TC楽器 ~夏の終わりの闇市~ 開催終了!! - TC楽器 - TCGAKKI

TC Musical Instruments Two Bottleis!!


Summer heatIt has been calm down little by little, and it has become a comfortable season.

JunkAs the stock has increased, I will do it after a long time!



TC instrumentThe end of the summerDark market


TC instrumentDark marketteethThe first time in two yearsHolds!

There are many featured products this time !!

Not to mention parts, but this timeElectric guitarorAcoustic guitarSuchRodThere are plenty of plenty! !



TC Musical Instruments -Dark Market at the end of summer-




* We cannot accept returns of junk products.

* Junk products will not be accepted for trial/operation confirmation at the store.

* It may be sold early for one point.
* Reserve, reservation, reservation,The custody after purchase, etc.We cannot accept.

* We cannot respond to inquiries such as inventory confirmation by telephone/email.

* Please refrain from lining up in front of the store before opening. Please come to the store after opening time.


Thank you for your understanding and understanding.Please enjoy this event.