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A great public announcement of the daily schedule, workplace atmosphere, and job descriptions of the staff working at TC Musical Instruments.😅










Acoustic Sales Floor Leader
Joined the company in 2017


Daily Schedule

〜111:00 a.m.: Arrive at the office, check e-mail, administrative work
11131:00 p.m.: Environmental maintenance, response to inquiries, meeting,YouTubeFilming/Break
1317Time: Serving customers in stores, answering phone calls, responding to e-mails, and making purchases(In-store/Mail/Phone)Guitar Repair/Modification support
1720Time: Product upload,SNSupdates

Good/Bad thing about joining the company

[Good things]
There were not many bad things.
I was able to be involved in the overall operation of the store, so as long as I raised my hand, I was able to have many different experiences. I learned a lot about business.

[Bad things]
Nothing in particular










Wind instrument repair
Joined the company in 2016


Daily Schedule

~ 11:00: Arrive at the office and clean up. Check mail → Repair work as soon as packing/shipping work is done.
12-13:00: Lunch break
1:00 p.m.: Repair work (in the store or at the affiliated workshop)
20:00: Leave the office

What was good/bad about joining the company

[Good things]
No need to worry about relocation because the company is not a chain.
I can go out to play on weekdays (less crowded and easier).
Small company, so it's easy to get to know each other.
The company culture is based on flexible thinking, including the president, so you can demonstrate your abilities without being tied down by seniority.
I have a sense of security from the time I join the company because I know many people from my vocational school days in this town.

[Bad things]
I can see a lot of different instruments and I want to buy them (everyone).
There are many restaurants and supermarkets in the neighborhood, so I tend to stay away from cooking by myself.
Rent is expensive to live in the neighborhood because it is in the center of the city.










Public Relations Department
Joined the company in 2016


Daily Schedule

11Time: After arriving at work, cleaning and other environmental maintenance.
11am-1pm: Use the time before the opening of the restaurant for meetings and other activities,YouTubevideo project consultation/Filming.
1 to 8 p.m.: After the store opens, I mainly edit videos while taking care of support for the sales floor. Prepare videos and announcements to be released that day,SNSand announcements to be released that day, as well as sending out SNS messages.
All day: External work as a public relations officer occurs irregularly, so please look across the schedule for video-related activities.1I adjust my schedule to be flexible, keeping an eye on the weekly or monthly schedule. If there is time between video editing, I check the inventory at each sales floor and interview staff to develop future strategies and video material.

What was good/bad about joining the company

[Good things]
The company respects my individuality and allows me to work to my strengths.
I was given a chance to do a big job as a musician or in the filming industry.
I tend to lose sight of the essence of what I do.BusinessIn a world called "business", the company's policy, including customer service, is to remain faithful to musical instruments, music, and people.
We are always learning and curious about the many fascinating musical instruments.
The above items were supported by music.10I can be proud of my teenage self with confidence. Being able to be in that environment.
The company is an open workplace that listens to the opinions of each and every staff member.
The company offers a good benefits package, including paid holidays. The company also offers year-end and New Year's vacations, so you can spend time with your loved ones and stay healthy.
A homey workplace. Although it is a sentence often seen in recruiting information, there are many bosses and coworkers who are truly trustworthy, and daily communication is enjoyable.

[Bad things]
I am too much addicted to the charm of musical instruments and buy too many of them.(However, I'm not full of it.)
The company has many young employees who are young at heart, which eliminates any sense of urgency about their age.(However, it is not too much.)
I have to work at a desk a lot, so my eyesight is deteriorating.










Joined in 2019

Koyamauchi (Osanai)

Daily Schedule

11:00 a.m.: Environmental maintenance
11 to 20:00: Polishing work, adjustment work, other repair work, replacement of strings of items for sale, help on the sales floor (customer service)
8 p.m.: Tidying up and cleaning

Good/Bad thing about joining the company

[Good things]
The company has a lot of different guitars and basses in stock, so it's a good learning experience.
Close to Shin-Okubo station.
New Year's holidays are available.
Connections with people in the industry
Many artists and entertainers visit the store.

[Bad things]
Shin-Okubo is not a safe place.
The surrounding restaurants are all ethnic food.










Wind instrument sales floor Repair Leader
Joined the company in 2014


Daily Schedule

〜11:00: Arrive at work, change clothes, clean, etc.
11:00 - 12:00: Check PC, reply to e-mails, and do office work, mainly packing.
12:00: Lunch break
1pm-5pm: Office work/customer service, repair work if there is time
5pm: Snack time
5 to 8 p.m.: Focus on customer service/repair work, interspersed with office work
8 p.m.: Cash register closing, clean up, and leave the office

What was good/bad about joining the company

[Good things]
Being a music store in Tokyo/the largest used music store in Japan, I can touch much more musical instruments than working in a new music store. The knowledge and experience are all things you can't get anywhere else, so it's a great environment for people who love musical instruments.
Also, because the size of the company is not too large like a major music store, the range of products we can handle is wide, and we are allowed to work freely depending on our suggestions, which is fun.

[Bad things]
Although it is not because of this company but because of the musical instrument store/customer service business, the rhythm of my life tends to be slow. Also, it is often difficult to schedule weekends off with other people.