WE SHIP WORLDWIDE!!【Advance Guitars】 - TC楽器 - TCGAKKI

Hi! Acoustic guitar lovers all over the world, this is Advance Guitars.

Your guitar will be carefully packed and shipped by our professional staff.
Your guitar will be shipped to you safely and quickly, with careful packaging and professional shipping by our delivery staff.
We once had a guitar shipped to Singapore that arrived the day after we shipped it.
We could not hide our surprise, as it sometimes takes two days even in Japan.
This may be an exception, but generally, guitars shipped by DHL take about one week to arrive.
The distance between us and our overseas customers is getting closer every minute with the development of technology.
Although the distance is great, we will be your store with the best maintenance and the best support.
In case of any accidents, we will be in contact with the shipping company and will support you responsibly until the end.

(1) We will do a final inspection of the guitar before shipping.
The guitar strings are replaced when the guitar is posted on the website.
If there is rust on the guitar at the time of shipment, we will replace it with new strings before shipping.
Please be assured that the guitar is delivered in perfect condition, including playing condition.

(2) Guitars will be confined in a case so that they will not move.
The strings are kept completely loose to relieve pressure on the bridge and body.
To avoid interference, the head will not be covered with a tight cushioning material.
We are aware that the head will float in the hollow.
We place cushioning material in the gaps and close the seal, placing the highest priority on keeping the guitar from rattling around inside the case.
We are more careful in the case of soft cases.

(3) Guitar cases are one of the most important items.
To prevent damage to the case, place it inside a plastic bag.

(4) The guitar is then stored in a box. Cushioning material will be placed underneath to cushion the impact on the bottom.

(5) The product is then placed inside, and a specially created sheet is inserted to prevent the product from moving inside.

(6) Finally, the top surface is protected with cushioning material, and the contents are checked once again to make sure they will not move.

(7)Close the box seal and the packing is complete.