Emergency repair available
Our repair specialists are always on hand, so you don't have to worry about sudden breakdowns, such as the day before a concert. We can examine your instrument on the spot. (We may not be able to provide this service depending on how busy the shop is.)

Instruments purchased at other stores are also welcome!
No matter where you bought it, it is still your precious instrument.
Let us help all of you who love musical instruments.

Fully stocked parts inventory
Instrument repair requires not only skill but also an inventory of various parts. In order to achieve ideal reproduction and restoration, we maintain a large inventory of used and vintage parts from both foreign and domestic sources.

Our products are maintained and sold by our dedicated staff.

We sell even expensive vintage instruments after careful examination and adjustment to ensure that even beginners can use them with ease and in the best condition.
We are passionate about maintaining vintage saxophones and other instruments so that we can pass on to the next customer the charm and difference in sound of guitars and violins that have been played and enjoyed!

We can also customize the guitars as you wish.

We will help you to make your instrument life more comfortable by customizing your guitar by replacing pickups, installing a pre-amplifier, or even creating your own original model!
Please feel free to contact us.

Fully equipped repair booth in the store

In addition to our in-house repair booth, we also work closely with an outside workshop that boasts extensive facilities, allowing us to handle all kinds of repairs.
If you have any problems or concerns about your instrument, please feel free to contact us.