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ATD-GT Next generation domestic fighter type guitar

Piloting was a dream job for boys along with being a baseball player. Fighter planes, in particular, still hold a special place in the hearts of men with their flowing, streamlined lines and speed. This aircraft has long been called the "Shinjin" and has attracted attention as a demonstration of Japan's advanced technology.

The sketches of the fighter plane at the time of its conception, and now, as the next phase of the "TACHIKOMAGT" series of domestically produced original guitars, the men in our store are excited about this project, which is suitable for a purely domestic fighter plane and matches our intention of making a purely domestic guitar.

First of all, we pursued a cool style without thinking about balance when we created the rough design. The body was designed with the distinctive wings, horizontal wings, and canopy in the center. The guitarist's instinct is to create a spacy sound with the arms if the guitar is to be used on a jet plane. If the head is made to look like the nose of a plane, the overall image is complete.

Initially, the guitar was to be equipped with a 2-ham fretboard with a design of a national flag or something similar. The design of the head was not considered, but a general V shape was conceived, with an air intake for the engine on top of the body. The prototype's body top had a raised arch shape in the center.

The first mass-produced prototype was delivered to TC Instruments (toasted with beer), and the condition of the aircraft was checked. The main wing, with the Japanese flag design running from the center to both sides of the fuselage, and the bright red horizontal wing were joined with different materials on the left and right sides, and some parts were made lighter to increase combat power.

The canopy has a single humbucker, a masculine specification that is powerful. An FX5 turbo Kahler engine is mounted in the rear for variable arming. In combination with the heavily distorted amp burner, the thrust rises to the screaming 80s heavy metal era. The black painted nose is also equipped with the strongest KKTS (black, hard, sharp and awesome) tip, not AESA radar.

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About X-2

The X-2 is an experimental aircraft developed by Japan's Defense Equipment Agency to demonstrate advanced technologies applicable to the next generation of stealth fighters. With Mitsubishi Heavy Industries as the lead contractor and the cooperation of 220 domestic companies including Fuji Heavy Industries and IHI, the X-2 successfully completed its first flight on April 22, 2016, from prefectural Nagoya Airport. Before the "X-2" model was announced, its official name was the Advanced Technological Demonstrator-X (ATD-X), and the common name "Shinshin" (meaning Mt. Fuji), as it was called within the department in the early stages of the project, became familiar to the media and aviation fans. Fuji, which was the common name of the project in its early stages, is familiar to the media and aviation enthusiasts. Incidentally, the Komaki-Minami Plant of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' Nagoya Aerospace Systems Works (formerly Nagoya Aircraft Works = Meiko), where the ground tests are being conducted, once produced the Type Zero fighter (Zero fighter), so there is something special about Shinjin, the first "Hinomaru stealth aircraft.

Article published in Aviation Fan magazine