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We are pleased to announce that TC Gakki has become the only authorized distributor in Japan for MGBass Guitars, an American handmade high-end bass maker. In commemoration of this,

MGBass Guitars Japan Authorized Distributor Commemorative Present Campaign".We will be holding a "MGBass Guitars Japan Authorized Distributor Commemorative Gift Campaign".
The details of the campaign are as follows


How to apply

  1. MGBass Japan's Instagram accountFollow us on
  2. Try MGBass at TC Instruments Bass Corner
  3. Post with the hashtag #mgbass
  4. Get novelty goods!


July 8 to July 20

The number of novelty goods is limited. Please note that the event may end even during the period if the planned number is reached.

What is "MGBass Guitars"?
MG BASS is a high-end bass maker with a mid-fi sound, handmade in small quantities in the U.S. by master luthier Mauricio Costa and his team. The innovative design and various specifications using a wide variety of woods, the sound with excellent fusion of band sounds that deceive with its unique appearance, and the flexible active bass that can use all kinds of controls and parts without feeling active, etc., all distinguish MG BASS from other high-end basses that tend to have a hi-fi sound. The sound of this manufacturer is distinctly different from the hi-end "fi" sound that is often associated with high-end basses.

Click here for the official MG BASS Japan website

MGBass Guitars" products for the first time in Japan are here.

Infinity Burl 4 Limited Edition NAMM24


Infinity Rockbird 5 strings


New Extreman Fretless 4


Infinity Ghost 6 strings


Extreman headless 5


Infinity 4 strings NAMM edition 2024



Atsuto Kitagawa

Active as a bassist in live support, recording and TV recording for the following artists.
Shota Aoi, SKY-HI, D-LITE (from BIGBANG), many Niji-sanji-affiliated lifers, Vaundy, Yumi Matsutoya, May'n, Ikuzaburo Yamazaki, etc.
He started his own activities in 2023 and is currently releasing live videos of his original music on YouTube.

Twitter: @twitter
Instagram: Twitter
YouTube: YouTube: YouTube: YouTube: YouTube

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