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Hello, this is TC Musical Instruments!
The big event once every two years for musical instrument fans!"Musical Instruments Fair"!、、、
This year, due to the impact of Corona, it was decided not to hold the fair at the Tokyo Big Sight.


Shocking!Held OnlineThe event will be held online!

Of course, TC Musical Instruments will be exhibiting!

Please check out the announcement video by the Musical Instruments Fair Online Manager on the TC Musical Instruments officialYouTube channelon the official YouTube channel of TC Musical Instruments!

The event will be held for 3 days from 12/11 (Fri.) to 12/13 (Sun.)!

TC Musical Instruments is collaborating with "GOAT", a well-knownGENERATORin collaboration with the well-known "GOAT"!

And guess what?Musical Instrument Fair Onlineyou can find
We have a communication room to take advantage of online!
In other words,You can do a live broadcast!
Anyone can watch, and anyone is free!

Of course, you can also use the "TC Instruments×GOAT GENERATORAlsoWe'll also be broadcasting live!

◆Schedule of live broadcast





TC Musical Instruments OfficialYouTube Channelwhich is also well-known onTsushimais theSano" in charge of TC instruments effectorsof generators fromdevelopment storyandlatest information
and the latest news!

Stay tuned!


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