Doo is also a TC instrument!!
It's a big event every two years that you can't hold on the musical instrument."The instrument fair."、、、
This year, the influence of the corona was the Tokyo Big Sight, and it was a decision that we gave up,

Oh, dear.

of impactOnline meetingYes!!

And of course, the TC instrument will be exhibited!!

An official video of the instrument fair online is the TC musical instrument formula.YouTube channelit's up!!

The duration of the festival is 12/11 (gold) ~ 12/13 (day), three days!!

You know, from the TC instruments, you know, "GOAT," you know,GENERATORGet out of here!

And what was it?Instrument FairBye.
We use online strengths to find communication rooms!!
In other words,Raw Delivery (s) !!!
Anyone can see it, no one is free!

Of course.TC musical instrument×GOAT GENERATOR-too.Raw delivery!!

Schedule of life delivery.

12/11 (Kim)


12/13(day in the)


TC instrument formulaYouTube channelBut I'm familiar with you.Tsusimais"Sano" for TC Musical Ephectorfrom the generatorDevelopment secretyaLatest information
I'm listening to you!!

I'll beg you!