TC Aid(災害に苦しむ方々への寄付を目的にTC楽器のテーマソングをつくる) - TC楽器 - TCGAKKI

chapter One

When January 2005 was over, the new year's meeting in the company was held.
As usual in a nearby tavern, I was excited with games and strange tabulates while taking sake. When Alcohol went through the time and through the time, the secretary of the day of the day started and started to talk towards everyone.

Niya Tomita "You have a serious announcement."

Someone "What's all ..."

Neya · Tomita "Actually, we have planning a store theme song this time."

All of you "?????"

Niya · Tomita "All members will play in some part, and I will sell after CD reduction."

"Who buy?"

"... Selling, Song before it is selling"

It is bearish from before doing.

Niya and Tomita "The number may not be sold. Everybody will be unite with one goal, and when you sell, you will try to donate some of them to a part of Japan Red Cross. "

Yes, we did not do anything for the disaster that happened to be a new Sumatra offshore earthquake, Niigata, such as Earthquake such as Niigata. But it may be possible. It is more healthy that you can help while enjoying them more than donating money.

Who buy? · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
Let's go happily!

Well, what should be planned, but what should I do? Planning name, composition, lyrics, part-decision, schedule, recording method, etc.
This will gradually be decided in the exchange of internal bulletin boards.

Letters and composers Let all demo songs and decide one from there. The planning name is "TC AID", and the part has decided the song. Recording is Neya and Tomita's Protools Le & "Apple iBook G4". Equipment has received permission to use the store product and it can not be made money.

Well, whatever is something, songs!

And two weeks later, it was the final day of the demo song. The doice gathered is ... 2 songs.
Is it a short time?

After all, a large number of decisions and one song to be our theme song was decided. It was composed by Hega Tabata.

The song was decided. After this, we will be a producer as a producer, and it will start with the responsible for the recorded technical technical representative.

Chapter II

The part has only chosen the instrument you can do, so it was decided early. There are a lot of guitar parts, as it is proportional to the general society, but it can not be helped.

Guitar part meeting
Demassa, Kohogawa, Yamatee, Obemuka, Ramale, Kashita, Niya and Tomita gather. The Heg and Tabata in the same part can not participate in influenza, and these four people begin the first meeting.


While everyone is waiting for someone's first voice, it brings a Fernandez Tej where Yamatee and Kogure are exhibited.

Yamatee, Obue "I'm going to go with a sustainer!"

You are brave.

All of you "? ... ... I'm good"

Really in good.

Let's decide from the backing.
I have no choice but to leave the acupuncture to the Hega Tabe, and mix one electricity. Who is?


It is a positive staff.

"Let's set it first!"

Solo part is divided into four small values ​​and in order ...
That's the first solo?


It is a motivated manman.

"Let's leave it to Mr. Hega Tabe ..."

All of you "

Top batter was fixed.

It is zuruu.

Then next time. Yes, Jan, Ken, Po · · · · A demossa · Kohogawa. And the TEJ Sustainer with excellent destructive power is next. So the last is Ramene and Kashita.

The end of the song is left to Niya and Tomita. Well then, it is decided. .

Vocal part meeting
Occare · Matsui, Suimarsen · Illustrated in charge of Illustration.
C Melo is Hamo ... A and B are in order.
Well, I'm going to Tekito.


Do it!


Chapter 3

Iza Record.

First of all, introduction of recording equipment. As I mentioned earlier, Apple iBook G4 and Protools Le are a private thing in Niya and Tomita. An essential external hard disk purchased another FireWire connection. Although USB 2.0 is fast, the catalog speed is faster, but the execution speed is firewire (IEEE 1394) earlier. This time I was indebted to Neya and Tomita.

The first is the input of the drum. The Booty Keta Kurosawa is standby. By the way, why he was in charge of Shirou?

It was a year ago ... "Elimination of exercise shortage!" For the time being, I was hitting a few lived drums in the studio, but his wrist is a tendonitis and there is a history of abandoned. He wanted to drive himself to a state of drums forced to practice this opportunity.

I can not do it, really.

The story returns to the recording, but the recordings of the drums are very difficult.

I hate painful and difficult to sight on ELEDL YAMAHA DT-X, a product that was on the sales floor.

"Let's do this♪」

Connect to the interface connected to the Mac from the outjack, and record it.

Well, I hear my sound slightly late. Apparently the specifications. DTM fate? But this can not be played. So my sound did not monitor, but I hit the patterparta according to it while listening to the demo song.

When 1 take is over,

Hega Tabata "That ~, Bath Dora is a bit different ..."

Booty Keta Kurosawa "Oh, Yeah. That's right, like a rhythm machine."

Hega Tabata "..."

And the number ended in the number of takes. It's okay, so it's like this ... I block the air, Bouchiya Keta, Kurosawa.

"Because it is funny, it will be fixed at Mac?"

He relies on soft editing technology completely.

Niya Tomita "Eh? Well, I'm technically possible ..."

"Yes, oatsukale ~"


Actually, the "Roland TD series" ELEDRO was arrived later. This one was good because the sound is good ...

Buchiya Keta, Kurosawa, will not cancel the lack of exercise with the drum!

Subsequently, the base recording. Duck and Yoshinaba appeared.
He started this project from the beginning
"I'm back because I'm back."

The staff is a solid judgment because the guitar population was overwhelming. Logic of "Base = Backing". Um, it seems to be a repairman.

Setting is straight, and the base amplifier is instead of the monitor and the production starts while listening to the sound and demo sound.

1 Take, 2 Take, 3 Take ...
Driver take out octave Adjustment Duckara and Yoshiba. There is an arm, but Hega Tabata and situ consultation begins to a baseline that contributes to the question of the pitch.

After all, replace the base to Fender JB in the 70's, and after all the baseline decided to Tossa and the end of the play? end. It seems to have played while respecting the image of the Composer's Hega Tabata.

Daughtera, Yoshio, a simple Is Best.

And the appearance of an acoustic guitar. It is the turn of Hega Tabata.
Used was in the store, Gibson SJ 65.

There are many places where you can use the microphone position for recording of raw guitar. This time, we use a total of two microphones from the end pin direction of the body towards the sound hole.

After all I struggled to the microphone positioning. The goal is a good sound that takes advantage of the raw beans. As it is also a song of Hega Tabata, if it is determined even if it is the microphone position, it is early.

Since the rhythm etc. can not be monitored from the speaker, the click sound was monitored only with one side of the headphone, and the other was removed and the guitar was monitored. And after the number take end.


At this time I knew, but this demo song was originally an acoustic song.

Hegi-Tabe says, after all Nama is good!

Next, the appearance of Ramene and Kashita.

In charge of backing and lead solo by electricity.

Equipment used Fender strat 70 years of self-owned Fender / Custom Shop Vibroking Combo, which uses Boss OD-2 and CE-3.

Anything is the first recording experience. It is not possible to go out in front of the backing, so I would like to decide well with it so as not to disturb other instruments.
At this point there is almost no other sound, it may have been able to play in a sense free.
And several hours to get takes. When you look at the clock, it is 1 o'clock in the middle of the night!

I heard with slow starter, but it's a bit late!

There were many mistakes because I was nervous anyway. She was always tense when she went to karaoke for the first time with the first time with girls and two people, such as she could not always suppress it.
She finally seems to have been satisfied with she was a good idea that she was convinced.

She was going to record her solo part afterward.
She was unusual for the end of the last four bars, and it was unusually considered.

The guitar is the Under JAPAN ham remodeled strat to the arms Bruno Cow Tipper, the effector is Armed and Started Take.

I did not go to the image of the image, but it is satisfied. And, Ramene, Kashikada.

Everyone was good, but it was good if it was good ~ I have no time.
Although it is DTM like a CD that has just recorded the recorded sound and passes it, it will definitely be "request again". It became convenient, but it is finished with this.

It was a good experience, so I woke up to MTR on the machine. by Ramene, Kashikada.

Ramene, Kashita, and recording is scary



Chapter 4


Yametee · Kogure's solo turn came.
His solo is impressive enough to see if you listen to the song. What is the white tongue that uses sustainer.

He may sound like he is doing good, but I used it very good.

It is the most creative part of this song.


Yametee, Koguru say, next time is a sustainer?

While doing so, it will be the order in the democar and the Kogawa.
He is also in charge of solo with electric guitar.

Solopart ran more than expected.
That's why Sustainer solo due to the previous Yamate and Kogure was surprisingly good.

I just do my best to make a little stupid.

I used POD2 of LINE6 as originally worked, and tried to record a buffer of a providence and recorded directly, but it was a bit of noise and loss.

After all, BOSS MD-2 and CE-2 were connected to the TubeWorks amplifier and made sound creation.

Solo was so immersed in his world with almost no flow of flow.

After a while, there is a voice from Neya and Tomita "Don't use Wow?", And return to me.

"Oh, yes! Let's use it."
The choice is the gymdantlop GCB-95Q.

I did not want to compromise, but myself was OK, OK was not OK, and vice versa, it was quite smooth. by Demotiona, Koma.

Oh yeah, the guitar is a strat type of individual owned scorter. Do our rest of our shop? Buy and remodel.

After solo, the guitar quintet recorded the quartet part, but it seems that it was difficult to take out the tempo.

Demosa, Kohoguchi, and 4 losses already!

Well, when I finished the guitar, I was the appearance of vocals.
Male vocals, Occare and Matsui appeared in the field "Thank you".

When I decided to charge, he was happy to be able to sing outside karaoke when I was decided to sing. And the okechare Matsui, who expresses pleasure too much, and joy.

Well, how was the practice before production? The lyrics were made in advance and print out it. Particular women's vocals, the partition of Swimercenes and Inviews are decided, and the lyrics of their part are kitakana conversion!

And evidence, confiscation >>

Since the pre-practice was full of studio, I entered my acupuncture to karaoke. I was worried about the eyes of the clerk, but I did not know and enter the entry. Hey, don't look from the window.

The production was tense. Voices are leisure, and I remember so far. But after 1 take recorded, I felt somewhat easier and I tried to sing in a natural feeling.

Somersen and Iomoto are good, so it feels like about it. And Occare Matsui.

If the voice quality was not suitable for Hammo, he was concerned about the person, but is other than? I met cleanly. It was a pleasant feeling.

The person was fun. I want to do it again! And it was good, but it was good. The song is drag. And the person. I can't stop it?

Occare · Matsui says, don't forget the fork gutter to karaoke!

Subsequently, female vocals are the order of Swimercenn, well.

"I was in charge of vocals and very much. Of course it was the first recording, and it was fresh because I had never sang this tongue, so it was fun and interesting."

It seems that I entered the studio alone before the production. Since there were no recently bands and karaoke, it seems to have started with a voice.

I practiced Hamori part that did not fit easily with two people, but Nantes were not good enough, but the production does not wait.


The actual recording site was also the sore in charge of my own, and it was an atmosphere that is easy to sing.

Impressions after the end may have been a bit rough because it was an emphasis on production recordings. And I struggled without having to match it with two people. That's it.


Suimarsen, Ibuki saying, no matching thing is not fit!




Chapter 5


Aqua-tae and recordings in charge of the acoustic guitar were recorded as an acoustic guitar. I thought it was good at first, but other parts came in and I'm worried about balance and tone.


Improved this time to the microphone position? Repeatedly heard, recorded. This take was changed in several places such as changing the rhythm pattern or adding an acoustic guitar.
In particular, the part of the solo was struggled with the base pattern, but it was formed along with the base.
And complete with a few takes. Satisfaction & Campeki is a case.

I can hear the voice from the far ... "I will talk from the beginning ~".
That's right, but ....


Subsequently, a solo recording.

Equipment is Fender / J strat extrad 80's individual love machine Dual ProfFesisal manufactured by Fender Custom Shop. Effector is your own Turbo Rat, Tube Screamer, Guya Delay, etc.


In fact, I used Fender Twin at first, but some reason was not compatible with RAT (bass is distorted) Suddenly changed to Dual Profgesional. However, this is quite good. This was decided by sound.

A four bar in charge of almost demonstrations. In the four guitarists, the most lock! , And the person.

Hamori part was played in situ and played so that the atmosphere was broken. Solo seems to have felt that it was short. Because it is a guitar showing site.


In the second half, it is the turn of the wind instrument from here.

"Everybody 's interested", so it was somewhat stronger but if the wind instrument department has appeared.


The tip of Totanekayei and Mizumoto have a trumpet and standby.

Saxophone and Flugel were blowing in advance, but after all it seems to be settled in the pet.


By the way, if I'm thinking of recording, I have a condenser microphone for a brute. Attached to the end of the wrapper. Convenient♪


A little puzzle for the sound, but it started.


It is sober.

Oh, I'm blowing towards the tuner. It seems to be playing while checking the pitch.

For an antiaser.

There are several recordings, and I gradually seemed fatigue. This area is tired of continuous performance as well as vocals.

However, here is a rooted fish. I got a lot.

According to Totankai, Mizumoto, the handle name was "Missourich Yaoegashi" ~

The wind instrument sector has another repair Sonan Desca and Nakajima.
She will be joined in the clarinet.

She tried to force the condenser microphone to force the end of the lappa, but the result is NG ... Higher and lower balance can not be used.


It is a normal microphone that reflects that it was a little bit.


Sonan de Ska, Nakajima, I'm looking as a Bow, but in fact she, it's also amazing @ o @

Let's go!




It is sober.

I can not move like swing girls ...

Well, the sober is good. From nowound this wind instrument is looking forward to how to disseminate the song. You don't waste your hardship!

Sonan de Ska, Nakajima, is it good?




Well, the recording work has also been on.
And there is a report there.
Apparently, vocals two people. It seems that I want to try again.

Oh, I feel motivated. wonderful. If that momentum is leveraged to work, it will be good.

This is how to record one by one.

As we are doing once this time, let's go with Nori & momentum more than technical things!

After all, it is "Nori".

As a result, Neya and Tomita are also satisfactory because they have been satisfactory as well.

eh? Can't see so?


I can play. Occare Matsui hunted for that reason. Let me play the keyboard.


Because I was not originally scheduled, I was able to play while thinking about Tekito on the spot.


Either way it is the first time to match the music. Consider assembly while discussing with Neya, Tomita, Hega and Tabata.


Of course the equipment is pushing for our shop! High Rotation No. 1 Elepa. Directly link out jack to the interface.

It is quite good if you look up! The intentions have become an absence that must not be lost.

Occare · Matsui says Eleepe from 30,000 yen!

After the closing of Saturday. The staff 9 people gathered and chorus recorded.
It is an important chorus decorating the end of the song. Unfortunately I could not participate in two people, but this would be fine.


Two microphones are set to a narrow sales floor, one is surrounded by four for the main part. And three people standby as a Hamori Corps. Beage, Tabata and Recorded Tomida, a tempo-out role, will sing from the rear.


Well, rehearsal.


Everybody seems to have no voice ... it seems that you are pretty. I understand that I can see it, but I would like to inspire here. The second rehabel.

Dark ... I'm sorry ....

It seems that it seems to be very strange any many times, so let's go soon.

And the production is over.
Well, this is such a mika, but there is no thickness ~. Well, another one.

Hmm · · · Was it better? ?
And at that time

Neya · Tomita "Two Steel Ogakuka"

I see ~ If so, the number is twice!


So, I will try again with the challenge, and overlap according to the first chorus.


"It became thick! Is this good?"

"Not OK"


Lessons: Little Number♪



Chapter 7

The last is the solo record of Niya and Tomita.


Standby at a 2F amp corner.

This time he first saw Marshall.

His part is solo in the second half of the chorus part? Are entangled.


However, it is difficult to cut electric to the back of this chorus ...
I tried variously, but I do not work well.

The following day is the same as the result.

I tried to put okazu with an acoustic acoustic.

It is so difficult to play without singing songs ...

Normally, it is a good idea that I can not make a barbarisolo because I am working with a metal band.


Niya Tomita says, and then let me play balibari!

By the way, what is Tambarine? ? ?

Oh, that's right! I forgot.

And a lifestone was started by Hega and Tabata.
Number bars are not good ...

I will hit it.


After finishing, his left hand seems to have had a thickness of 1.2 times his right hand.
I had a hard time.

It ended!
It was finally over! Banza ~! !

eh? edit?
Yes, it was ...

But I have not recorded an acoustic version before.
How are you.

Also, I'm going to take it from scratch · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·

Let's say honestly, mentality ~ ^ ^;

That's it! Let's take one shot!


And on the day.


We have established a special venue on our 3rd floor, and an acoustic version of recording is about to start.
A space in about 6 tatami, Hega, Tabata, Ramene, Shikakata, Suimarsen, Illustration, and Occale Matsui standby.
The floor is full of single-sided cables, and IBOOK G4 & MIXER.

There is a technique that the sound of two stupid and two vocals in this small space.

And trial and error dozen rehearsal start.

... Jean♪
Neya · Tomita "Wow 7 minutes 20 seconds ..."

All of them "Nage ~"

But the most troubled is a horrible condenser microphone to ensure that sound even if one person has a nose.

"Oh, take off because of the rubbing of the jumber ~"


"Don't smooth your nose in production!"
"Don't walk so much!"
"Hey, don't breathe!"

That's impossible.

"Said production"

And we get take a take.

Martin D-18 of Hega Tabata breaks silence,
The song of Suimarsen, Illustration is a hole ...

If Gibson SJ of Ramene and Kashita has rough waves,
Occale · Matsui's shout overload ...

Such a feeling ended safely.

Everybody is over, and Neya, Tomita and Hegada and Tabata will listen to the sound just now.

I did ... big failure!

Balance is not at all!
I can not adjust the balance of each sound source because I did not listen to Niya and Tomita's advice and recorded it together with 2 trucks (crying)

In addition, the time to record again is neither my strength ~ Well, let's endure with the live live.

It was a sound like a pirated version, but it was good.
Anyway, Otsukare, Otsukare.



Last chapter

We are a professional selling professional, but in CD production (DTM), it is clearly clear.


Even if you make a demonstration with MTR, you have never made music on your PC, and have also seen a staff who had no experience in recording.

This time, it was possible to utilize a direct and lower version of DTM software used in the professional site of "Protools Le".

Furthermore, it is a translation that could also be used in the store, but when it is "recording", there is no reason for that know-how, but I have made works only once in the past, I think about it with Niya and Tomita Worked while repeating Tri & Error.

Each recording work was held after the store closed, and as a result, everyone in the staff was providing a private time, without complaining.

I appreciate the supported them, and I hope this experience will be able to put it in future work.

Especially, Niya, Tomita, all staff members who attend all the recordings, and the part of the part of the part to respond to the partial change of the part.

This project would not be realized without these two efforts. Did you print "0:00" many times at their time card retirement time?

Even if the recording is over, 30 tracks or more, I have to leave it to Niya and Tomita alone with regard to the distance to be disturbed.

What did you have throughout the night with the most responsible hard work in sober and loneliness?

This Hega Tabata wants to make a good thing as a producer! The colleagues have had to have no problem with colleagues at the same time.

I know that the player in the production was relaxed or carefully considered, and it was cared out.

In this experience, we learned a lot in technical and mental aspects.
I could felt different aspects from the usual staff, and helped me.

We should not forget that a very blessed environment has been provided, such as you can try thousands of instruments in the display without worrying about time.

From now on, don't forget your gratitude to your customers, let's get into work with enthusiasm, effort and teamwork.

Finally, I would like to thank the people who supported this project.
Also, I would like to thank all customers who are using our shop.

Thank you very much.


Thank you for reading to the end. Actually, not only camera shooting during this work process, but also video shooting by video was also performed. Commercial DV Camera (SONY PC-9The video recorded by AppleiMovieFinally after editingidvdBaked and distributed to all staff members.

It was created as everyone 'thinking', but it is likely to be released in the staff, and it is boosted by the voice and it is embarrassed to expose a part of this "Making".
By the way, even if it is part of a part, it is a 16-minute video, and the file size is also getting bigger. Please look at it.