We have introduced a lottery system for repair applications. Please check the details carefully before proceeding with your application.

For those who need an urgent repair such as "sound suddenly stops playing before a live performance" or "broken suddenly".
Please be sure to contact us atPlease call us in advance.(This does not guarantee that the repair will be accepted. (This does not guarantee repair acceptance.)
We may or may not be able to do some things depending on the situation, but we will do our best to help you.
If you do not contact us in advanceWe will not be able to accept/respond to repairs at short notice without prior notice. We ask for your understanding and cooperation.

About repair deposits (click to open details)

We will only repair instruments that are owned by the customer.
Once you have agreed to the estimate and work has begun, cancellation is not possible.
If we are unable to contact you for more than two weeks after receiving your order, we will cancel the repair and send the instrument back to you by cash on delivery. If there is any work that has been done up to that point, we will charge the appropriate amount for the work by cash on delivery.
If the instrument is not picked up within one month after we are notified that repairs are complete, we will return the instrument to you, postage prepaid. If the item is returned to us and we do not receive a reply within 10 days after sending an email to the email address you provided requesting pickup of the item (the same applies if the item is returned twice with freight collect), we will consider the item to be a waiver of your right of ownership and will not be able to accept the item back. Please be advised that we will dispose of your items at our own discretion. You agree that we have the sole discretion to decide what to do with the items you leave with us. (The same applies if we cannot reach you by phone or if you do not respond to our e-mails.)
We may contact you with a change in the estimated price if we find any other problems or symptoms during the course of the repair.
We may charge a separate estimate depending on the nature of the repair.
If an estimate fee is incurred, you will be charged for the estimate fee even if the repair is not performed.
We will take the utmost care in repair work, but we cannot be held responsible for minor damage (small scratches, dents, slight discoloration, discoloration, etc.) caused by the work.
Please note that the delivery date may change due to various reasons such as the work process.
Please note that we may not be able to provide certain parts for repairs that require parts replacement. In such cases, we will proceed with an alternative equivalent product.
If you wish to have the parts returned to you, please indicate so in this document.
We will repair any damage caused by unexpected natural disasters or accidents, but we will not be held responsible for any further damage.
In the event of a malfunction of the repaired part, we will repair it again. As a general rule, the repair warranty period is 90 days from the date of repair completion.
The warranty does not cover any parts or materials other than the repaired part or those provided by the customer.
We will take the utmost care in handling your items, but we cannot be held responsible for any minor damage or changes in condition that may occur during the storage period.

Take advantage of our second opinion!

Have you ever been refused by other stores, such as "The repair cost will be too high, so it would be cheaper to buy a new one"?
You don't want to let go of your beloved instrument... We welcome your consultation as a second opinion for instrument repair!
TC Musical Instruments, which boasts a wide variety of repair methods, may be able to offer you a better proposal in terms of both technique and repair cost. Please feel free to consult us about anything before giving up.

Hearing your request

We do not just do what we are told to do. We do not do only what we are told to do. Our goal is to fulfill the true needs of the customer, which even the user of the instrument may not be aware of. You may be surprised to learn that we are a little different from ordinary repair shops, but we will work together to find the best goal.

For customers who are too far away to visit our store, we can also provide repair services by mail. For your peace of mind, we can send you pictures of the repair status by e-mail or other means, and discuss the work with you by phone or e-mail.

Abundant supply of valuable parts

Have you given up if you don't have the parts?
Instrument repair requires not only skills, but also efficient use of parts and lumber from the time period, as well as an inventory of various parts.
We will be able to meet any request, even securing parts that you may not think are available, and we will rebuild your instrument.
In order to achieve ideal reproduction and restoration, we do not limit ourselves to Gibson and Fender parts, but also secure vintage parts from Japan.

Please contact us even if you think it is impossible!