2007年6月号 - TC楽器 - TCGAKKI
PREMIUM SELECTIONS magazine shooting spill story
Player PLAYER June issue (2007)

One of the morning, one man is walking on the sandy beach along the coast.
He is making a song in a land road while working, but he can not leave the vintage guitar found at an instrument store several weeks ago from his head. But unfortunately it was budget over.

Serious he wants to play your song with such a wonderful guitar! He was walking while looking at such a dream.

Then he got a great sound in the back, surprisingly, and there is a sense of surprise.


I think that I was stuck in the sandy beach with Hoyahoya, which is himself, and I found the most "hot" vintage guitar now!
He noted. This must be a gift that God gave me themselves!
His smoke disappeared, he pulled out the guitar and played a solo towards the sea here.

>> Vintage-based latest information

Well, in this month, the vintage instrument considered a message for the musician who has given up with an endless thing, unrefined thing.

Although the vintage is not all, it would be something I would like to use. It must be thought somewhere in the mind that craftsmans who are imported by half a century will be created and they still live.

It is only disappointed with the amount that can be handed out.

But you want you to calm down and think carefully and think. I want you to look back on your life.
Everyone must have an unbelievable experience that this happens.
I do not know what life happens.

Something may be able to get a lot of vintage instruments with something! ... (What is positive).

A long guitar that arrived from empty (heaven) to you! I tried to express it as. Was it communicated?

PhotoThe status of the telecaster who has just fallen from the sky.

Is it too strong?

Now it is a time when the plane parts will penetrate and fall through the roof. And it is a time when yellow sand from China falls to Japan.

Can I say that it is not possible to give a present from the sky?

The story was fixed. So what should I express? Happy gift coming down from heaven! Discussion was exchanged for how to put in the photo.

"Let's drop from the sky"




However, we are our fighter. We do not give up even if the regular person gives up!


Photostrong. It's strong!
Well then, where to drop.
"Do you look for a tin roof?"
"It's a big deal of holes in the Concrie"
"Well, sandy beach!"
"Oh! Good, I'm here!"
It is easy victory.

I asked a friend to a friend to look for a coast. Then there is a large sandy beach if it is Miura Peninsula. On-site verification with Google Earth.

I feel like I'm going to leave for Tuesday next week. dissolution!

"How do you wait for a moment?"

I can not but stab the vintage on the sandy beach. Unfortunately or fortunately or in the shop in the store There is no remarkable guitar. Then one person has "I have a telecast"

"Are you good?"

"I'm sorry"

be moved.

My words that were lifting for this shooting were true ....
But I can not cry in such a place.
"Well, the guitar is decided"
There are two scoops. One of the military? What is it?
Well, it should be delegated.
Photo"I'm just going to stick the guitar to the sandy beach"
I think it will be a long time ago, but I will listen to it.
"Let's explode the surface as meteorites have fallen."
It is a bold opinion.
It is difficult to blast, but I want you to go down.

"Do you try to fill the smoke of fireworks?"

So that's it. It is a snake ball when considering realistically. A guy who smoke while leaving that kind of pudding.

So, are you selling at this time? Snake ball.

If you are doing such an exchange, a word from the office.

"Don't you use dry ice?"

Oh, Erai! Did you have such a talent? It will be used.

The smoke is a remark that the fusion notion of from hot things ... We were thinking about stones with a solid head, but smoke can also be put on cold things! Speaking of which, it is a good play in dry ice.
PhotoAnd we gathered at the store at 9 o'clock on the day of the day, and we left the luggage and left to the Miura Peninsula.

It was crowded in Tokyo, but when it was beginning to be smooth gradually, breakfast time in the service area on the way.

Each has a hot dock, a minch cut sand, and a cats sandwiched with soy milk latte, and inflated an annoyance and expanded to expectations.

PhotoWell, arrived at the coastline around 11 o'clock. The sea was advanced in Route 143 while looking at the sea. Oops, if you buy dry ice.
We went to Miura Kojima Station and went to a nearby supermarket.

Not ... Not ... I'm no longer!

I can't help it, so I will ask you to go to the police zone.

Photo"Dry ice? A ~ Fujiya's restaurant, but now I'm not open with an example of an example"

I see that it was in a cake shop was a good idea, but there is no cake shop.
I was troubled ...

Then I put out the phonebook. I felt only one thing when I looked for praying.


PhotoGet the car and hit the address to navigation and run 20 minutes. I found the signboard in the warehouse city of Koh Harbor.

If you run into it inside, you're just a boy's father and mom ... Today is curry♪

Greetings also purchased 4 kg of dry ice.
"It was good, I came to buy from the Samura Sanki Shore ~" and told the aunt,

"Uchi is cheap! Because it will come from Yokohama!"
Women of marine vicinity are wit.

PhotoA rushed back we have found a suitable point without anyone, stopped to the parking on the other side of the car and stepped into the sandy beach.

It's a nostalgic feel, how long to walk on the sand?

PhotoA few meters away from waving, I started to squeeze sand with a scoop brought.

Here, the sandy beach on the Sanki coast is very wide and sparse at this time as a result of an acquaintance. There were three men with scoop and guitar appeared and began to dig a hole.

A strange line of sight was received from the local people during a walk.

PhotoThe guitar head is moved to the main point where it was digged about 50 cm.

By the way, this is a telecaster of Fender Japan, and it is a rare one that makes it impossible to see a red PU guard that can not be seen in the photo.

Even if shooting is over, it must be a sense that it could not be said, even though it is returned to clean and returned. Thank you>.

Well, the guitar stabbed. Next is the smoke's turn.

Take a dry ice that just bought seawater with a bucket.

PhotoShohabo ...

After all it seems that it is not good if I put water.
We further dug the vertical holes that entered the guitar head and pushed the bucket plenty of seawater. And all 4 kg dry ice are left mixed.

Gobo Gobo Gobo! ...

Oh, it's great. Smoke get out, Uchihoi!

PhotoSay like a kid.
Oops I can't just be happy, because there is no smoke.

When I tried to take a picture, the wind came out. As it is outdoors, it can not be helped, but smoke is blown in a little wind. Therefore, shooting was performed from various angles while visiting the wind of the wind.

When the smoke of dry ice is low, the shooting was over, and the appearance of the surrounding area was fitted in several sheets to the sand and pulled out the guitar from the sand.

Snow ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~.

It is a poor condition because I pierced without a small work.

PhotoSoon we brought the guitar to the nearby public toilet and washed the cleaning process. The sense of washing the guitar with water, the feeling of the dead insect that I did in the dead insect is a strange feeling that it can not be said at the time of firing and ignition. Um, after taking it back to the store and then clean it.
PhotoPacking the photographing equipment etc. into the car and to Tokyo

I thought it was a lot, so I wanted to enjoy the local seafood and went to the restaurant near the fishing port.

PhotoSashimi set meal, grilled fish finished food, grilled meat set meal (why meat and cat) was ordered.


PhotoWhen leaving the city, you also want to eat the land of that land as much as possible, and food is also experienced.






Well, it takes a long time since the schedule, so let's pull it early.

I was closed by the trip back, but I was relieved because I was able to shoot safely.