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TC Musical Instruments is an authorized distributor of TMG

Based in Bend, Oregon, we are a guitar maker that honors the integrity and resonant sound of vintage guitars of yesteryear, working with uncompromising artists to create guitars of the highest quality, from the wood to the hardware.

Taking custom guitar perfection to the next level

Oregon, U.S.A.










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Our goal is to provide the tone and feel of guitars from the 50's and 60's at an affordable price, without losing the essence of those guitars.
We are passionate about re-creating vintage sounds tuned for the modern age.
Our guitars are crafted with a highly technical aged finish that looks vintage, but is made with modern technology. The guitars are loved by musicians from all over the world who are fascinated by the great sound of the guitars.

In pursuit of the best sound, we select the wood, processing techniques, parts, and custom pickups,
The result is a "real" guitar and bass that can be used "on the field" from the day you pick it up.

Only guitars and basses that have passed the sound check and setting confirmation by professional musicians of the TMG family are shipped.