Careful repair and adjustment by skilled craftsmen

Our skilled craftsmen will carefully repair and adjust your instrument down to the smallest detail, as it is so delicate that changing even one small part can change the tone.
In Japan, where seasonal variations in temperature and humidity are extreme, seasonal maintenance is also essential for stringed instruments made from delicate trees.
Depending on the nature of the repair or adjustment, it may take a certain amount of time, but please feel free to contact us for repairs not listed in the repair price list, or for repairs and adjustments for cellos, double basses, and other instruments.
We strive to do our work with care so that our customers can always use their instruments in the best condition and with peace of mind.
















Names of stringed instrument parts

Top musicians have in-depth knowledge of their instruments, including their construction and function. This information helps them get the most out of their instruments. It also helps you know how to care for your instrument.

Repair Charges