frets as shown in the picture above.
The fretless base features a soft outline tone, and I think it is difficult to cover all the music styles on this base, but it is called funk, soul, and fusion represented by the great bass hero JACO Pastorius. I think you often hear the sound in the genre, so please refer to it.

The base with a normal fret for the fret lessons is sometimes called the freted base.

Normally, there are four bass strings, but it is a model that adds a string of 5, 6 strings, and 7 strings to get a wider range.

The range and area of ​​the performance are expanded according to the diversified music, so there is a multi -string base to expand the potential of electric bass. Now the 5 -string base is a standard, and the number of strings increases, reducing the position of position and making the performance a little easier. On the other hand, the neck is thick and needs unnecessary mute.

In the 1980s when the 5th string appeared, it was a fuss just by having it, but now everyone has been using it as usual. The neck is a little thick, but if the artist you want to copy seems to be using a lot of 5 strings, it may be an ant suddenly starting from the 5th string. There may be a little difficult aspects, but there are some difficulties when switching from 4th to 5th strings, so if you have the same difficulties, it is easier to do it first.

The base has a regular scale and a small body shape model, medium scale, and short scale size. When playing on stage, the size that fits the body is easy to move. The length of the hand is the point of selection than the length of the finger. Please choose with a view to playing for a long time.
There are also bass brands for girls who are playing a bigger bass than their body.
Fashion is also very important, so it is one way to prioritize the most important part of the choice.

Daisy Rock established as a "guitar maker for girls"

Of course there is also a base.


Kawaii! Recommended bass for girls! The staff will guide you kindly and carefully!

If the neck is thin and thin, it will be easy to hold and the thumb will be more powerful. Compared to the base with a thick neck, the strength is reduced, and the neck of the short/medium scale also narrows the distance between the strings and the width of the frets. The basic finger arrangement for the frets engraved by the semitone is preferably one finger on one fret. In the case of a model that is larger than the standard regular scale, the index finger and little finger are used to play a single note with a semitone + semitone when playing in the low range. It is necessary to get used to the power to the little finger, but the short medium scale makes fingering and position movement much easier.

Please be assured that your hand size is not a problem. It seems that many people are worried about small hands, but on the contrary, if you are a huge foreigner, your fingers will be too thick and will not enter between the strings! There seems to be a hard time. There are many Japanese people who have small hands, so they can be enviable. The point is how much the finger is opened than the length of the finger. It is effective for people to practice spreading between fingers where the indirect is softer, such as in the bath. If you try to keep this in place of every bath, your fingers will surprisingly open one or two months later.

When looking for a regular scale in a woman, the neck thickness is different for each manufacturer even with regular scale models, so if you choose a slender neck shape base, you will realize the ease of playing, and practice everyday. It will spring very much. There are many basses in THE used musical instrument shops, so I would like you to actually play, hold, touch it. Please feel free to come to the store. And I hope you can call me.

Fernandez FRB with a small body and a well -balanced body
Even if a small person has it, it will be crazy.

In most cases, the base weight is made around 4kg. Generally, the price of lightness seems to be within 4kg.
The product listed on the homepage describes the details in the details. In the case of the base, I want a certain weight to sound the bass, but if the body is too lightweight, the balance of the entire instrument will be poor, and some models will become heavy when a strap is applied. Please select.

The oldest and most popular color is the color of the sunburst, which gradually changes the wood grain into two or three stages. It is astringent and is widely preferred by bass players. There are many primary colors and vivid colors, and the atmosphere is different from pearl white, which is pearl to the same white. The type of instrument may be decided, but the color may be not good.

In some photos, there are some things that are hard to represent the color, so if you can actually see it with your own eyes, that is the best.

3 tone sunburst with tradical shades

The frog color (rude?) Is cute!

There are many options for body shape, such as sharp shapes, stars, and jagged shapes. The flashy base is noticeable on the stage and the center of the topic! !
In addition, there are some models that are currently not manufactured, so check them out because there are some models that can be used for used instruments. There are also unique and cool musicians that use Les Paul type or Thunderbird, so please refer to it. The weight and size are different, but above all, it has a charm that cannot be changed to its shape or unique sound.

G & L company L-2000 base is equipped with two hambucking pickups and is a typical model that can control a variety of controls. 3 Switches and 3 Control The rich combination is a pickup selector that switches the pickup with three points on the front, front and back, and rear side, a series / parallel switch that switches the pickup connection method in series and parallel, and an active passive switching switch. It is equipped with volume, high -frequency TREBLE, and low -frequency Bass control, allowing you to control a combination of trains in a large city.

In addition, there are various sound variations, such as active type bass that can control a variety of sounds with the active circuit introduced earlier, and models that can switch active/passive, such as Warwick and Atelier Z.

Abundant sound variations
In the case of a bass that can make a variety of sound changes, it has a great merit that you can play various styles of music with just one. However, it takes a little time to get used to it.

This is for sound variations! G & L L-2000
USA is expensive, but there are also Japanese made in Japan with excellent cost performance.




It is a relatively soft wood, and it has been widely used for guitars and bass because it is lightweight with easy -to -process wood.

Specializing in the middle sound sound, it is easy to convey the original sound of the pickup, and features a dead sound.



It features a good attack response and a tight and good sound. A popular body material that is suitable for Fender Jazzbass in the 1970s and is very popular with this body material, and is suitable for fingering, picking, and percussive string. The wooden skin is light brown and has a beautiful surface suitable for painting.



The mahogany, which is glossy and has a shining reddish brown color, is treated as a high -end wood and makes it feel warm.

It is also popular as a material with tone. A typical model of Gibson EB base.

Maple material



It is often used for neck materials and body materials due to strength. It features a clear and well -established sound.

There are quilt maple, tiger maple, etc. depending on the type of wood grain, and is a high -end material used for the beautiful wood grain to expensive model body tops.

Others (materials unique to bass such as core, bubinga, walnut)



Although the skin eyes are slightly rough, it has a beautiful gloss and the wood grain is beautiful, and the more you use it, the deeper the texture of the material.

Fingerboard (Finger Board)

Maple material


It features a bright and clear sound like a body material.

Rosewood material


After all it is hard because it is a neck material, but the rosewood is slightly softer and mellow sound than others.

Ebony material


It has a glossy and strength, and the sound is quick and has a tight sound and excellent sustain.


The strap may come off during the performance. In such a case, what is recommended is a strap pin. It is very convenient to fix the base and strap. A 6 -square wrench set that will help you when you are hit by unexpected adjustments. If you have some bandana wrapped around the neck after the performance from deterioration of the string, the strings will last a long time.

Anyway, the bassist sticks to the strings. There are many people who like fresh tension, and it is a great deal if it is a long -life string as much as possible. There are various types of manufacturers. Please select it according to the application, such as handmade and coated coating to prevent deterioration. Selection of strings >>>

Straps vary in price depending on the material, such as nylon and skin. I want to decide stylishly. Strap >>>

Tuning is like a music greeting. Please use this to match it firmly. Introducing from compact models to rack types. Tuner >>>

It is an important item that connects the bass and the amplifier. Musical instruments are important, but they do not start without a shield. There are a wide variety of shields that convey the length, material, and low frequencies unique to the bass. Shield >>>

Step according to the length of the neck. (Medium Short Long Extra Long String) There are metal materials such as nickel and stainless steel, and the tone is different, with different rounds and flatt waiting.

Select an amplifier 

The electric bass is adjusted to the outside through the amplifier, so the external volume is adjusted through the amplifier. When purchasing an amplifier for home practice, I think that 10-30W (watts) is appropriate depending on the size of the environment. It is important to note that the bass is bothered by the vibration. I want to hold down a model with a headphone terminal based on practicing at home.

You can practice the amplifier without the amplifier. However, when practicing in the studio or practicing on the premise of performing a customer in front of you, it is important to use it with a large amplifier if you are familiar with sound setting with an amplifier. Since it is an instrument that does not produce sound unless you use an amplifier, amplifiers, including fine nuances, are part of the base. By all means, please consider choosing an amplifier.


Because the feeling of use and condition varies, the excitement that you can find the bass as if you were encountering a treasure is a real pleasure unique to used instruments. The new one is too expensive to reach, but it is a high -end bass and used, but the same as new products are sold at half the price of the list price, the good condition of vintage base is available at a reasonable price, and has a lot of stock, and legendary high -quality. The prestigious pure domestic bases, the prestigious high -quality good story of the legendary high -quality story that is comparable to overseas, the pure domestic base of the 80's is enriched, and depending on the condition, you can shop quite good. In our shop, we sell products in full adjustment, including repair. If the first bass is used, it is important for the condition details and the care after purchase. THE used musical instrument shops are striving for after -sales follow -up after purchasing, explaining to customers, such as how to store after performance and appropriate conditions. Please be assured, even the first person is okay! Please come to the store.

If you want to know more about the prestigious pure domestic base of such a legendary high quality!
Go to Samurai Base!

At the end"There is this bassist on this masterpiece"So, I've been asking our seniors about one of our seniors, so please take a look.
Thank you for your long relationship.
I would be grateful if you refer to it.