Systems and Rules

Company and employees as seen through benefits, systems, and rules

Overseas Company Trips

If everyone achieves annual sales by their own efforts, they are invited to travel overseas for free!♪ You can look forward to this and work hard!

Homeownership allowance

Allowance for purchase of owner-occupied house. You can smile at work because you are happy in your private life!

Long-service allowance

An overseas trip is given for every fiscal year that marks a milestone! Of course, as a couple!❤️

Return Home Allowance

Report to your parents when you get a promotion or raise in salary! We will cover your transportation expenses when you return to your parents' home!

Walking allowance

We provide an allowance for those who live within walking distance from the company. For those who value their "time

Other Allowances

This is completely the owner's hobby, but if you introduce your girlfriend/boyfriend to the owner, we will support the date fee, and if you organize a dinner party with your spouse, we will support the gift fee.😁

TC Live

Once a year, all staff members form a band or group and perform live!

Employee Policies

We document individual job descriptions so that anyone can do them, and we have established rules for annual 360-degree evaluations and monthly interviews.

Leave Policy

Once a year, managers have the privilege of taking 8 consecutive days of vacation!

Souvenir Policy

If you go on a trip or come back from your parents' home, you are not allowed to bring souvenirs to the office.
Because you want your bag on the way home to be filled with memories of yourself and your family, rather than souvenirs from your in-laws.

What not to do in conversations with younger people

Don't "lecture," "talk about the old days," or "brag," as I got this from a quote by Junji Takada
Tips on how to get along with someone despite the age difference