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TC instrumentElectric guitar in charge of Niheiis!!


All should be original"From YAMAHAStrict orderFrom the appearance to the parts by being issuedoriginalityIt has a full design and is still popular as a representative of Japan Vintage.YAMAHA SG series

It is also famous that many artists use both in Japan and overseas, such as Kyoji Yamamoto, Masayoshi Takanaka, Carlos Santana, and John Furusiane!

 SuchYAMAHA SG seriesIs now a TC instrumentA lot !!

 I will post it on the shop website at any time, so please check it out!

Introducing the arrived YAMAHA SG !!

Made in 1986 YAMAHA SG3000 Wine Red


 Made in 1982 YAMAHA SG1500

Made in 1981 YAMAHA SG1000


 Made in 1988 YAMAHA SG1000

Made in 1988 YAMAHA SG1000


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