Join the TC Musical Instruments Group!

Come work with us!

We are the "Ideal sound obtained!" and encounter instruments that make you want to say, "I got the ideal sound!We provide the joy of encountering instruments that make you say, "I got the perfect sound!

We are currently looking for staff to join our team. No experience is necessary! Of course, experienced staff and those who are currently working are also welcome.
This is a chance to challenge yourself to new possibilities. If you have experience, we will discuss conditions with you.

We do not want you to feel that you have failed after finding a job, and we believe that it would be a waste to give up on a job that you feel is worthwhile.
In our company, we sometimes develop new ideas for products, such as "I introduced my hobby of yo-yo to the president over drinks, and we actually made a yo-yo in collaboration with a store," or "I found a musical instrument I was looking for and high-fived a customer! I found the instrument I was looking for and gave a high five to the customer!

Our current employees are still learning, so why don't you join us and grow with us as we accumulate "thank yous" from our customers?

Application Guidelines

Our wish is not to sell musical instruments, but to provide our customers with a joyful experience through musical instruments. Our wish is to provide our customers with joy through musical instruments. We are looking for staff whose daily energy comes from the smiles and "thank yous" of our customers.

<The kind of people we are looking for
Bright, sociable, and positive in every way. Education and experience are not required. No knowledge of musical instruments at the moment, but willing to learn.

Sales of musical instruments (in-store and mail order customer service)
Product photography, web posting, SNS updating TCGAKKIOur official Youtube channel is also popular. All staff members can appear on the channel. You could be a popular person too!

<Qualifications and conditions
No academic background required / No experience necessary. We are looking for people who are more motivated than knowledge and experience, and who can take their work seriously.
Those who can aim to become an employee. Please don't worry even if you have no experience in a music store, most of our current staff have no experience. Experienced staff will be given preferential treatment depending on the nature of their experience. If you are currently working for another company in the same industry and thinking about changing jobs, please feel free to contact us.

Business hours: 11:00 - 20:00, closed on Wednesdays (open if Wednesday is a national holiday), shifts required *Nearly no overtime work

<Other benefits
Vacations and vacation time: ● Weekends off (shift system) ●Year-end and New Year vacations ●Paid vacation ●Paternity and childcare leave ●Ceremonial or condolence leave
Benefits: ●Employment insurance ●Health insurance ●Employee's pension ●Workers' accident compensation insurance
Salary: varies depending on age and career (Reference: ~250,000 yen)

Inexperiencedduring the probationary period (3 months) will be paid hourly (1,113 yen~). Salary thereafter will be determined based on ability and experience.

How to apply: Please send your resume (with photo) and work history to the address below via email attachment. Photographs are also acceptable.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by clicking the "Inquiry" button in the lower right corner.

Recruitment Process

Please send us your resume (with photo) and work history by e-mail attachment.

❷Document review
We will conduct the first screening based on the application documents received.

Those who pass the document screening will be notified of the interview date and time.

❹Site visit
You will be able to see our actual operations and our staff on site will explain about them.

❺Offer of employment
We will contact you by e-mail or phone to inform you of the offer.

You will get to know the flow of our business during the trial period when you become an official member of our team.