Peace of mind knowing that repair work is visible

The repair booth on the wind instrument floor is located in the corner of the sales area. All of our repair staff members are also sales staff, so they can see the faces of customers who visit our store and work in close proximity to them. There are no partitions or walls. We do not separate adjustment/repair from the selection of instruments, and we offer a wide range of proposals in response to customer inquiries.

Hearing your requests

Our repair staff will listen to you directly and propose repair methods that meet your needs. If you have a specific request, please let us know.

If you say, "Something is wrong, and I don't know what to ask for," we will inspect the entire system, focusing on the areas that are not in good shape. We will inform you of the parts that may need to be repaired in the future and the current condition.

If you have been using the machine for a long time but have never had it adjusted, or if you would like us to check its condition, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please leave vintage and rare instruments to us!

For over 30 years, we have handled a wide variety of instruments, from historical masterpieces to the latest high-end models. We do not only make vintage instruments sound good, but also try to adjust them so that they can be upgraded to more functional ones while respecting the texture and atmosphere of the time.

The most frequently requested service for brass instruments is cleaning of the inside of the windpipe. We will clean instruments that have been used for many years and have been sitting for a long time, just like the used and vintage instruments we sell.

Repair Fee

In the table below★Items marked with an asterisk (*) in the table below are free of charge during the warranty period. (However, if the cause of the defect is due to an accident after purchase, if the defect involves part replacement, or if the request is from a customer other than the original purchaser, the customer will be charged for the repair.) Prices shown do not include tax.

Periodic inspections and adjustments are free of charge within the warranty period. However, if the defect is caused by an accident after purchase, if it involves parts replacement, or if the request is made by a person other than the purchaser of the product, it will be charged for.
Please make an appointment when requesting an adjustment/repair. Please inform us of the type of instrument and the details of your request by phone or e-mail before visiting our store or shipping.
Please use the prices in each table as a reference guide. Please feel free to contact us for an individual estimate for instruments not listed.
Some instruments may not be able to be returned on the same day of repair. In such cases, we will keep the instrument and inform you of the repair estimate and delivery schedule at a later date.
In some cases, we may need to make changes or additions to the repair work after the repair work has begun. In such cases, we will proceed with the work after receiving your approval for the changes.
The customer will be responsible for the shipping cost of the requested adjustment, regardless of whether the item was purchased at our store or not.
If you have our warranty card, please bring it with you (or enclose it).

All prices shown include tax.
*Please note that additional charges may apply depending on the manufacturer, condition of the instrument, and parts used. The amount will vary depending on the condition, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
We generally keep instruments for a few days for repair or adjustment, but if you are in a hurry, please feel free to contact us.