TC楽器も参戦!!2020楽器フェアはどうなるの!? - TC楽器 - TCGAKKI


Domo is a TC instrument !!
Big events once every two years that musical instrument fans are unbearable"Musical Instrument Fair"、、、
This year, due to the influence of Corona, the event was abandoned at "Tokyo Big Sight".

What a ...

ShockingOnline holdis!!

Of course we will also exhibit TC instruments !!

Musical Instruments Fair Online announcement video official TC Musical InstrumentsYouTube channelUp -uploaded !!

The holding period is 3 days from December 11 (Fri) to December 13 (Sun) !!

Collaboration with "GOAT" that you know from TC instrumentsGeneratorExhibited !!

And what aMusical Instruments Fair OnlineThen
There is a communication room by taking advantage of the strengths of online !!
in short,You can deliver live !!!
Anyone can see it, anyone is free !!

of course"TC instrument×GOAT GENERATOR"andWe will deliver live !!

◆ Live distribution schedule ◆

12/11 (Fri)




TC Musical Instrument OfficialYouTube channelBut familiarTsushimaBut"Sano" in charge of TC Musical Instrument EffectorFrom the generatorDevelopment secret storyorLatest information
I will ask you !!

stay tuned!!