We have received many complaints from users that the original models are too expensive, they are not easy to maintain and break down, and they do not fit in their effector boards because of their rack type shape....With this compact effector, you can easily take it with you to the studio or other places!

The "ROCKNAN" circuit was redesigned and assembled at a factory in Japan. TC Gakki took the lead in the development of this new product by overcoming the weaknesses of the original circuit, such as noise reduction, and completely supervised the development of a new product that allows you to enjoy the simple ROCKMAN sound!

To make this project a reality,Under the supervision of TC Gakki Effects Chief Sano, the TC Gakki Effects Team that created SANOFACE and the uniqueG.O.A.T., a manufacturer and distributor of unique and maniacal items, and the designer of many famous effectors.G.O.A.T.", which manufactures and sells unique and maniacal items, and the engineers who have designed many famous effectors and the domestic factory have joined hands to create a new product.The special team was born.The special team was born.

- GOAT Blue Series





This is an illustration under development. Specifications and design may be subject to change.


This is an effect pedal dedicated to distortion/overdrive. It is equipped with a compressor and an equalizer that allows you to adjust the frequency range that is easy to use on your guitar.

●Distortion Harmonix: Distortion gain adjustment, switchable between low for overdrive, mid for normal distortion, and high for intense distortion.

Pre Dist EQ: Three equalizers for Bass, Mid Boost, and 2kHz, each of which can be boosted or cut.

Treble Boost: Boosts only the treble range. The Treb Boost can boost the treble range only.

CLEAN: Emphasizes a clean sound when the guitar volume is turned down.

PHASE: Switch ON to produce a phase cancellation effect.



Chorus with analog BBD. It has a sweet and soft sound that works well with distorted guitars.

Sweep Speed: Adjusts the speed of the oscillation, adjustable from 0.25Hz to 1Hz.
Deep Chorus: Adds a doubler effect (depth) to the chorus. The center position is the original ON state, and above the center position, you can create a "deeper" sound.
Direct Mixer: Three output patterns can be selected depending on the application.
Wide Stereo: Chorus with stereo output, creating a spacious effect by overlapping the positive and reverse phases.
Normal: General stereo effect can be experienced, and monaural output is also possible. Good balance of depth and spaciousness.
Equal: Both stereo and monaural outputs are possible. In stereo, Sweep Speed is very fast and depth is shallow. In mono, Sweep Speed is fast and the chorus is deep.



This is a delay/echo using analog circuitry. It delivers a correct stereo image from any setting position.

Feedback: Sets the delay duration.
Echo Time: Adjustable from 75 to 300 ms for L and 125 to 500 ms for R.
Pan Select: Selects the output method with a switch. The top position outputs a stereo signal mixed with a mono localized direct signal. The middle outputs both echo and direct signals in stereo. The lower part outputs a different mix of left and right signals.
The stereo out provides a unique echo sound experience.



The most requested product since the start of the Blue Series, SUSTAINOR, has finally made its debut!The drive sound as well as the clean sound has been fully restored!

The two channels are DIST, EDGE, CLN, and CLN2.
DIST: Intensifies the mid-range frequencies to provide powerful overdrive.
EDGE: Slightly strengthens the mid-range frequencies for an overdriven sound with good sustain.
●CLN: The overall EQ is similar to DIST and EDGE, but it has a clean sound with good sustain.
CLN2: A natural EQ with extended high frequencies and a compressed clean sound like an acoustico.
GATE: The sensitivity of the noise gate can be adjusted. This noise gate acts only on the high frequency range close to the noise frequency band. This produces a noise reduction effect without sound cutoff.


Tom Scholtz, the leader of BOSTON, launched SR&D (Scholtz Research & Development) in 1980. The brand name was changed to "ROCKMAN" and a number of models, mainly effectors, were produced. It is said that ROCKMAN was originally inspired by SONY's Walkman, with the concept of "being able to take it anywhere and enjoy playing guitar".

The sound of each model was very unique and full of originality, especially the DISTORTION GENERATOR released in 1987, which reigned as a representative of the many Rockman models. Distortion character is set and tone is controlled by a 3-band equalizer.

A treble boost before out allows for final adjustments. Follows high-gain sound with lead boost. The unique distortion sound with an emphasis on the middle range is unique to ROCKMAN.
STEREO CHORUS is another popular model, closely intertwined with distortion for a flowing chorus sound. The LONG CHORUS mode is especially effective for solo playing. It adds a thick spatial effect to the distortion sound. STEREO ECHO allows you to set your own echo time for even more effect, and the different echo time on the left and right sides produces a unique spatial spread and expresses a magnificent sound. It is an echo that everyone will recognize as soon as they hear it.

In the early 90's, with the rise of digital effectors, the Rockman, which was a completely analog effector, was on the decline.However, its unique tonal sound still shines brightly today, and there are still many deep-rooted fans.

Tom Scholz of the aforementioned B'z, as well as Takahiro Matsumoto of B'z, used the preamp/multi-effector model Sustainor and the headphone amp model X100 for recording, and the 1U rack model XPR was used for live performances.

"GENERATOR" with that unique sound and distortion.and the warmth and sweetness that only analog can give you. STEREO CHORUS", and "STEREO ECHO" which mixes the left and right echo balance exquisitely in the space, and "SUSTAINOR" which was said to be impossible is now available! Now, "SUSTAINOR", which was said to be impossible, is on sale!

The sound that you used to hear on records and CDs will come back to life here and now!

ROCKMAN", "LONG CHORUS" and "B'z" are registered trademarks.
This product is not related to "SR&D" or "Jim Dumlop".